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The first three days

End of Day 2 and Day 3

Nico woke up with a sweat. "Nico...Sunshine....Please wake up. What happened?!" Will asked, startled. "Will... I had a Nightmare... You kissed Drew.... and left me." Nico said as he started to cry. "Sunshine... I will never stop loving you." Will said. Nico interupted with a nice, long kiss, like a terrorist attack on level 3. BOOM! The thunder was so loud, it could be a missile. "Tesoro... can you please cuddle with me...I love you." Nico asked like a small child. Will said yes and they were cuddling.

Day 3:"Oh my Gods!!!" They heard Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, and Jason Grace scream with joy as they started taking photos. "Ok Guys... you had your fun...this a place of healing...not a photoshoot, if you don't have a injury, please leave, or I'll get Dionysus. As they left they giggled like a 13 year old school girl who was getting major gossip. Will said to Ace and Dylan "Hey you two can leave, our better." As they went to walk out the door, Mia came screaming as Drew Tanaka came in with a large box of makeup and hair products "You stupid B*TCH!!! I don't want a F*CKING makeover, creep. Go away, go give Sarah a makeover!" Drew continued to chase Mia until they bumped into a girl. "Hey Drew, Dad said stop," The girl stopped,"I'm Rose....Dionysus's daughter. Meet me at the lake sometime to chat." Rose left, as Mia started to blush. Dylan said "Breaking News...Drew's at it...again." They had lunch.(Grilled Cheeses with Tomato Soup, Will's Favorite.) "Senpai...Today's my last day...can we plan a date." Nico said, like a 16 year old drug addict "It'll be a piece of Cake." Sarah walked in with her long, gorgeous ginger hair with a boy with strawberry blond hair, sea green eyes, and white skin like a ghost's. "Hey Ace! Meet my boyfriend, Elijah, he's a kid of Aphrodite." They ran away holding hands while Will was tending to a pregnant saytr giving birth, Piper, Percy, Leo, Annabeth, and Jason walked in. "Hey, how are you and Solace." Percy asked, in a jealous tone. "Who?" Nico asked, stupidly. "Ya know, Will Solace, Bisexual, about yeh high," Piper said as she put her hand at the 6 foot 1 height. "Hey Percy, Guess Nico is not intersted in the Ocean Spray anymore, He likes Sunny-D." Percy looked ready to murder Leo. "Get out before your drowned in Sea Water, Fire Boy." Nico went to sleep and the 5 of them left. "Night Sunshine." Will kissed him goodnight and he got in the bed and cuddled him. Leo came back and starting taking pictures like Hermione Granger reads a book.
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