Reach For the Stars

Best friends make everything better

The weather felt a little chilly for Huntsville, Alabama that bright and rather early morning. Dallas struggled with finding something unique to wear, seeing how he often used fashion to express himself a lot. He finally settled on a black t-shirt with a purple dragon, a pair of plaid purple jeans and black high top Converse. He pulled on a pair of purple and black fingerless gloves, which matched his outfit quite well.

It didn't take long for Dallas to head into the kitchen, only to see his father sitting there at the table. He sat down across from him until he began to rock his body slowly. He found himself quite nervous about dealing with his father's abuse and constant taunting. He poured himself a bowl of Lucky Charms and milk that early morning, which ended up being part of his daily routine.

"Well, would you look what that stupid ass cat dragged in? It looks like the hamper threw up on you," Aspen growled at his son, only for Dallas to bite his lip and look away.

"I just like using fashion to express myself... is that so wrong?" Dallas asked the older man who just rolled his eyes. "It's not like I'm doing it to hurt anyone or whatever either," he glanced at his father who continued scowling at him.

"Oh, please... you can't use fashion to express yourself. It just makes you look like a fucking clown!" Aspen scoffed while making Dallas feel a little bad.

"Come on, Dad... can't you learn to leave him be? He has every right to dress in any sort of way he wants to," Memphis, Dallas's fraternal twin sister sighed at their father.

Memphis ended up being born about seven to ten minutes before him, mostly due to the birthing complications Dallas dealt with. He happened to be born via C-Section while Memphis came into the world the normal way. He still kept rocking himself slowly back and forth at the kitchen table.

"Also, I've told you I don't know how many damn times not to rock yourself at the kitchen table. It's not proper manners," Aspen growled angrily again, only for Dallas to sigh at him.

"I can't help doing it. This is the only way for me to cope with anxiety. If I don't keep it up, then I feel like my body is on fire," Dallas tried to explain to his father who just rolled his eyes.

"Don't be ridiculous! There's no plausible reason for it," he crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow at his son just now. "You're always doing these stupid behaviors and shit, and it really needs to stop," he exhaled from sudden discontent all of a sudden.

"Dad, knock it off! You know it's hard for him to express himself. He can't help being different from the ones around him," Memphis said to their father as the other man scowled at his twin.

"Memphis, are you ever going to let me stand up for myself?" Dallas growled at her when she shrugged. "I'm not a little boy anymore," he said to her until she went back to cooking breakfast.

Dallas finally placed his empty bowl and spoon into the sink, then he headed back to his room to prepare his bag. He placed some of his favorite stim toys inside of it, along with a small stuffed comfort toy, his Loop earplugs, a few snacks and a small water bottle. He stuffed his phone into his back pocket before heading out to meet with his bestie.

"Hey! It's about time you showed up. I mean, not like I've been waiting all that long to be honest," Chesney greeted him with a comforting hug, which seemed to cheer Dallas up even more.

"I'm really glad that you and I can spend time together. It's been such hectic week for me. I thought it would never end," Dallas frowned as he rubbed his arm and bit his lip.

"Oh? You know I'm always here to listen if you need it," he smiled at Dallas while rubbing his arms calmly.

Chesney seemed to be the only person allowed to touch him. He often became easily agitated and upset if it was anyone else, whether it turned out to be more accidental or not. Being touched felt like pins and needles against his skin or body a lot, but it felt different with his best friend who's touch calmed him.

"Nothing really out of the ordinary, you know? Just my dad being an asshole as usual, and my twin sister constantly treating me like a child," Dallas let out a huge sigh until Chesney hugged him again.

"It really sucks how much you have to deal with that," he frowned when the other man nodded.

"So, how's working at Target going for you?" Dallas asked him after quickly changing the subject now.

"I guess it's going really well. I've got a pretty good income," Chesney smiled when Dallas flapped his hands with joy. "It's actually pretty awesome since everyone is nice and supportive," he nodded

"That's good," he chuckled while fidgeting with his fingers a little. "I don't think holding down a job is right for me. I guess that's why Memphis helped me got Social Security Disability," he bit his lip while looking away, suddenly feeling a little ashamed now.

"That's still perfectly okay though. You have no reason to feel bad for not being able to work," Chesney reassured him with a light chuckle. "Everyone has their own way of doing things," he smiled after Dallas nodded happily at him.

"I'm really glad you and I are still best friends. I don't know what I would do without someone as amazing as you," he squealed and wrung his wrists at his sides now.

"Aw. You're making me blush," Chesney said as a crimson glow filled into his soft cheeks then. "I'm glad the two of us remained close as well," he added while Dallas just chuckled all of a sudden.

The two remained best of friends since middle school, and they were even more inseparable now than before. Chesney always knew just how to make the other man feel loved, especially with the way his father treated him. It made things so much better for Dallas to know he could rely on Chesney a lot.
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