Past or Future?

Chapter XVII -Dan-

A month has passed after all the fiasco that happened. Joville and me talked thoroughly, she insists on giving letters saying that it makes her feel comfortable and close with me. I agreed but in return I begged her not to get her hopes up because I was still a mess trying to figure out myself and my feelings.

As for Jella, we took a time off. Maybe it was too soon to decide and I got carried away when went to the beach. She tried really hard to understand but deep down, I knew that she wanted it to work, she wanted us to work and so did I but the timing was not really in our favor.

It was almost the end of October which means Halloween is here and Mr. Blossom asked us to decorate the shop and dress in costumes ourselves on the day of the event. We, the team, brainstormed on what we were gonna do and decided with our costumes. Dan and Jane wanted a matching pair so they decided on Mr. and Mrs. Dracula, Reese went with Joker, Joville wanted to be Cleopatra and I picked the ringmaster.

We will be closing early on that day for the Halloween party throughout the night and Mr. Blossom said he had a lot of guests so he expects that the shop to be more than what he could hope for and also, aside from that, if we do well, he'll give us a raise and a bonus.

"So, is everybody satisfied with the plan? No other suggestions or comments or objections whatever the hell it is" I asked the group looking around.

"I'll ask my cousin if he still has that smoke machine, it'll give the place a spooky atmosphere" Reese look more concentrated than ever, I guess he's excited.

"My sister has a lot of fake blood hidden in her drawers, call it creepy but she likes pranking her friends. It can help with the decorations and also with the costumes, speaking of which Joville, can you do the makeup?" Jane asked.

"Sure thing, I'm gonna need all the make up I can get" Joville smiled looking at me.

"All right then, that's settled. Let's call it a day guys" I stood up and so did they reaching for their things and heading out.

"Hey, Art, a word?" Dan asked using his index finger motioning me to come close.

"Yep, What's up hotshot?"

Dan clenched his jaw and looked at me hesitantly, debating himself whether to say it or not. He pursed his lips "Do you judge people?"

Well, that was out of the blue "Honestly? Yes, I do. But if the person has a reason or purpose or other things for that matter, I would understand and try to picture out myself in their perspective. Why?" my brows furrowed

"Uhm.. no reason.. . . I. . . may have something to say or confess" Dan looked away. For a tall person like him, looking up made my neck sore.

"Not here, all right? Maybe we can talk it over to a diner or something" I suggested

"Sure, that's better"

We headed out and went for the local diner, ordered our meal and waited for it to be served.

"Joville likes you" it wasn't a question.

"Is it really that obvious?" my lips pressed into a thin line not wanting to have this kind of conversation.

"Depends on who looks, Joville's aura make it so"

I groaned, not this again "I really don't want to talk about her, don't get me wrong she's pretty and sweet but I'm just not in the mood so please let's drop it. Please." I looked pleadingly at Dan in which he didn't comment. Our food arrived and we ate slowly absorbing the taste.

"Sorry about earlier, I wanted to say that . . . . please don't act very surprised or I will push napkin into your mouth. Anyway, I wanted to say that. . . . ." he paused, his mouth hanging open in thin air. I leaned over in case he whispers but no sound came out.

"You wanted to say?? spit it out you moron" I smacked his shoulder

"It is possible that I am liking Reese on a different level" Dan looked straight into my eyes

I processed what he said my face totally blank "What do you mean on a different level?"

Dan sighed "That day when you weren't able to attend work, Reese was in a coffee shop, well we both are. That was after you came, he mentioned you weren't feeling well and you were with your pet. You didn't see me cause I arrived an hour later. Reese and I have been hanging out a lot lately and when we do I feel all giddy and happy when I'm with him. Is that wrong?"

I placed my elbows on the table forming a triangle and interlocked my fingers "Well, in this modern world we live in, some people may call it wrong but for me, what's wrong is why are you even questioning about it? If Reese makes you happy then hang out with him more and look for signs, when the time's right pop him the question"

"What if the feeling's not mutual and I'll just humiliate myself. Isn't that the worst?" Dan placed his head on his hands looking down.

I picked up my fork and twirled it around "What's worse is never asking him what he feels and having to dwell on it for a long time. Just take a risk Dan, nothing's gonna change you'll still have your job and you'll still see us"

Dan looked at me and smiled a little "You know, for someone who has issues with that kind of topic. I'd say some guru you are, where'd you get it?"

I shrugged not knowing what to answer. "Reese is nice, a funny smart looking guy and I'm lucky to be friends with him. How long have you had these feelings?"

"Not so long ago, it just happened and it makes me nervous, I mean what would people say? Reese is young, I'm in the matured age, and quite obviously I'm not a female" Dan played with his straw, his face distraught, his eyes full of worry.

"First of all what people would think is none of your business, just let them be, everyone has a lot to say and not all of them are understanding like I am. Second, your age doesn't define you, yes it's a number but that's it. Our levels of experience are different, we grow at our own pace and lastly, just because your attracted to someone with the same gender doesn't mean it's a crime. That's not new anymore, people don't make a big deal out of it so quit thinking about it." I took a sip of water catching my breathing.

"What your saying is just ask Reese and accept whatever he has to say?"

"Way to make it shorter sister, yes just like that. But be sure when you really are ready otherwise you might say you spoke too soon and wishing you could turn back time" I smiled playfully.

"Was that your latest dilemma? I can see where this guru Art is coming from" Dan raised an eyebrow looking intrusively.

I smiled tauntingly "Don't start with me, I had my struggles and they are now resolved which means we should be focusing on the shop and not on my personal nonsense"

Dan looked at me waiting for an explanation, I groaned "Fine, let's start with the beginning shall we?"
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