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The Quest

Chapter Three - Finding a Ride

“What happened to you?” Tess teased outside the barn door as Tom ran up next to her panting.

“You know I draw my strength from the moon,” Tom groaned, straightening next to her. “You of all people know we’re going into a new moon cycle.”

Tess rolled her eyes, “the moon is just refracted sunlight.”

Tom held up his hands in defeat, “I don’t make up the rules.”

“Good evening!” A stable hand called as they came up towards the barn. “Can I help you two with anything?”

“We were wondering if we could borrow a couple of horses tomorrow,” Tom glanced towards the inside of the barn. The horses had caught his scent and were looking nervously towards him.

The stable hand looked Tom up and down then turned towards Tess. “What about you…you a wolf too?”

“No sir, I’m a regular person,” Tess smiled towards the man, who directed his attention back to Tom.

“I can sell a horse to your friend, but I doubt any horse will take to you.”

“I’d still like to try if I can,” Tom smiled back at the man, trying not to show his irritation.

“Suit yourself,” the man turned and walked off. “Let the stable manager know what you decide.”

“I appreciate you offering to ride a horse, but we can always get a taxi,” Tess glanced towards Tom’s strained face. He was attempting to show the horses his human side.

Tom gave a grin and wrapped an arm around Tess’ shoulders. “Now what would be more adventurous? Me getting kicked off a horse or riding in a taxi?”

Tess grinned, then walked down the walkway to look at the horses. Tom took a deep breath, then tried to calm his nerves as he tried to act more human than wolf as he breathed out. His ears twitched as his nerves started getting the better of him. “Calm, calm, horses like calm,” he whispered to himself, his tail twitching side to side. He took another deep breath before entering the stable.

“What took you so long?” Tess asked, stroking the face of a Roan mare. The horse wickered nervously as Tom reached an unsteady hand out to her. He put his hand on her nose and closed his eyes, waiting for the inevitable freak out.

Tess watched the horse carefully as she breathed in Tom's scent. It wasn’t often they found a horse that was okay with a werewolf. The horse's ears rotated on its head, as it determined if Tom was a threat or not.

“Well that’s a first,” a gruff voice sounded from behind them. The pair turned to face the voice. Tom’s ears now alert, wondering why he hadn’t heard the man come up behind them. “She’s not very kind to people, let alone a wolf.”

“Would we be able to borrow her for the day tomorrow?” Tess stepped forward, bringing the stable manager's eyes to her.

“Hmmm a witch and a wolf,” he hummed.

Tess instantly went tense. “I’m sorry sir, but you have me all wrong. I’m a simple herbalist who learned a few tricks.”

Tom took Tess’ hand in his, trying to ease her nervousness. Even though witches helped heal people. They were still regarded with disdain, seeing as they were usually enlisted by the bad guys. It was never taken Into consideration on why they had joined up in the first place. Tess came from a long line of healing witches, but that didn’t help her in most situations. They had been run out of a few towns that had found out her secret before.

“Don’t worry your secret's safe with me. Witches saved my wife when she birthed my son. I hold no grudges with your kind,” the stable master looked earnest. “You can use the roan tomorrow, take her mate too. You might have good luck with them.”

“Thank you sir,” Tom answered, seeing as Tess had lost her voice. “We’ll be here after breakfast.” They left the stables and went back to the hotel.