All This Time

16: Done

“When is Molly due?”

Amelia, who was neatly folding a pink floral onesie, glanced up at Lionel who was sat on the couch opposite her, watching her as she wrapped the presents that they had spent the morning buying for Molly’s new baby. She had expected him to balk. When she had explained to him that Stefan had planned a surprise baby shower, and that she planned on spending that day fulfilling tasks that Stefan had set her to help get things ready, she had fully expected him to make up an excuse to get out of it, but she had been pleasantly surprised when he’d agreed to tag along.

She had worried that she would feel awkward. It hadn’t been that long ago that she had been discussing the prospect of trying for a baby with her husband, and she had worried that the pain she still felt about what had happened with Fernando would rear its head again, and that she wouldn’t be able to hide it from Lionel. She knew that she didn’t have to. Lionel had made it clear that he knew that she was still trying to get back on her feet, and that he was there for her in whatever capacity she needed him to be, but she was still hesitant to let it show too much. She knew that talking about Fernando with her was something Lionel wouldn’t enjoy and she didn’t want to hurt him.

“Huh?” Amelia asked.

Lionel’s lips quirked upwards slightly as he tilted his head towards the gift in front of her. “The baby you bought that for” he quipped “When is she supposed to get here?” he asked.

“She’s due to arrive in a couple of weeks” Amelia replied, sticking a piece of tape to the wrapping paper “But Molly has already been told that she is likely to be late. She had to be induced with Una, and the midwife seems pretty sure that it’s going to be similar this time around. Molly’s pissed about it. She already tired of being pregnant” she added.

“Why is the baby shower so late?” Lionel asked as he lifted a shopping bag off of the floor, pulling out another onesie.

Amelia, who’d been neatly folding an end of the wrapping paper, stilled for a second before she shook her head, trying to swallow the lump in her throat. “It wasn’t supposed to be” she mumbled “It was supposed to happen months ago, but had to be postponed. Molly refused to have it if I wasn’t going to be there” she added.

Lionel frowned to himself, still fiddling with the foot of the onesie he held. “Why wouldn’t you have been there?” he prodded.

Amelia let out a shaky laugh. “I...I was a little preoccupied” she said “My marriage had only just ended” she added.

Lionel’s eyes, slightly wide and panicked, flicked up towards Amelia’s. “Amelia...”

“It’s fine” Amelia interrupted with a small shake of her head and a soothing smile “I can talk about it without crying, you know. It was weeks after I’d left him, but I wasn’t...I was still struggling to come to terms with it, so I told Molly that I wouldn’t be able to make it. I didn’t want to ruin it for her, but she insisted that if she was going to have one, I had to be there. She just never got around to making plans again, so Stefan and I did it for her” she added.

Lionel searched her face, looking for any sign that she wasn’t alright, something which made Amelia’s smile widen as she turned back to the gift in front of her. “I’m OK” she said warmly “You don’t have to look so worried” she teased.

Lionel offered her another slightly dubious look before he nodded his head, returning his attention to the onesie in his lap. “Have they picked a name a yet?” he asked.

Amelia shrugged. “I don’t know” she mused “I know that they had one for if it was going to be a boy. They were going to name him Santiago after Stefan’s dad, but I don’t think they had one picked out for a girl. Stefan was entirely convinced that they were going to have a boy” she added.

Lionel nodded his head, allowing a few beats of silence to pass between the two of them before the sound of Amelia’s phone vibrating against the coffee table filled the air. Pulling her attention away from the next gift that she had started to wrap, Amelia looked down at it, her forehead creasing slightly.

“Are you OK?” Lionel asked.

Amelia nodded, lifting the phone into her hand. “I’m fine” she quipped “I’m just don’t recognise the number” she added.

“Are you going to answer it?” Lionel prodded.

“Yeah” Amelia confirmed “Just to check who it is, at least. I’ll be right back” she added as she pushed herself up to her feet, padding into her bedroom.

Lionel watched the door swing closed before he slipped his own phone out of his jacket pocket, busying himself as he listened to the sound of Amelia’s muffled voice. He couldn’t make out what was being said, but he did catch the moment that her voice rose, something that had him springing out of his chair. Moving towards the bedroom door, he swung it open, finding Amelia pacing inside, her hand gripped tightly in her hand. “What’s going on?” he prodded quietly.

Amelia didn’t hear him, too busy listening to whoever was on the other end of the phone. With a shake of her head and a tired sigh, she ended the phone call by telling the other person that she would contact them soon before she sunk down onto the edge of the mattress, rubbing her forehead frustratedly.

Lionel moved towards her, cautiously crouching down in front of her. “Amelia?” he asked softly.

“It was Fernando’s lawyer” Amelia murmured, answering the question she knew was coming “He...He’s going to sell the house, but he needs me to sign some stuff because my name is on some documents” she added.

Lionel gently tucked her hair behind her ear, wordlessly trying to comfort her.

“I know I don’t answer his calls” Amelia muttered “I don’t reply to his texts, either, but did he really just let his lawyer tell me that he’s planning on selling our house? That’s Fernando” she spat, frustrated by her inability to come up with something better.

Lionel stood up, coaxing her into a hug.

“I can’t believe he didn’t tell me” Amelia mumbled “I...I loved that place” she added.

“I know you did” Lionel quipped “You got all squeaky excited when you guys had your offer accepted” he added.

“Squeaky excited?” Amelia prodded, pulling out of their hug slightly to look at his face.

Lionel offered her a sheepish smile, his cheeks pink. “You squeal when you’re really excited” he quipped “Squeaky excited” he added, hoping that it would explain itself.

Amelia studied his face for a second before she let out a soft laugh, something which made Lionel huff playfully as he drew her back into their hug. “Are you going to have to see him?” he asked, his voice softening.

“Probably” Amelia muttered “He’ll have set it up that way” she added.

“Want back up?” Lionel prodded.

Amelia shook her head, cuddling into the crook of his neck. “I’ll be OK” she murmured “Though, if you want to be waiting here with a nice glass of wine, that’d be nice” she added.

Lionel turned to kiss the top of her head. “Done” he mumbled.
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