Hell on Earth

One Hundred Villagers

Master Antecest stared out the window,
He did that every day the three years he spent working as a missionary
But the past few days, the mountains were different
The only light came from a bizarre red sphere in the sky
He supposed that was the sun

But he was a man of images, not a man of science
He supposed the fellows at the academy would have some knowledge, but he did not press the matter.
As he drafted out a letter to the village priest, he heard the voice of his messenger.
“Master Antecest, the Count tells me he wants to see you. It’s urgent.”
Antecest hated being summoned like a bitch, but he did not want to lose his job.
“Did he tell you what he wanted from me?” he asked.
But the guard only blinked, “It’s urgent”.

He dutifully entered the room, and Count Colinvert was standing opposite the door, watching him through gazed eyes.
“Tell the villagers to turn back. I don’t want them out there anymore,” he said.
Antecest was appalled, if the villagers came back, the Army from the north would soon arrive, and would slay any living man in their path.
“But sire, who will protect us? Will god protect us? ” he stammered.

Handsome face wrought with confusion, Antecest ran out the door.

Ever since the death of Countess Colinvert, the man had been such a terrible fuck
The nurses loved him, no one else did
As the young man exited the room, something strange happened.
Monsieur Dunstan, who was always at the side of the Count, withdrew his hand from the back of the Count’s jacket.
Count Colinvert slumped to the side, dead.
Monsieur Dunstan was a Master Puppeteer.

Miles away, the Army rode over the Valley of Kings
They left behind a chilling sight, of every one of the one hundred villagers burning in a huge fire.
Their ashes blew in the wind, breathed in by a single survivor
The lonely young woman graced the sight before her
She could do nothing, and so she went insane