Plus One

On Valentine's Day, Ginger decided to make his move.

The timing was perfect, albeit a little cheesy for his taste. But after seven months of dancing around each other, it was time to make things official. It was also a plus that the band was on break from tour again, so Ginger didn't have to worry about interruptions.

He drove out to a random store and bought a box of chocolates. He didn't need the damn thing in hopes to woo the blond, but he figured that he should at least present the guy with the idea that he was interested in him. Besides, his mother would be ashamed of him not being a gentleman towards his love interest.

Once he was at the front door of John's house, chocolates in hand, he took a moment to prepare himself. He inhaled deeply, held it, then released, repeating the exercise two more times before squaring his shoulders.

He rang the door bell.

And waited.

And then the door opened, and there stood John, confused and still in his pyjamas. "Ginger? What are you—"

"I like you!" Ginger blurted out and winced, his cheeks burning.

Very smooth.

John blinked. Twice. Then he let out a small laugh and smiled at him. "What took you so long?"

Ginger gaped. Had John been anticipating this? He pondered the thought for a moment; then he mentally rolled his eyes. Of course he had. It was so obvious that John was interested in him, especially with all those subtle hints and show of affection, and Ginger wanted to smack himself for being a bit too slow on the uptake.

He shifted his feet and mumbled, "Well, better late than never." Remembering the box of chocolates in his hands, he held it out for John to take. "I got you this."

"Not very romantic, are you?" John drawled, taking the offered gift.

Ginger grimaced. He honestly wasn't a fan of the holiday that was Valentine's Day. "I prefer to show my affection by other means."

"Oh?" John said, eyes twinkling. "How so?"

He backed up as Ginger stepped through the threshold and closed the door with his foot. Ginger crowded into John's space, keeping eye contact with him. John's breathing was slow and light, and his cheeks were tinged a lovely shade of pink. Ginger leaned in just a little, their noses bumping and their lips barely touching.

Before closing the distance, Ginger whispered, "Like this," and then pressed his lips onto John's.

When people said that the first kiss was like an explosion of feelings, they weren't fucking exaggerating. The moment their lips met, Ginger felt his heart skip a beat, his breath catch, and his knees weaken. It was cliché as all fuck.

John's lips were soft and warm, and when his lips parted in a silent invitation, Ginger didn't hesitate to plunge his tongue into John's mouth. He tasted of something sweet and minty, a lovely blend of flavour that Ginger found enticing. The kiss was slow and passionate, never crossing into hot and heavy, but it was still earnest. Lips caressed and tongues explored, getting into the rhythm and learning what the other liked. As impressive as the kiss was, Ginger needed to take a breather before he passed out from lack of oxygen.

He pulled away and opened his eyes, meeting John's beautiful brown ones. Neither of them made to move or speak a word. They just stood there, staring at each other.

After a while, John spoke. "Hey, Kenny?"

He called him Kenny again. Ginger could get used to that. "Hmm?"

John smiled that infectious smile of his and said, "I like you too."

Ginger bit his lip and smiled back. He affectionately rubbed his nose with John's and replied, "Good."