All This Time

13: I’m Glad One Of Us Thinks So

“How are you still in bed?”

Amelia groaned, burying her head underneath her pillow to avoid looking up at Molly. She had lost track of time. Between her hangover and the memory of the fight she had had with Lionel the previous evening, she had spent what little time she had been awake willing herself back to sleep, and it meant that she wasn’t ready for Molly. She had known that she would show up. When she had left her friend’s home the previous night, she had been worse for wear and things between them had been slightly awkward, and she knew that Molly would want to rectify things quickly. She never let any disagreement between them linger for long.

“Why did I give you people keys” Amelia grumbled.

“Because you love us” Molly announced, plopping down onto the other side of the mattress “And because your mother made you. She thought you’d stop answering the door eventually” she added.

Amelia huffed out a quiet laugh before she tentatively pushed the pillow away from her eyes, flinching at the bright sunlight that was slipping in through the bedroom window.

Molly’s lips quirked upwards. “How’s your head?” she chirped.

Amelia slowly moved to sit up, resting against the headboard. “It’s not great” she admitted “Why didn’t you knock the shot glass out of my hand?” she added.

Molly scoffed playfully. “I thought you didn’t want me to babysit you any more” she said.

The small smile that had been flitting around Amelia’s lips disappeared. Letting out a quiet sigh, she gently pushed a hand back through her hair before she looked up at Molly. “I’m sorry I snapped” she murmured “You were just trying to look after me, like you have done since the whole mess started, and I shouldn’t have been so short with you” she added, allowing her head to fall onto Molly’s shoulder.

Molly quirked a sympathetic smile, resting her head against the top of Amelia’s. “I forgive you” she mused “Besides, I shouldn’t have been interfering. You and Leo have made it this far. You clearly don’t need my help” she added.

“I wouldn’t be so sure” Amelia mumbled, grimacing.

Molly lifted her head, tilting it to offer Amelia a questioning look. “Did something happen?” she asked.

Amelia shrugged, but didn’t answer immediately. She knew that she had made a mistake. As soon as the words had gotten out of her mouth, she knew that everything between her and Lionel was going to shift again and she wasn’t sure that it was something they could recover from. She had been completely honest. Everything that she had said to Lionel, every admission about her feelings and how he’d been stuck on her mind had been the truth, and it had hurt to have him dismiss it, even if she did understand that it would have come as a surprise to him. She hated that his first instinct had been to try and explain away her feelings instead of acknowledging them.

“Lia?” Molly prodded.

Amelia blinked a couple of times before she shook her head, busying herself with brushing the knots out of her hair. “I...I said something I shouldn’t have done” she admitted “I don’t even really know why I said it, but I did and didn’t go down too well” she added.

Molly stared at her for a moment, something which caused Amelia to fidget before she dropped her hands into her lap. “I told him that I almost left with him” she announced “He was saying goodnight and it just came out” she added.

“What did he say?” Molly prodded gently. She already knew that it had gone wrong. The look on Amelia’s face screamed it, but she couldn’t resist asking. As much as she wanted to comfort her friend, she wanted to know what had happened.

Amelia scoffed, shaking her head ruefully. “Well, he basically told me that I only think that I almost left with him because Fernando turned out to be awful” she explained “He tried to explain my own feelings to me, like I have no idea what my real feelings are and which are influenced by the stuff with Fernando, and then I snapped at him. I called him selfish, and accused him of disappearing because he didn’t get the answer that he wanted when he put me on the spot in the worst possible moment. Then I told him that I wish we’d never had the conversation and he slammed the door when he left. I am about ninety percent convinced that we’ll probably not talk again” she added, letting out a laugh that was nowhere near convincing.

“Lia” Molly cooed sympathetically.

Amelia shook her head again, determined not to cry. She had cried too much over both Fernando and Lionel. “I know how close I was to going with him, Mol” she insisted “When my mother finally left me alone again, I almost ran, but then Fernando appeared. He was smiling and covering his eyes because he wasn’t supposed to see me, and I just...I couldn’t do it to him. I...I had feelings for Leo, but they were confused, and my feelings for Fernando weren’t. But I know those feelings were there, Mol, and I know that they’re not just the result of my anger with Fernando. I am certain of it” she added.

“I know” Molly’s voice was soft.

“Then why doesn’t Leo?” Amelia pressed.

“I don’t know” Molly replied “But, if you want me to guess, I’d say it’s a combination of trying to look out for you and being scared” she added.

Amelia frowned, wordlessly asking Molly to elaborate, something she did with a soft sigh and a shrug that warned Amelia that she was just guessing. She didn’t know Lionel well enough to know what he was thinking. “I know you that hearing it” she mused “I mean, just last night you snapped at me for saying it, but you are still struggling with the aftermath of what Fernando did to you. It changed everything, Lia, and you wouldn’t be human if you weren’t still trying to get back on your feet, so it’s probably a little hard for Leo to believe that what you told him isn’t just a way of trying to distance yourself from the guy that hurt you. it’s also probably a pretty huge thing for him to get his head around” she added.

Amelia just blinked, causing Molly to huff out a soft laugh. “Cut him some slack, Lia” she murmured “It’s a lot to take in. He said the wrong thing, but I don’t think you ought to just give up on him. You’ve been a little more yourself since he reappeared” she added.

Amelia caught her lip between her teeth, considering what Molly had said, before she huffed out a quiet sigh. “Can I just skip to the part when things get good again?” she asked, his lips quirking upwards slightly.

“Sorry” Molly played along.

Amelia shook her head, laughing quietly.

“It’ll get good, though” Molly cooed.

“I’m glad one of us thinks so” Amelia mused.

Molly didn’t say anything. She just wrapped Amelia in a hug that she was grateful to melt into, hoping that Molly was right and that things started to get easier.
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