Status: After listening to so many John Wayne Gacy Podcasts and Documentaries, I have been thinking and feeling connections to all of his victims whom he had killed 4 decades now. And this has been popping up inside of my head for so long that what if I do a series about them but as angels? Where it will ha

~*Heaven 33~* Sneak Peek.

43 Years Ago, 33 Young men and boys met their untimely fate at the hands of a Serial Killer leaving the Nation in pure shock. Now 4 decades later, they are back-as angels ready to get a second chance as they are descended back down to Earth to help people and teach them the word of God. Follow their lives as not only are they assigned to help an individual in need, but to also learn lessons for themselves as well as each-others.
  1. ~*Heaven 33~* Sneak Peek.
    A Sneak Peek at an all new upcoming series coming later within the year.