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The first three days

Will and Nico are spending three days in the infirmary, with old and new friends, they explore eachother and even share some memories.

Obivously My Plot and Mia, Rose, Dylan, Ace, Dizzy, Elijah, and Sarah are mine....but all other things legally belong to disney, Rick Riodian, and others.
  1. Day 1
    Will and Nico meet Mia, Ace, and Sarah
  2. End of Day 1 and Day 2
    A new romance:Dace and Leo Valdez's Humiliation
  3. End of Day 2 and Day 3
    Nico and Will's new interaction; Mia's true love; Sarah has a boyfriend
  4. Epilogue:Apollo and Hades
    They meet eachother's parents