The Staal Sister

Nicole Renee Staal, is the twin sister of Jordan Staal, the younger sister of Eric and Marc Staal and the older sister of Jared Staal.

Like all four of her brothers, she grew up playing Hockey, though she grew up playing as a Goalie while three of her brothers were forwards and one was a defenceman.

In 2004, when she was 16 years old, she just up and vanished. She didn't tell anyone where she was going or who she was with and hasn't contacted any of her family members since. She worried her parents more than anything, but the ones most worried were her brothers. All of her family members knew she wouldn't just up and leave, they all thought she had been taken.

It's now 2009, Eric is a forward for the Carolina Hurricanes, Marc is a defenceman for the New York Rangers, Jordan is a forward for the Pittsburgh Penguins and Jared is a forward for the Sudbury Wolves.

While the Hurricanes are getting ready for a homegame against the Penguins, Eric thinks he sees their little sister and ends up commenting on it to his brother.

It has been five years since they had seen or heard anything dealing with Nicole Staal; could this be their chance to find their sister?