Hell on Earth

In The End

I was the only one left,and I saw my surroundings
A lake and blue sky,and the smell of sweet summer
But the blue came from a lake,where a thousand rotting corpses lay
Their flesh peeling from their skulls,tongues hanging loose
And the smell came from a single rose,with a hundred thorns
I saw everyone,almost everyone I knew,dead

It stretched far and wide,and suddenly I found myself in my former home,the home that I left
It had come back to haunt me
I was surrounded by no one
I looked down the window,and I saw schoolchildren
Little kids,They were playing

But I was still alone
I wanted to go down,to join them
To be in the company of humans
But I stayed,and then I remembered that I hadn't explored this new place
Old place,but it seemed new
New place,but there were enough memories to last

I went to my room,the old one
There was nought but a clock
One clock,with three hands
Three hands to measure my time
The time I had left
The time we all had left
The ceiling was huge, but all that remained was me and that clock

At 30 seconds to midnight the sky turned red

At 25 seconds to midnight a rainbow shone

At 20 seconds to midnight the floor became charred

At 15 seconds to midnight the rainbow became black

At 10 seconds to midnight,the time was almost up,and from the distance a forest of fire came closer





At 5 seconds to midnight I sank to the ground,staring at the face of myself on that clock. I was the only one here,and I was the only witness. There would be nothing after this. The space time continuum would end,and life as I knew it would be gone. And it would never come back.





At 12 midnight,the hands met each other with a deafening clang
And I heard a scream
And the burning and crackling of the forest of fire came closer and louder. It was mixed in with an angry growl from the heavens and a million cries around me.
The terrible anguish of everyone that had ever lived,

But the screaming voice was mine.