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Be Mine

You’re Amazing

When I arrived back home. I sat in the car for a minute trying to regain my composure. What the fuck was going on? I take a deep breath in and exit the car. I’m okay. I tell myself. You can’t just go in there freaking out. Jamie will worry and then he won’t go on tour and maybe this was all misunderstanding.

When I walk through the door I see a freshly showered Jamie sitting on the couch with his feet kicked up on the coffee table. He’s in black skinny jeans with a loose fitting white shirt. He looks spooked.

His eyes wander from the TV to me. I hand him the small bag and set our cups on the table. “You alright?” He asks.

“Yeah. I was going to ask you the same thing.” I take a seat on the couch. “Why are you watching the American news channel?” I lean into him and he wraps his arm around me.

He pulls me in close. “I was flipping through channels and I saw your father. I wanted to see what he was going on about.”
I cross my arms tightly and push myself further into Jamie’s side, I’d crawl in his skin if I could. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with what my brother said. “Anything interesting?”

“Something about a girl going missing and they need the public to help find her. The guy sounds like a maniac. They think he’s taken a few girls…his motives are insane. Some tormented soul tried to kill his girlfriend, but she got away and he was never found.” He runs his finger tips down my arm. “It’s chilling. What makes someone snap like that?”

I know exactly what makes someone snap like that. I’ve done enough research and I pay attention in class. I just shrug my shoulders and play dumb. Jamie doesn’t fear the world like I do “ and I’d like for it to stay that way. “Probably felt like he wasn’t loved enough.”

Jamie pulls his arm back and turns to me. “What would your professional opinion be? You’re going to be one of these agents someday. C’mon, love, give me your best shot.”

“Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe a big change happened or someone he loved died” I grab the remote and turn the channel. “What do you want to do for the rest of the day?”

“You.” He smiles brightly and brings his hand to my inner thigh. His lips find his way to my neck and he’s pulling at my pants string while pinning me against the couch.

He takes his shirt off and all I can do is stare for a moment.
He smirks down at me. “Do you like what you see?”

I don’t say anything, my hip push up reassuring him that I want him. I help him undo his belt and we manage to rip both of our pants off.

My heart is pounding obnoxiously hungry for more. I'm loving the soft kisses he’s laying on my chest. Lowering his body to to my-

I hear my phone buzz but I ignore it.

“Jamie, more.” He’s toying with my underwear, finally. I wiggle my hips to help him.

“You are soaked,” He sticks his finger inside of me slowly moving in and out. “I need to taste you.” It’s almost painful how much I need him in this moment.

His mouth finds my clit and I am more than thankful for this. He slowly licks and flicks with his tongue and all I can do is moan. My hands find his hair and grab a handful. “Jamie…fuck I….”
He pulls his head back and climbs on top of me. He’s hovering over my body. He loves watching me squirm and plead for him.

My phone is going off again. Ignore it,Nora.


I grab him by the back of his neck, pulling him down to kiss me. “Jamie, I want you. Please…”

His hand goes under my thigh to position me how he wants. Axelle was right Jamie is the submissive one so I very much enjoy this.
He finds his balance again. I can feel the tip of his dick at my entrance.

I buck my hips at him trying to get him to enter quicker but he takes his time making sure to cover himself with my liquids.
“Fuck.” He moans. “Tell me how bad you want it.”

Now Jamie’s phone is going off. I look over at the table. Jamie roughly grabs my face directing me back to him. “Look at me.”
“Jamie, please now. I need you.” I pant.

Finally I feel pressure, a mix of euphoria and pain. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to his size.

Our hips move in perfect unison he hits every spot needed for me to feel euphoric. “Oh my god. Yes, stay right there, fuck.”
I wrap my legs around his hips, not allowing him to move.
He moans. “Let it go, cum for me, baby.” He dips his hips allowing me to rub my clit against his pelvic bone.


My jolts and shakes just like the first time. We made love. He looks at me like he’s conquered the world. He doesn’t move from inside of me. He pulls me on his lap forcing me on my knees. He nips at my breast and I moan with delight.

He’s staring at my body with lustful eyes.

I kiss his lips sucking on his bottom lip. “Stop staring and fuck me.” It sends him over the edge and he’s bouncing his hips up and down getting more and more aggressive with each thrust. “Fuck. I’m almost there.”

“I like that. Fuck, Jamie!” I nibble his ear. He can’t stand me being a tease on top of him.

“Get on your hands and knees, now.” He growls.

“Yes, sir.”

He grabs me by my hips and thrust fast and hard. He slaps my ass a few times, moaning with pleasure and pain.

“I’m there…fuck, fuck oh my god you feel amazing.” He slows his pace down signaling he has climaxed. He kisses my back a few times and rests his head. When he slowly pulls out I lay on the couch and he finds his way on top of me. He grabs the blanket and pulls it over us. “You're amazing, darling.”

I kiss the top of his head. “I have a pretty amazing partner.”

We snuggle for a few mins before my text tone goes off. I hear soft snoring from Jamie.

I grab my phone and unlock the screen.

Call me at 11:00 tomorrow.

I run my hands through Jamie’s hair. I had nothing to worry about while Jamie was gone. Right?
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