All This Time

32: We Can Always Drink More Tequila

Gently pushing her laptop back across the table, Amelia exhaled a quiet sigh, one of her hands moving to rub at her forehead in an attempt to get rid of the headache that had steadily been building since she had had breakfast with her mother that morning. She had known what to expect. She had noticed how quickly her mother’s teasing smile had disappeared, and knew what it had meant, but still the conversation had left her reeling. She had known what Felicity would say. She would insist that it was too soon, and that she couldn’t be sure of her feelings for Lionel when she was still mourning the end of her relationship with Fernando, but knowing what was coming and actually hearing it aloud were two completely different things, and it meant that Amelia couldn’t shake the conversation from her mind. She had tried to distract herself. Breakfast with her mother had been followed by food shopping and her usual weekend yoga class before she had returned home and tried to focus on some work she needed to catch up on, but in the silence of her apartment, it was impossible to stop her mind drifting back to what her mother had said.

Squeezing her eyes closed, she pulled her hand away from her head before she reached for her phone. For a second, she just stared at it. She knew that calling Molly wasn’t an option, she and Stefan had plans, and Amelia didn’t want to crash them, but it was also the moment that she realised that a lot of the numbers in her phone belonged to friends that she had made through Fernando, friends that she had distanced herself from in light of what had happened between the two of them. With a soft sigh, she scrolled through her contact list a couple of times, before she settled on Thea’s number and pressed call. Pressing the phone to her ear, she listened to the dial tone until it finally clicked over, allowing her sister’s chipper voice to fill her ears.

“Big sister, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Thea cooed.

Amelia smiled despite herself. “I was wondering if you were busy tonight” she quipped “I want to get out of my apartment for a bit, and I was hoping to have some company” she added.

“Molly’s busy?” Thea chirped impishly.

“Date night with Stefan” Amelia confirmed “But honestly, I think I could use some time with someone who’s not just going to want to talk about me all night, and I thought, who better than my outgoing baby sister? It’s been a while since we went out, and I know that I am old now, but I was hoping you could humour me for a night” she added, letting out a slightly nervous laugh.

Thea scoffed playfully. “You’re in luck” she quipped “Charlie’s out with his friends, so I am free. I’ll text you an address and meet you there in half an hour?” she asked.

Amelia exhaled a sigh of relief, nodding eagerly to herself. “Sounds great” she enthused “Do I need to dress up?” she pressed.

“I’ll be wearing a nice dress, so it wouldn’t hurt, but it’s not a prerequisite” Thea answered “See you soon, Lia” she added before she ended the call.

Amelia stared down at her phone for a moment before she pushed herself up to her feet and made her way towards her bedroom, determined that she was going to relax and enjoy herself that night. She hadn’t done it enough. Since her marriage had ended, she had spent too many nights at home, dwelling, and she was tired of it. Dwelling had gotten her nowhere. It wasn’t going to change what had gone wrong between her and Fernando, and it wasn’t going to make her less nervous about what was happening between her and Lionel, and she wanted to try and stop doing it. She wanted a night where Fernando wasn’t lingering in her thoughts, and where she wasn’t so scared that he had done more damage to her than she had realised.

Pushing her glass back towards the bartender, Amelia signalled for another drink, a tipsy smile dancing on her lips as she bobbed her head to the beat of the music that blasted around her. She had been surprised. When she had asked Thea for a night out, she had fully expected that they would find themselves in a quiet bar, making small talk, but her surprise had quickly given way to a mix of relief and excitement. It felt like something she needed. She had spent a while dancing and drinking, and relaxing, and it felt like a weight had eased off of her shoulders. She hadn’t thought about Fernando, or the complications of trying to start a new relationship with Lionel. She had just allowed herself to enjoy the night.

“I haven’t seen you drink tequila since your 21st birthday party”

Amelia, who was knocking back another shot, grinned around the glass before she put it down, watching Thea ease into the stool next to her. “I do tend to stay away from it” she quipped “It’s been known to make me do stupid things, but don’t worry, I’ve only had a couple” she added.

Thea offered her a slightly dubious look before she signalled to the bartender, ordering a glass of water for both of them. When the glasses where placed ahead of them, Thea sipped on hers before she turned to look at Amelia. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Thea” Amelia complained gently.

“There’s clearly something” Thea replied “You’ve never been the type to enjoy places like this. Your idea of fun when you were my age was classy wine bars and dinners with your friends. You hate loud music, and yet you’re here, acting like some teenager that’s sneaked in with a fake ID. Something’s bothering you, Lia. Tell me what” she insisted.

Amelia wanted to shake her head. She wanted to insist that she didn’t want to talk, and order herself another drink before she bounded back off onto the dance floor, but the concerned look on Thea’s face stopped her. The last thing she wanted to do was give her baby sister a reason to worry about her. Letting out a quiet sigh, she pushed her sweaty hair back off of her face before she dropped her hands, wringing them in her lap. “I am tired, Thea” she said “I am tired of having my failed marriage on my shoulders. I am tired of sitting in my apartment and dwelling on it. I have spent too long doing it and I just...I want it to go away. If could go back and not marry Fernando, I would, but I can’t and that...that’s hard” she explained.

Thea gently took Amelia's hand in hers, squeezing it comfortingly.

Amelia stared down at their hands. “I’ve been kind of seeing someone” she admitted “It’s really early days, and I thought...I think it’s going well, but mama found out about it this morning, and she reminded me that I shouldn’t be getting ahead of myself. I like him, probably more than like him, but I am terrified that I am going to end up doing something that hurts him, and that’s the last thing I want. Part of me wants to keep seeing him, but there’s this voice at the back of my head that’s telling me to call it, to get out before we’re in too deep. I am so scared, Thea” she explained, looking up at her sister’s face with tearful eyes.

Thea’s expression was soft as she met Amelia's stare. It didn’t matter how many times she had seen her looking vulnerable, it still broke her heart to see her big sister so hurt. “Of course you’re scared” she said “The last guy you were with was a colossal asshole and he did a lot of damage, but being scared isn’t a reason not to try. You have feelings for him?” she asked.

Amelia nodded wordlessly and without hesitation.

“Then try it out” Thea encouraged “Explain the situation to him. Be honest, and tell him that you’re probably going to mess things up as you go. If he’s a good guy, then he’ll understand, and if he doesn’t, then he’s not worth your time, but don’t let being scared keep you from doing something that could make you happy. That’s not the type of person my big sister is” she added, flashing Amelia a soft smile.

Amelia ducked her head, hiding her blushing cheeks. “You have a strange impression of me” she muttered bashfully.

“You were my freaking hero when I was little” Thea gushed “And I still think you’re amazing now. So what if mama’s being protective? She’s our mother. She’d wrap us up in bubble wrap forever if she could, my papa would do the same, for you and for me, but you’ve ignored her advice before. If you like him, and if you think you’re ready to try it, then do it, Lia. If it goes wrong, we can always drink more tequila” she added, signalling with bartender with a playful grin.

Amelia laughed before she tossed her arms around her sister, placing an obnoxiously loud kiss on her cheek. “I have the best little sister” she cooed.

Thea pushed at Amelia's shoulder, grimacing playfully “Yeah, you do” she quipped “Remember that at Christmas time. I want a really good present this year” she added, earning another laugh from Amelia as she sunk back into her own stool, more than glad she had called her sister.
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