The Space Between Us

It had been too late.

When Amelia’s wedding day had arrived, Lionel had been determined that he was going to share with her how he felt about her, knowing that it was probably the last chance that he was going to get to say it before everything changed. However, when he was confronted with the sight of Amelia in her wedding dress, the knowledge that he had missed his chance hit him like a ton of bricks, and instead of telling her how he felt, he ran away.

Amelia never understood what happened between the two of them, but when they run into one another a few months after her wedding day, she has a chance to find out.

With the question of what happened between her and Lionel hanging over their heads, and a lot of other things having changed for them both, their attempts to try and reconcile are clumsy at best, leaving the two of them wondering if they can actually fix things, or are better off just leaving their relationship in the past.

A/N: Obviously, I don’t own Lionel Messi or anything or anyone else you may recognise, but the plots and OCs are mine.