Status: You will have me re-think who will end up with who.

Daddy Issues

A Little Break

As I glide the hair iron through my hair, I hear the honking of a car Infront of my house. Immediately, I pulled the plug of the iron and run my fingers through my hair for a final touch. I walked over to the window to make sure that it is my best friend-Nelly. But more than to my surprise, it’s that familiar black SUV I hate seeing parked beside my house. I close the curtain a little but leave a tiny opening, enough for me to peak at his car.

I watched the driver’s side door opened by his completely covered in tattoo arm. Oh, how I miss being wrapped around those arms on our stolen time from his wife and do nothing but cuddle until it gets to that steamy love-making on my very bed. I miss hugging his perfectly toned body. I miss those times-the thrill by almost getting caught a couple of times; hitting the town at night, running from people who knows us and just driving around.

He finally gets out of the car and as always, he looked at my window and I know, for a fact, he wants to see me even just for a quick view. He does that even if his wife is with him just like now. I saw the door on the passenger side opened and I don’t need to see the whole thing. I fully closed my curtain. Well, to begin with, Sage my ‘partner’ and her ‘girlfriend’ have been together 4 years now. And Sage and I have been together for 3 and half years now.

It’s been two months since the last time we met. We are laying low because we really almost got caught. Not like his wife got an idea who’s the girl, it’s just he got caught with me on the phone and saying all those flirty things. I love him. I want to be with him but really, it’s not happening. This relationship must stay secret, it’s either have him gone completely or stay happy with our limited time.

I can’t get caught. I’m young. I am only 26 years old and he’s 17 years older than me. Ever since I was a teen, I always wanted a guy older than me. And he is just perfect with the description I always have in my mind when it comes to a man I want to be in a relationship with. I guess it has something to do that I grew up without a father that gave me a daddy-issues. I am always drawn to older guys. Not a single time I got attracted to someone younger than me not even for 1 year, not even my same age. Sage straight up set the standard for me and no one can beat him up as far as I know.

Finally, I heard another car honk three times Infront of my house. This time I’m sure it’s Nelly. I grabbed my purse and Nelly’s resume making sure I do not make any fold on the piece of paper. One final look in my full-body mirror and I’m out of the house.

“So… still haven’t heard from him?” Nelly asked right away.

“Nope. Didn’t I tell you? I was the one who asked not to have communication yet?” It’s true, I told Sage not to make any contact as of the moment. He can just normally pop out of my house any time since he has my keys. Hell, he doesn’t even need a key. He can just jump through the wall partition between our house since we’re neighbors.

“Well, I’m just telling you.” She said as she steps on the gas.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Just move on and not wait anymore.” I raised her resume so she can have a quick look. “So, where are you going to apply?” I asked changing the topic.

“You did not print yours?” She has that disappointment look in her face. I answered by shaking my head. “Oh, come on! It’ll be fun. I told you.”

“Like what’s there to put on the resume?” I have never worked a single time in my entire life. My father left me a hefty amount of money that can get me by until I die.

“Alright, here’s the deal. Let’s see if the company we’re going to right now is open for inexperienced applicants. If they do, let’s come back tomorrow so you can apply.”

“Okay, okay. Just shut up.” I said laughing at her.

Nelly always tells me to stay away from Annie, my other close friend. There’s something about Annie that Nelly does not like. Most of the time is the fact that Annie is just a good friend for drinks. I cannot argue to her about this one ‘cause it’s true. Not one time Annie and I were together just to dine or watch a movie. It will always be with alcohol. Other things she hates about Annie is that But Annie is a nice person, it’s really just the fact that she has no goals at all in life. And, Hey! We need balance in life. A friend who’s rational and one that hypes me up with my impulsive decisions. In my case, Nelly is my Yang for my Yin and Annie is my Yin for my Yang.

We pulled in a parking lot after 45 minutes. The company looks nice and decent. It’s beside Astra Mall I used to shop before until I got tired of the same routine and found my new got-to mall. I never notice that there’s a corporate building beside it as I always parked on the other side of Astra.

“What are you applying for by the way?” I asked as we walked through the ramp entrance of the building.

“They have an opening for back-office positions. I heard they need at least a 25 people for this branch. We’ll see.” She answered.

We pulled out our IDs and handed them over to one of the receptionists. But before the guy can look into his computer, Nelly stopped him on track.

“Hey, Roman” She said taking a glance on the ID plate on his chest. “I have an appointment with Miss Gwen but my friend here… “She points at me. “She doesn’t until tomorrow. I listed her, can you like check if she’s already on the schedule?”

“Alright, hold on a second.” Roman responded walking away from us to check on his computer.

I felt my jaw dropped in awe and glared at her for the longest time as I am speechless and don’t want to argue with her when she’s going for an interview. No, I’m not that kind of friend. I would never take her spotlight.

“Well, it shows no schedule for Miss Yara but no worries, I already put her in for tomorrow’s applicants. Same time with Miss Glenda” Roman said

I put out a heavy sigh and pulled my composure while all I can see on nelly’s face is the satisfaction that she finally brings me to my first ever interview. “Perfect!” is all I said taking back my ID.

