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The Quest

Chapter 10 - Mess

Tess sat in their hotel room, staring at her cauldron. She was brewing recovery potions for when Tom transformed again. She watched as he sat by the window, staring out into the night. He had been acting off ever since they had gotten back. Destru had really gotten to him. She glanced back at her potion; she had almost forgotten what she had already added to it.

Tess sat on her heels as she contemplated, annoyed with herself. White tea leaves, vanilla beans, honey... she forgot to add the rosemary. Tom’s closest ear swiveled towards her as she rummaged through their shopping bags. At least he was still paying attention to her. She sighed. Why couldn’t she find the herb?

“What are you looking for?” Tom asked, walking over to her, his ears at attention.

“The rosemary,” Tess replied, barely glancing at him. She had noticed his off behavior. His tail wasn’t absentmindedly wagging like it usually did. He knew she was annoyed with him.

Tom went to another bag that had fallen off the bed and pulled some sprigs out of it. “How many do you need?”

“That’ll do.” Tess held out her hand for Tom to give them to her. He walked by the cauldron and dropped them in, ignoring her hand. Tess gaped at him. This was not the Tom she knew at all. Her Tom would’ve never added an ingredient to a potion without asking first. “Okay, what’s your deal?” Tess asked, crossing her arms, glaring at him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Tom replied, looking out the window once again.

“Yes, you do,” Tess pressed. She debated between letting the potion sour or going to her friend to find out what was bothering him. Tess let out a frustrated sound, then found a spoon and put it in the pot. She waited for her hand to glow, then waved her arm in a stirring motion. The spoon slowly copied her movements. She watched it for a few moments, then walked over to Tom.

“Tom?” Tess put a hand on his shoulder.

Tom glanced at Tess, then sighed, looking at her. His ears drooped down. “I’m just worried is all,” Tom attempted a smile.

“About what?” Tess pressed. She didn’t want to bring up what Destru had said to them earlier, even though she was curious.

Tom was about to respond when he got splashed with liquid. “With that!” Tom lunged towards the cauldron. The spoon was stirring at an uncontrollable speed, forcing the potion to slosh out of the sides. “Tess!” Tom called as the spoon continued to stir with his hands on it.

Tess held her hand in the spoon’s direction and closed her eyes. She concentrated on the spoon and pictured it slowing down. She cracked an eye open to see that Tom was now holding the stopped spoon, absolutely soaked in the potion. “I’m so sorry,” Tess tried not to laugh at the situation.

Tom shook his head before breaking out into a grin. “Well, if I can’t drink it I might as well bathe in it.” Tom picked up the cauldron and carried it to the bathroom. Tess heard him pour the liquid into the bathtub after he closed the door. She looked around the room, noticing how much potion got on the walls and other things in the room. “Guess I’m cleaning,” Tess muttered to herself as she got a rag out of her bags and cleaned up all the spilled liquid.


Tom left the bathroom with a refreshed sigh, “I feel so much better.” He grinned as he saw Tess sitting in the chair he had occupied earlier. She was sitting with her chin propped on one of her knees. The other one dangled off the chair as she was reading one of the few books she owned. “Essence of Herbs,” Tom read, as he sat on the nearby bed. “Don’t you have that book memorized yet?”

Tess glanced over at him when she responded. “There are herbs in the area that I can’t get elsewhere, so I figured I could read up on them.” She read a few seconds longer, then closed the book. “Do I get to brew some more potions now?”

“Sure,” Tom got up and brought the cauldron back into the room. “What are you going to make now?”

“I found a good anti seasick potion in one of my books I thought of trying.” Tess pulled another book over to her and flipped through the pages. “I also found a warming one, too.”

“That sounds like it has potential,” Tom agreed. “Do you have all the ingredients?”

“I have most of them, but I’m missing this one,” Tess pointed towards a picture in her book. “I’ve never seen this plant before.”

“Rhizanthella Gardneri,” Tom read. “I don’t think I’ve heard of that one. Maybe we can ask a local and see if they’ve heard of it.”

“Good idea,” Tess grinned. “Do you think that mermaid receptionist would have an idea?”

“Maybe you should ask her for seaweed,” Tom ruffled Tess’ hair as he walked past her and laid on his bed. “How late will you be staying up?”

“I’m getting tired. I might head to bed soon. Most of these have to sit all night, anyway.”

“Don’t be enchanting anymore spoons,” Tom smirked as Tess rolled her eyes. Turning back to the cauldron and getting it prepped for her next potion.
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Rhizanthella Gardneri, for anyone who's curious, is an underground orchid that is actually a type of fungi. Thank you again to those of you reading! I appreciate each and every one of you that take a look at my story! And as always...

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