Status: Release date March 3, 2022 and now available for preorder

The Crinkled Page

Lark and Todd’s world has forever changed. They are new parents to a baby boy they named Westley. Lark stepped away from her full-time job and Todd is supportive of her choice to stay home and raise their baby. She adores spending her days caring for and sharing her interests, including books with Westley and makes it a habit to read stories to him from a collection of children’s books handed down from her mother. It all started one evening after putting Westley to bed. An old book she was reading to Westley earlier, catches her eye. Lark is tired, but it looks like the picture on the open page is moving. Lark knows that a sleep-deprived mind can see things that are not there. Doubt comes into play. What if the image was really moving? What if that old book is about to cause a whole lot of trouble? As events take a shattering turn and their baby goes missing, Lark has to learn to trust her instincts, be patient with Todd, and find a way to bring her family home.