All This Time

45: I Hope That’s Something You’ve Grown Out Of

“Get your feet off of that table” Amelia quipped as she plopped onto the couch, lightly tapping Thea’s ankles with the take out menu in her hand. Thea’s arrival hadn’t been entirely unexpected. Although Lionel’s reappearance in her life had caused her family and Molly to back off a little when it came to taking turns spending part of the weekend with her, they still made sure to appear on weekends when the Argentine was due to play a match out of town, and Amelia was pleased to see her sister that night. It had been a long couple of weeks. Between work, and trying to figure things out with Lionel, it felt like it had been forever since she had simply sat down and relaxed, and she had been relieved when Thea had announced that she didn’t plan on dragging her out of the apartment. She was looking forwards to a quiet night.

Thea huffed playfully, making a show of lowering her feet back down to the floor. “You’re starting to sound more and more like mama, you know that?” she teased.

Amelia rolled her eyes in mock annoyance and pushed the menu into her sister’s hand. “Choose something quickly” she said “The delivery time is usually pretty good, but I am starving, so I’d like to order it as soon as possible” she added.

“Are you paying?” Thea prodded.

“It’s my turn, so of course” Amelia mused “Why?” she asked.

“Just trying to decide if I want dessert, too” Thea replied impishly.

Amelia rolled her eyes again, but made no attempt to stifle her grin as she picked up her phone. Shaking her head, she tapped out a couple of replies to texts she had received from friends before she opened one from Lionel. Catching her lip between her teeth, she tried to stifle the little lovestruck smile that itched to spread across her face before she typed out a quick reply to his message.

Thea, who’d been watching her older sister out of the corner of her eye, quirked a soft smile of her own before she returned her attention towards the menu in her lap. She knew that a lot of people were worried about Amelia. Her parents brought it up a lot, and it had been obvious on Molly’s face on the few occasions that Thea had seen her and Amelia together, but Thea was thrilled to see her so happy. She tried to hide it. Knowing that everyone around her was just waiting for the opportunity to urge caution, Amelia tried to shield them from seeing how smitten she was with Lionel, but on the odd occasion when she let her guard down, it was obvious, and Thea loved seeing it. She loved the idea that Amelia was slowly becoming herself again.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said I wanted to order this as soon as possible” Amelia quipped.

“Sorry” Thea replied “I’ll have the cheeseburger, onions rings too” she added.

“Finally” Amelia made a show of rolling her eyes as she entered the order into her phone.

Thea watched her for a moment, seeing the way her face lit up at the sight of something on the screen of her phone, before she she leant back against the arm of her sofa. “How’s Leo?” she prodded.

Amelia, who’d been placing her phone down onto the coffee table, stilled for a second before she leant back into the sofa, nodding her head slightly. “He’s good” she answered.

“Can I ask how things are going between the two of you?” Thea asked “I know you used to tell me to mind my own business when we were younger, but I am hoping that that’s something you’ve grown out of” she added, softening the comment with an impish grin.

Amelia drew her knees towards her chest, busying her fingers with a loose thread which poked out of the pair of socks she was wearing. “I think we’re getting somewhere” she said “I mean, I am sure that our mother would have let slip that...that something happened a couple of weeks ago” she added.

Thea offered her a nod, and a slightly apologetic smile.

Amelia dismissed the apology with a slightly scoffed laugh. “That woman is awful at keeping secrets” she muttered.

“She just thought that papa and I ought to be prepared” Thea said “Just in case you and Leo did call it quits. She worries, Lia, but only because she cares so much. She just wants to look after you” she added.

Amelia nodded, the slight hint of anger disappearing from her face. “We’ve talked a lot” she said after a few seconds of quiet “There were a lot of things we needed to talk about, and that’s what we have been doing. It was always going to be slow going, but I have been honest with him about everything, and I am pretty optimistic that we’re on the same page” she added, the confidence in her words not completely reflected in the slightly timid smile that she offered her sister. As much as she didn’t want to let it bother her, her unanswered ‘I love you’ was ringing in her ears.

Thea tilted her head. “What’s with the weird smile, then?” she poked.

“I’m just smiling at you, Thea” Amelia replied, not meeting her sister’s eyes.

Thea’s stare narrowed. “What aren’t you saying?” she pressed.

“Thea” Amelia complained.

“I’ll call our mother” Thea retorted “Maybe I won’t get it out of you, but she will. You know how relentless she can be when one of us is hiding something” she added, only half joking. She could see that there was something Amelia wasn’t saying. Her smile wasn’t just shy, it was unsure, and it was enough to worry Thea. The last thing she wanted was to see her sister hurt again.

“That’s low” Amelia said, glaring up at her sister.

“I’m willing to play dirty if it means protecting you” Thea replied with a nonchalant shrug “I didn’t see what Fernando did coming, but I am not prepared to make the same mistake with Leo. If he’s done something to worry you, tell me. I’ll kick his ass for you” she added.

Amelia rolled her eyes, but couldn’t entirely erase the little touched smile that tugged at the corner of her lips. “Firstly, I don’t need you to kick his ass” she mused “It’s just something that’s bothering me a little, but I am confident that it will work itself out eventually. And secondly, kicking the ass of my boyfriend is not the responsibility of my baby sister. I don’t want you to spend time worrying about me. Things with Leo might work out, they might not, but it’s not up to you to protect me. It wasn’t up to you to look out for Fernando being an ass, either. He fooled me, and I lived with the man for two years. I got hurt, and it sucked, but you couldn’t have stopped it, no one could have done except for him” she added, gently squeezing her sister’s hand.

“You weren’t you for a long time” Thea murmured, weaving her fingers through Amelia’s “And I think you’re finally starting to get there again. I don’t want to see you change again. I missed you” she added.

Amelia smiled at her sister gently. “I never thought I’d hear you say that” she teased.

“Now we’re adults, I actually kind of like you” Thea played along, despite the mistiness of her eyes.

“I’ll remind you of that when I make mama bring the photo albums out at Christmas to show Charlie your embarrassing baby pictures” Amelia quipped.

“I’ll make her show them all to Leo” Thea countered.

“Good luck, he’s going to be in Argentina” Amelia grinned.

“I’ll get his number from Molly, then” Thea said “I’ll send them all to him” she added.

Amelia finally burst into giggles and Thea quickly followed her before they slowly calmed down, allowing Amelia to tug her sister into a tight hug. “I’m OK” she mused softly.

Thea returned the hug. “I know” she murmured “I just want to help and make sure it stays that way” she added.

“Then just keep doing what you’re doing” Amelia mumbled as she leant back, gently brushing a tear off of her sister’s cheek “If you repeat this, I will deny it, but these weekend visits have really helped. I don’t even mind being dragged to lunch with Mama and her friends” she added.

Thea laughed, something which made Amelia smile at her softly. “I told Leo that I was in love with him” she said after a moment of quiet “That I am in love with him, and he hasn’t really said anything about it. I mean I get it. It’s probably going to take him a while to trust me again after...after I kissed Fernando, and I am not going to push him to say it back to me, I’s bothering me. I guess I kind of thought that he’d say it first, and if he didn’t, then he wouldn’t hesitate to say it back to me” she explained.

Thea was quiet for a long moment before she gently squeezed her sister’s hand. “He’ll say it” she cooed “You’re great. How could he not love you?” she added.

Amelia smiled, though it wasn’t as confident as she would have liked it to be. “I hope so” she quipped.
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