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The Quest

Chapter One - Tess and Tom

Tess ran into the quiet library, seeking her best friend Tom who liked to bury his nose in the books of whatever town's library they were in.

“Sh!” The librarian hushed her, making her duck behind some nearby book stacks.

Tess ignored the librarian, shoving books to the side, not caring if they popped from the shelves. She was on a mission. “Tom!” She called, quieter this time, not wanting to face the wrath of the librarian. It took her a few minutes but she finally found her friend sitting in the corner by a window. Scrunched between two bookshelves, nose pages deep into his latest novel. “There you are!” Tess walked up to him exasperated. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere!”

“Sh!” Another librarian shushed once more as her voice got louder.

“You’d do better to not talk,” Tom mumbled from behind his book, turning the page. “They’re very picky here.”


Tess rolled her eyes, becoming impatient. “Then come outside so we can talk,” she grabbed his arm, forcing him upright. He gave a small whimper as he dropped the book he was currently devouring.

“But I was reading that,” a small sob came from him. He looked back at the librarian glaring at him, picking up the book and putting it away. He gave a whine as his tail tucked between his legs.

“You ready for an adventure?” Tess turned towards him as they left the building and the glares of the librarians.

“What are you talking about?” Tom asked, his ears laid back against his head annoyed. “You said we could rest for a few days.”

“Tom!” Tess sighed in exasperation, her body going semi-limp. She was always a tad dramatic. “It’s been a few days already.”

Had it been a few days already? Tom thought for a minute, his tail swishing behind him as he contemplated. They had arrived in town on a Monday and today was…

“Tom, it's Thursday. Did you even leave that library once?” Tess asked, not wanting to wait for him to figure things out.

Tom’s belly gurgled as the realization hit him. “Uhhh, guess I got sucked into that book.”

Another sigh from Tess. She grabbed his arm and pulled him forward, making him stumble. “Come on, let's eat, then we can get supplies.”

“Supplies for what?” Tom asked, his mind was still reeling from the mental adventure he had been on.

“You are incredibly slow for being a werewolf,” Tess chided, hands on hips as they made their way to a sandwich shop. She watched as his ears flicked back and forth as he mind came to a solution.

“What potion are you trying? Do I have to try it this time?” He cringed as he remembered her previous potion.

“Only if you want to fall in love with me,” Tess batted her eyelashes at him, smirking.

Tom stood where he was dumbfounded , unsure on how to react until Tess started laughing. “Don’t worry, this is just for a customer . I’ve made this before. It’s a self love potion, it only takes three ingredients.”

Tom sat at the table Tess had picked, propping his head upright with his hand. He remembered helping her gather ingredients for a self love potion ages ago. It was a simple thing, it didn’t need anything too dangerous. What were the ingredients again? Honey to sweeten the person's disposition. Rose petals to enhance the love…what was the last ingredient again?

“…vanilla beans for strengthening the potion effects,” Tom’s ears perked forward as he realized Tess was talking to him . Right, vanilla beans were the last ingredient. He knew she had honey and vanilla already. She always made sure she had those.

“Why can’t you talk to a florist for the rose petals?” Tom eyed the sandwich that was delivered to them. It was filled to capacity with different types of meats. He licked his lips, he’s been enjoying this small town.

“But where’s the adventure in that?” Tess cried, head on the table, her arms folded cartoonishly over herself.

“We live in modern times, you can just go to the potion store for your ingredients,” Tom pointed out. His sandwich was half devoured whereas Tess had yet to touch hers.

Tess glared up at him through her arms, she noticed he was eyeing her sandwich. “Don’t even think about it dog ,” she growled, sitting up bringing her sandwich closer. “I want adventure ! I want to have fun!” Her arms swung around animatedly as she unleashed the full fury of a dramatic person.

Tom smirked. “Thought you had a curfew,” he watched as she slowly deflated from her previous boisterous self.

“It wasn’t my fault the post office caught on fire!” she mumbled into her sandwich.

Tom snickered at her indignation. It was in fact partly her fault because she brewed the potion. “How about this,” Tom paused before finishing off his sandwich. “I’ll talk to the sheriff and see if she’ll approve a trip to the flower gardens an hour away. And if she approves we can talk to the stables and see if we can borrow some horses to take there. Would that be enough adventure for you?”

Tess chewed her sandwich thoughtfully as she contemplated her options. “Fine,” she gave up. “But I thought you didn’t like horses.”

“They’re not the biggest fan of me. Supposedly there’s a few horses in the area that don’t mind wolves too much,” Tom shrugged then got up from the table. “I’ll meet you back at the hotel.”

“Fine,” Tess groaned, turning her attention back to her sandwich and the bill. Why did Tom’s sandwiches need to be so expensive?
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