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The Quest

Chapter Eight - The Lucinda May

Tess and Tom left their things in a room at the Inn that they were directed to and were now walking through the town. They were enjoying their time window shopping. They looked at the different things for sale that they could only wish to buy one day. “Are you gonna try to set up shop here for a bit?” Tom asked, nudging Tess gently as they passed another shop filled with herbs.

Tess thought for a moment. “I’ll have to look at my supplies and see what I can brew. What do you think would sell the best here?”

“Probably a warming potion,” Tom shivered, as a breeze blew off the water into town.

“Good idea,” Tess laughed. “Shall I make more fire cider?”

Tom’s eyes widened as he nearly shouted his response, “No!”

Tess laughed, “Don’t worry, I learned my lesson the last time I made it. Besides, I still have some here.” She pulled a vial out of her pack and swished the liquid around. Tom looked on as the liquid made tiny flames shoot up inside the bottle.

“Never again,” Tom muttered, as they made their way to the piers to see the docked ships. “Think we should try crossing the sea some day?” Tom asked, looking up at all the deckhands doing their necessary chores for the evening.

Tess looked up at the boat nervously, “I don’t know.” She had never been on a boat, but something about them made her nervous. “The Lucinda May,” Tess read as they passed a large wooden ship. It was so large, she felt like a tiny pixie next to it. She stared in awe as the crew climbed up the masts and tightened the ropes on the sails, checking the ropes. There were lights on in the main cabin towards the back of the ship. The crew were singing along to a shanty they had made up.

Tom looked over towards the ramp as someone shouted at them. “Come on Tess, let’s head back to the Inn,” Tom pushed her back towards the cobblestone streets.

“Good to see you, Little Lass!” the voice shouted towards them. Tess looked behind Tom to see the familiar blue coat of the man she had seen earlier.

“Tom, I think it’s Destru,” Tess pulled on his arm, trying to get him to slow down.

“All the more reason to keep going,” Tom continued moving towards the street, a determined look on his face. “I thought you wanted to make some recovery potions.” Tom attempted at a subject change as Destrus’ voice continued to get closer.

“You’re right,” Tess agreed. She went over the ingredients she still needed to buy to brew her concoction in her head. Tom had said the brief stay at the clinic had helped, but he wasn’t completely recovered yet.

“Wow, you two walk fast!” A hand clasped both Tom and Tess on the shoulder, whirling them around to see Destru’s smiling face.

Tom went on edge, a soft growl in his throat, as he stood defensively in front of Tess. “Hello, Destru!” Tess greeted Destru as she came to Tom’s side. She grabbed his arm to calm him down. “How can we help you?”

“I was wondering if a lovely lass like yourself would care to join me for dinner?” Destru knelt down in front of Tess, removing his hat and kissed her hand. He kept a watchful eye on Tom, as his growling got louder.

“We’ve eaten already,” Tom retorted, pushing a blushing Tess behind him as she became lost for words.

“Oh calm down, Brother,” Destru slung an arm around Tom’s shoulders. “I won’t hurt your mate.”

Tess looked towards Tom confused at Destru’s words. Tom rolled his eyes, gesturing to go along with Destru’s thoughts. He removed Destru’s arm from his shoulders, considering Destru’s words. “Why would you want dinner with us?”

“It’s no fun to eat alone,” Destru pouted.

“You have a crew to eat with,” Tom pointed out.

“Bah! The same people I see every day,” Destru waved Tom’s words away. “It’s fun to meet new people and hear new things.”

Tom contemplated for a few minutes as Tess waited patiently by his side. There wasn’t much she could do once he was protective of her. “We have some shopping to do, but once we’re done, we could join you,” Tom finally agreed.

“Splendid!” Destru all but leapt for joy. “I will meet you on the deck in half an hour.”

Tess watched as Destru giddily walked back to his ship. “Why did you agree?” she asked Tom once she noticed his eyes were on her.

“He called you my mate. He won’t hurt you when I’m around, but I think he knows something we don’t.” Tom turned to walk back to the shops, as Tess looked between the two wolves, confused.

“Tom, wait!” she called as she ran after him.
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