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The Quest

Chapter Eighteen - Theo

Tom pushed his brother off of him. “Theo! Shift!” Tom commanded, trying to take control of his alpha senses with his brother.

Theo continued to snarl and snap his teeth, backing into a wall, his hackles rising. “Tom, look,” Tess pointed towards Theo’s side. A black thin barb was sticking out of him, hidden by his black fur. “Is he poisoned?”

Theo lunged for Tess, making Tom throw him to the side, shifting as he did so. Tess moved behind him. She didn’t want to get between the two brothers. Stay near, Tom instructed Tess. He was planning on pinning his brother to the ground so she could remove the barb.

Theo jumped for Tom’s throat once he regained his footing. Tom backed up and batted his brother to the side once more, snapping his teeth as he did so. He was trying to communicate with his brother, but wasn’t getting through.

A neurotoxin? Tess mused.

Theo hit the wall as Tom knocked him to the side once more. Tess could almost feel the pain radiating from Tom as he injured his brother trying to pull him back to his senses.

“Tom, stop!” Tess shouted as Theo shifted back into his ten-year-old self. “Theo! Are you okay?” Tess asked, rushing up to his side, trying to check him for injuries.

Theo collapsed against the wall, panting for air, sweat beading at his brow. His brown eyes pleaded with Tess to help him. “I don’t want to,” Theo cried out as he coughed up some blood. He took the barb from his side and began swinging his arm in Tess’ direction.

“Lass, look out!” Destru grabbed Tess from behind, pulling her out of Theo’s reach.

Theo fell to the ground, sobbing in pain and defeat, as he gasped for air. The toxin was finishing its work since he was in his human form.

“Theo! Shift!” Tess screamed at him, her heart pounded in fear for his safety. If he shifted back, she might have enough time to find something to heal him with.

“Poor boy,” a voice came from a bedroom further down the hallway. Everyone’s attention turned to the speaker.

“Witch!” Destru growled, moving Tess behind himself, brandishing his sword. “How dare you destroy this small family.”

“I only came for what is mine,” the woman walked forward, removing the hood from her head. Her skin shimmered in the dim light. Tom lowered his head, growling as she came closer, unfazed. She smiled, revealing small needlelike black teeth.

Tess gasped as she realized what was happening. “Destru, that’s a siren,” she whispered, tugging at his coat for his attention. She glanced around for something they could shove into their ears. The bookshelf caught her eye. She rushed over and grabbed a book off the shelf. The Odyssey, how ironic. She started ripping pages out, shoving them at the sailers to put in their ears. Hoping it would be enough to prevent them from falling under the siren’s spell.

“Oh, I have no desire to enchant,” the siren laughed at Tess’ actions. “I only want my priestess,” she continued to walk towards Tess, stepping on Theo’s wheezing form. Theo let out a pained yelp as his breathing became more labored. He wouldn’t last much longer.

“Don’t come any closer,” Tess warned, trying to keep as much space as she could between her and the siren. Her heart was thumping so fast she felt like it was going to explode. She didn’t know who the priestess the siren was referring to was.

The siren didn’t take Tess’ threat as she continued walking forward. Destru and his men were putting on brave faces, but reeked of fear. The siren used that to her advantage as she continued her slow movement forward. Few people had seen sirens up close and lived to tell the tale. They didn’t know what to do.

The siren continued to walk, their movements hidden behind their shimmering cloak. The siren was now within arm’s length of Tess.

Tess stepped back, running into the bookshelf. She heard Tom growling from across the room, getting ready to attack the siren as she came closer.

“Oh, such a wonderful dog,” the siren smiled towards Tom, paying him little mind. Tom’s ears laid back on his head. Tess could feel his rage building up as he let his emotions take over. “You dogs are so much better when you sit and are quiet.” Tom sat on his haunches and closed his mouth, no longer growling.

Tess felt Tom’s confusion as he tried to howl a warning call. The siren had some type of psychic connection over Tom. He took his front paws and pawed at his muzzle, trying to free himself from the spell over him.

Tess watched with fearful eyes as the siren took her friend and reduced him to a common lap dog. “Tom,” she squeaked out. Destru was at a loss as well. He watched in horror as the siren tamed one of the strongest breeds of werewolf.

“And you,” the siren turned towards Destru, who was trembling with fear.

