I'm Not Boyfriend Material

Casey Collins was walking home one night when she was almost attacked by someone in the alley. She was saved by what she didn't know was a drug dealer. She can't help but be fascinated by him. Is this something that could work or is she doomed?

Layout by TombRaider
  1. I'm No Hero
  2. Keeping Tabs On My Girl
  3. First Date
  4. I can Make This Work
    Sex Warning
  5. What Is This To You?
    Sex Warning
  6. This Can't Be Happening
    Sam's perspective
  7. What's Going On?
    Sex Warning
  8. What's wrong with you?
    Sex warning and potential trigger warning
  9. You Deserve Better
    Sam's Perspective
  10. A New Beginning
  11. I Like You Alot
    Sex Warning