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The first three days

Epilogue:Apollo and Hades

HADES:Nico woke up and left a letter on the Infirmary desk. Will woke up an hour later "Meet me at Half Blood Hill." As Will took the hike there, He saw Nico. "Will Solace...We've been flirting a lot lately, will you please be my boyfriend?" Nico asked with all the sincerity in his heart. Will looked like he swallowed 500 advils. "YES!!" As they discussed plans to tell everyone, they decided to meet their Dads. "Off to the Underworld." Will sighed. The last thing he wanted to do was meet Hades. The Last. As they got to the Underworld, they were greeted by Persephone, Sarah's Mom. "Hello Nico, Mr.Solace." Lord Hades waits for you in the throne room. As they went to the throne room, Hades stopped them. "Hey Nico Bud, Ace and Dylan called. Mr. Solace, while he deals with that, I want to talk to you." Hades said firmly. As Nico went to call Ace, Hades asked, "What do you love about my son?" Will thought for a moment, then replied, "I love his music taste, My Chemical Romance, His favorite song is Thank you for the Venom." Hades thought "What is your favorite hobby?" "Well Lord Hades, I like Swimming with Nico and playing Mythomagic with him." Nico came in "I'm sorry Will. DAD for the love of Gods! STAHP!!!!!!!!! They had a lunch of Escargot and the couple left for Olympus by the stomp flowers in Persephone's Garden.

APOLLO:They landed on Olympus to be greeted by Artemis and Athena. "Apollo Waits." "Nicholas Di Angelo, William Solace. How are you?" After saying their names are Will and Nico, they had Vanilla Pudding and Soda. Apollo whispered in Will's ear while eating "Plow his ass,Son." Nico heard and thought "For the love of Gods, we'll do what WE WANT." They started playing music while Will and Nico did the tango, Nico said "Tesoro...Where did you learn to Tango? The sun?" Will laughed. Apollo said "You boys remind me of Myself and Hyacinthus when I was younger... you two are so cute...the babies will be cute too." Will and Nico turned red as blood. Uh......Ok Dad, see you soon, I love you." Will said, Nico said "Bye Apollo." They went down the Empire State Elevator and talked about a quaddruple with Ace, Dylan, Elijah, Sarah, Mia, and Rose.

AT CAMP HALF BLOOD: Rose looked for Mia. "Hey, Mia, I want to maybe be a couple?!" "YES!!! This world doesn't have enough lesbians you know, let's hope Drew won't give you a makeover now, they both laughed as they took a stroll towards a picnic dinner at Thialia Grace's Pine Tree.
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