It had been a couple of months since the Hershey thing. John was thankfully merciful at never mentioning that little misunderstanding, and Ginger liked him more for that.

As a result, their friendship had grown exponentially. The two would always talk and hang out, sharing stories of their lives and doing activities together. They were as drawn to one another like a moth to a flame, both constantly in each other's company.

In other words, they were best friends.

So when it was Ginger's birthday, it wasn't much of a surprise that John showed up at Ginger's doorstep with a present.

"What is it?" Ginger asked John, eyeing the blue gift bag in his hands. It was light, and it had a bunch of paper wrap inside it, concealing the gift inside. Ginger was secretly flattered that John remembered his birthday. The guy had even made the effort of getting him something, flattering Ginger even more.

"Open it," John said excitedly.

Ginger did. He moved the paper aside and peered into it. He immediately snapped his eyes up to John, who was practically vibrating.

"Dude," was all Ginger could say. He reached into the bag and pulled out an obnoxiously orange fish plushie. "Seriously?"

John guffawed. "I'm sorry, but I had to. I saw it, and it just reminded me of you. Haha."

Ginger felt his cheeks burn and averted his eyes, looking down at the plushie. It had big, shiny dark eyes and a little curved smile on its face, complete with two little pink circles on its cheeks in a cheap imitation of a blush. It was sickeningly cute, like an anime character. He couldn't see why the plush toy reminded John of him, aside from the colour and the fact that it was a fish, but it made Ginger feel bubbly inside, happy in the knowledge that this simple thing reminded John of him.

He held the plushie to his chest and gave John a shy smile. "That's very thoughtful of you, man. Thanks."

John beamed. "I'm glad!" And then he turned sheepish. "Well, I better go." Ginger's smile fell a little, and John hastened to explain, "I gotta be at Manson's house in an hour. He wants me to practice playing with him."

"Oh, okay then," Ginger replied, nodding. He honestly wished that John would stay and hang out with him, especially on his birthday. But knowing Manson, John was better off being punctual.

"Sorry I can't stay," John said sincerely. But then he brightened up. "How about we go to the movies after I'm done? My treat."

That sounded nice. Ginger nodded his approval, and John brightened even more.

"Great!" he beamed. "I'll see you then."

After Ginger's nod, John turned to leave, but before Ginger could close the door, he called, "Oh, and Ginge?"

"Yeah?" Ginger waited.

John blew a kiss to Ginger and grinned. "Happy Birthday," he said before turning around and leaving.

Ginger spontaneously combusted.