“Stay back,” Destru pointed his sword at her, trying to keep her away from his crew.

“Such a noble dog,” the siren glided closer to Destru. “So loyal.”

Tess, she’s distracted. Tom’s voice cut through her thoughts as the siren reached the tip of Destru’s sword. Use your magic.

Tess looked fearfully towards Tom. She had always been told to hide her magic, but he wanted her to use it now. Tess looked towards Destru and saw him scared stiff. He was just as lost as everyone else.

Tess took a deep breath and focused her energy into her hands. She felt her anger and sadness at the situation overwhelm her. “Leave them alone,” her voice boomed throughout the room. It sounded like she had several voices instead of just her own. She felt the energy from nearby objects join in on her own.

The siren looked towards her as Tess’ eyes glowed from the sudden power overload. “Priestess,” she whispered, covering her eyes. Tess grew brighter and brighter with the amount of energy she absorbed. The siren’s skin shone blindingly from the power emitting from Tess.

Tess moved her hands so a large ball of power formed. “You’ve hurt my family,” Tess’ voices boomed throughout the room. Papers flew as Tess’ power absorption became unstable. Destru and his crew shielded their eyes. Books flew off the shelves and began swirling around the room. Tom sat helplessly across the room, unable to do anything to help Tess as she lost control of her power. Theo let out a soft whine, as he succumbed to sleep, he had little time left.

Tess concentrated on the siren, losing focus. The power orb crackled from the stored energy in her hands. “You will never hurt anyone ever again,” Tess nearly growled, the voices echoing in the room.
The siren finally made it to Tess, shielding her eyes from the flying papers and books. “My priestess, please come with me to hone your powers,” the siren pleaded in a soft voice, reaching up to touch Tess’ arm. She didn’t expect the amount of power radiating from Tess, and flew backwards when she contacted her.

Tess! Tom’s thoughts rushed to Tess, but she was so absorbed in the power she didn’t hear him. He attempted to get up and help her, but the siren’s spell still had a hold on him.

The siren got back up and walked back up to Tess dazed. Destru tried to yell for Tess’ attention, trying to bring her back to the present, but was unsuccessful. The siren reached Tess once more and reached out her hand. Stopping when Tess’ glowing eyes snapped to face her. “You will be no more,” Tess’ many voices announced. The siren flinched backwards when Tess reached out for her with the ball of energy. The siren screamed in agony as it made contact with her skin, slowly consuming her.

“My priestess!” the siren shrieked, as she tried to shake the ball of light off of herself. She fell to Tess’ feet groveling, ignoring the flesh consuming light ball. “Please forgive me. I was only doing as I was instructed.”

“I will punish you for your transgressions.” Tess’ eyes closed, reducing her glow slightly. She brought her hands together, making the ball consume the siren, leaving no trace of her. All that was left was the echo of her shrieks of pain.

Tom shielded his eyes as he felt the siren’s spell lift from him. He rushed to Theo’s side, shifting to his human form. “Tess,” Theo gasped out, then his head lolled to the side. The poison had done its work.

“I’m sorry, Theo,” Tom sobbed, giving his brother’s lifeless body a hug. He was brought back to the moment upon hearing Tess yell in pain. He looked at her floating body to see her convulsing in pain. Her body wouldn’t tolerate much more energy. “Tess!” Tom yelled over all the noise and shifting in the room. He didn’t think she could hear him. What could he do to gain her attention? If she still had her star, he would show that to her, but what could he use in its place?

Tom looked over towards Destru to see he wouldn’t be of much help currently either. Destru could barely be heard above the power Tess had blowing around the room. Tess screamed again as she curled up in pain, her body glowing even more than it had before. Tom took a deep breath, then walked up to Tess, reaching a shaky hand towards her. “Tess!” he called once more. “Tess, I’m right here. Take my hand!”

He bit his lip when she didn’t seem to hear him. He called to her once more, then reached up and grabbed her hand when she still didn’t respond. Her hand was horribly hot. “Tess!” Tom shouted once more, pulling her hand towards himself.

Tess opened her eyes and searched for the person holding her hand. Her glow began fading when she found Tom looking at her with a concerned expression. “Tom,” she whispered, the power fading away.

“Tess!” Tom called, relief flooding his features when he saw her slowly coming back. He caught her as the energy left her, leaving her in an exhausted heap in his arms.