Hell on Earth

The Ring of Demons

"Killing thee was the simplest of jobs. A slit on thy neck, and all is left is your lifeless form and bloody ground. The glint of the blade and the plunging of the weapon into thy voice box, like a man possessed. And then I cut a hole, wretched out your heart and buried it. Buried it right next to where I burnt you, and took your ashes home. You will be with me forever. You were with me forever, and this was how I killed myself. This was how to came to be here."

The demons gathered in a circle, bored.
Pain and suffering could only entertain so much
The guards of hell, at it's gate left, right and centre
Bound to their posts by night
For in hell there was no day

"Heaven hath no place for suicide, said so by the almighty omnipotent"

"God. The father of the weak, sons of the bitch Mary. Us demons, we have no use for goodness. Purity of heart is in vain. There is nobody with a pure heart, NO ONE!"

"Cease to tense, sister."

"Cease to tense what? Pray tell me, brother. The fury in every woman that hell hath no? Labelled a scheming adultress for eternity. That scheming bastard Jehovah had given me an addition as such."

"He hath set on us all, additions as such. Not better but much better, yet all the same"

"It hath been, 13 thousand years," screeched Bloody Mary, as she turned the minute hand of a grandfather clock with her finger, beautiful gaunt face wrought with anger. "Is it not time, to gather our army? Is it not time, to take the world over yet again, brother!"

"Father Lucifer will come to us when it is time. For now, Dunstan will bring him the tidings from the mortal world. It is to him, not yet the moment to act. But I can find the moment to act, as clear as the full moon in the black sky, in the forseeable future."