Status: Be Brave

The Mystic Witches

Chapter 1: Reasons To Be Afraid

The world is filled with people who are afraid of things that have already been known to exist. Such as spiders or roller coasters, but she wasn't afraid of anything because she always thought there was nothing to be afraid of growing up. Krystalyn was raised without any fears or anything that gave her anxiety.

Everyone in her 5th-grade class thought she was crazy when she wasn’t the slightest bit afraid of the spider that fell on her head. She wasn't even startled by it. Even her best friends who know her best, know for a fact that she doesn't have any fears. Krystalyn always thought that there was no such thing as fear. There will always be that one thing or person that makes you uncomfortable but scared, not at all.

9th grade was the time in every average teenager's life that they felt like they were an adult, or at least close to being one. 15 years of school and growing up to think once you reach a certain grade, you think you know everything and you’re prepared for the world. It's why teens at this age act as if they're adults. Krystalyn wasn't afraid of growing up either. Nonetheless, she doesn't want to grow up too fast.

Krystalyn Jones got up for school every day at 6 AM sharp. Yes, she would wake up feeling like crap but at least she wasn't late for school. She meets her best friend at the bus stop every single time. Jordan and Krystalyn have known each other for 7 years. He knows her better than anyone on earth. They have always had to deal with getting bullied when it came to being best friends of the opposite gender. In the 7th grade, everyone around them kept saying they were boyfriend and girlfriend and it bothered them a lot.

Jordan always made it to the bus stop before Krystalyn and always tried to get the bus driver to wait one more minute. No matter what she does, he was always there first. Krystalyn never really took too much time to get ready in the morning. She would always put her outfits together the night before and she was a very light sleeper so it was very easy to wake up to her alarm. She never wore too much makeup or any makeup. Lip gloss and eyeliner were fine for her. The only thing that makes her late to the bus in the morning is her long hair. Her hair is very curly and wild. This is why she often puts it in a bun.

"Sup"!, Jordan said to her, waving as she got on the bus. As Krystalyn was sitting next to the boy on the bus, she noticed an odd object in his hands before she was about to greet him. "What the hell is that?", she asked, hoping for a non-stupid answer. Jordan never tends to think before saying things. That's how pretty much all her friends are. With that, most things that come out of his mouth are stupid or silly. "It's my science project," he says casually like what he's bringing to school is normal. "That looks like an abomination". Krystalyn was the only one who could annoy Jordan. He called it her superpower.

"Exactly! It's a bomb"!, Jordan yelled out of excitement that his best friend partially figured out what his science project was. Everyone on the bus was staring at him like he was crazy, and he was crazy for shouting the word bomb on a public school bus. "J, I don't think it's the best idea to bring a bomb to school, even if it's for an assignment". His friend protested, trying to reason with him. "It's not a real bomb, it's a chemical-based bomb. So it's not that bad". He protested back, trying to convince her that it's safe. "Ok, but do not expect me to break you out of detention like I usually do if you get in trouble. I'm spending my afternoon with the girls and I am not saving you from another one of your shenanigans". she says making sure she's heard. "Fair enough". Jordan says without even trying to argue back.


They finally arrive at school (Oceanwater High School). Krystalyn and Jordan got off the bus awkwardly since Jordan thought it was a good idea to yell the word 'bomb' on the bus. Kris saw her 2 other friends Cairo and Zaria. She met them in the 7th grade when Jordan had a cold one day. She was eating her lunch by herself and they asked her if they could sit with her since they both were new to Oceanwater City. Krystalyn walked over to her friends and they immediately saw the monstrosity in Jordan's hands. Kris saw them staring at the bomb with a curious look on their face.

"Please ignore that". Kris says so her friends don't judge him too much. Cairo and Zaria think Jordan is weird. This is true, Jordan is very weird, but that is what Krystalyn loves about him the most. "Well, anyway, I am completely terrified about what's happening today". Zaria spent the summer preparing and praying to try out for the gymnastics team. She's wanted to be on the team ever since we graduated from middle school. Today, the school is having tryouts for all the girls. "Oh my god! How many times do I have to tell you guys that fears are stupid and there is no reason to be scared". Krystalyn says with an annoyed tone. "Kris, not everyone is a freaking she-devil like you are". Cairo says trying to get Kris to understand.

"I'm not a she-devil! I just don't think people have a valid reason to be afraid of anything". She says while thinking about how she grew up. "Well, what is a valid reason then"? Jordan asked. " There are only 2 good reasons to be scared of something or someone. Reason 1, If whatever you're afraid of is unusual or never been seen before”. Kris said spitting her facts. “She has a pretty good point Zaria. The school has tryouts every year. Everyone knows about them”. Cairo says partially agreeing with Krystalyn. "Hey, who's side are you on"? Zaria says looking annoyed. Cairo shrugged since she didn't know whose side she was on. "What's reason 2"? Cairo asked, completely ignoring Zaria, as she was somewhat annoyed with her. As Kris was about to tell them the second reason, one of the most popular girls in school walked over to give Krystalyn her crap. "Oh, I see your still the basic bitch from last year with the bratty friends". The mean girl, Eden says.

Krystalyn and Eden have been hating on each other since 4th grade. No one knows why since neither Eden nor Krystalyn won't speak about it. They won't speak a single detail about what happened to their friends. There were even times when they fought with their fists. It got really ugly within' those moments. There was also a time when Eden got Krystalyn fired from her job. She told her boss that Kris stole money from the register. But Krystalyn and Jordan found a way to prove that Eden was lying. Eden has been on vacation with her mom for the first 3 months of school. She just came back today and Kris is very pissed about it.

"Better be careful with that shit coming out your mouth, unless you forgot who beat your ass last year." Krystalyn huffed. She did martial arts for 2 years, so when someone wanted to push their luck and test her, Kris knew exactly when and how to kick their ass. It was kind of a reflex for her. "Just because you won that fight, doesn't mean your all that. Your not special". Eden says, trying to make a point. "It does mean that I'm a bad bitch though, so don't test me since you won't ever be able to come at me". Krystalyn says, hitting the bully with her words with a nice smirk on her face. Eden got so pissed, that she just walked away without saying anything else.

"I have no idea how you handle her every day Kris. She's such an asshole". Zaria says, amazed at how her friend can handle the brat so well. "Yeah, it reminds me of how she roasted Brody so hard last year for me". Jordan says while the memory flows through his mind. "The dude was a jerk for slamming you into the lockers". Kris says, proud of how she was able to stand up for Jordan back then. "How do you do it, Kris? How are you able to stand so strong? There was not a single day of your where you scared at all"? Cairo asked curious about Krystalyn's methods. Kris smiled brightly at what she was about to answer. "Reason 2, If whatever you're afraid of hurts you or your friends and family. Other than that you can always be brave". She said with a wide smile on her face.