All Over Again

It had been too much to ask.

When Isabel, Sergio’s girlfriend of only a few months, was offered a job aboard, she had asked him to ask her not to go, but as much as he wanted to, he had refused. Instead of asking her to stay, he told her that he didn’t feel the same way, severing any ties between the two of them.

He had been trying to do the right thing. Isabel wanted to be somewhere else, and he had only been trying to nudge her towards it, but when their paths cross a few months later, and Sergio is faced with the fact that Isabel has moved on, he begins to wonder if he had made a mistake in not taking a risk on something that, at the time, had felt like it was going to be important.

Has he missed his chance, or is there still something between him and Isabel that is worth taking a chance on?

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Sergio Ramos or anything or anyone you may recognize, but the plot and the OCs are mine.