“For Nelly Walker. Miss Gwen is on 28th floor. We have a separate security team there so let me give you this passes that you will show them. And it must be worn the whole time you’re inside the building.” He slides 2 white ID passes in front of us and thanked him.

I clipped mine on the side of the collar since I’m already wearing a really low-cut on the chest and hanging the pass in the middle will only pull down the hem and show much more of my chest.

“Thank for that. You got it your way again.” I sarcastically said to Nelly who’s holding the door of the elevator already.

She smirked as if to piss me off. “You’re gonna love it here.”

“You’re not even employed yet. How can you say that?” I said back.

Just before the elevator doors fully close, it opens up again to reveal a group of men hurling in. They were talking loudly and some were even laughing. They don’t have the same passes Nelly and I have. But they do have lanyards around their neck with MIS Software written on it which automatically gives it away that they are employed. No one from the pressed a button on what floor they’re going to be they see button 28 is lit.

“That’s why.” Nelly whispered to me.

The whole elevator is mirrored, so even if we are the back, I can see the faces of these men. They are all not bad. Something tells me, if this company has one strict qualification on their table, applicants must be good looking. Adding to that, I think this company is not strict when it comes to dress codes. None of these men wears a tie. They are all dress street wise style, and I’m not going to lie, I love the idea because that is my style most of the time.

One man in particular got my attention. He’s wearing a darker shade of grey cashmere blazer on top of a light shade of grey hoodies. The hoodie is much light grey as if it is almost white, while I can’t say much on his pants. He has thick beard and looking at his that it tied up, I can tell his hair is shoulder length. Considering all those hairs he has on his face, I’, impressed he still looks neat and clean. He has sunglasses on therefore I can’t say anything about them. Also, he’s not wearing an ID which If the passes we have must be worn at all times, then official IDs must be worn at all time as well. Something tells me he’s on a higher position.

We finally reach the 28th floor. Thank God, cause I cannot stand one of these men talking about how many girls will be there on the party he’s going to attend on the weekend and 2 of them are hyping this guy.

The guy with his hair tied up got out first and waved these men bye as if he’s saying that he will catch them later before disappearing on the left side on the floor and all other men go to the right.

Nelly and I was welcomed by one of the guards. “Miss Gwen is waiting on the 2nd door to your left by that hallway.” He pointed on the direction where the guy earlier disappeared. “Roman’s email says, only Nelly Walker has an appointment today while Yara Clark is for tomorrow. I’m guessing you’re Miss walker?” he asked pointing at the piece of paper Nelly has on her hand. Nelly just nodded. “Alright, Miss Walker, you can go to Miss Gwen now. As for you Miss Yara, we have a lobby at the end of the hallway. Free coffee and water. Suit yourself.” He spoke.

“Thank you.” I smiled at the guard when I heard the word coffee. I am a heavy coffee drinker. “You know where I will be. Good luck, Girl. I am confident on how confident you are. You will get this job.” I smiled.

“Thank you very much.” She smiled back before entering the room and I head to the lobby.

Before I get my comfortable on the couch, I decided to grab a coffee on the pantry by the corner. I love my coffee strong and I want it with very little sugar. I need that bitter taste more than sweetness. Sugar just ruins a good coffee. And I am more of an iced coffee but I don’t have that choice now so hot coffee would be nice considering the air conditioning around this floor.

I stir my cup of coffee adding the right amount of creamer when someone appeared on my side reaching for a cup that is in front of me.

“Excuse me.” It’s that hair in a ponytail guy. He said it as if he doesn’t want to come off rude but like in a hurry.

“Sorry” I said realizing I’m hovering to the stack of cups.

“You know…” The guy speaks. I looked around to check who he’s talking to since I’m not seeing anyone beside him right now. I even took a glance on his ear to see if he’s on earpiece and I noticed his sunglass is off. Well… he seems fine. Like he’s on his 30s. Once I checked that there’s no one around us, I gave him a confused look and my eyes met his. “The secret with handling a customer calling in about his concern is giving the right empathy? Not saying ‘sorry’. What if the problem is not your fault? That changes the whole thing. The secret plainly empathy and do not say ‘sorry’ unless it’s necessary.”

“I’m sorry?” It just blurted out of my mouth.

He chuckled. “Enjoy your coffee.” He threw the coffee stirrer on the bin and ready to walk off.

“Hey, I’m not applying. But thanks for the tip.” I said nicely “I mean… tomorrow is my schedule. I’ll take note of what you said. Good to know something for someone who don’t have any job experience.” I don’t know why but I suddenly feel ashamed for saying that. Why did I even say that? To someone who has a position in the company I’m going to apply tomorrow. 27 years old with no job experience at all. Great!

“Oh, really?” he asked in a way I regret sharing that one.

“Yeah... I mean... I just don’t think I will ever be hired for not having any experience at all.”
He must’ve noticed the mood I’m in now. I’m kind of chewing the inside of my lip and I’m pretty nervous now. “Relax. I’m not asking about your experience. I mean to ask about your schedule tomorrow. Who will conduct your interview?”

“Gwen?!” I am unsure since I’m not really good with names.

This time he did not chuckle but literally laugh a little. “Well, you’re in good hands. Good luck for tomorrow.” And with that he was out of the room.
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