Let Them Talk


Emerson found herself beyond excited that morning, realizing that her dad would finally come home from his business trip. Her dad ended up being some kind of different topic professor of sorts, but he also took on the job off going to different colleges. Both her and her dad ended up being very close to each other, even if he came off as being too overly protective of her a lot as well.

Her father finally pulled into the driveway, causing her to squeal and flap her hands with so much excited glee. She stood by the front door to wait for him to come in, even thought it took him some time to get his stuff. She decided to run out there to greet him and help him bring in the things he brought.

“Where did you end up going this time, Daddy?” Emerson asked her father, only for him to chuckle as she carried his suitcase inside of the house. “Did you get me anything special or anything?” she squealed again, finding it hard to control her burst of sudden excitement.

“I do have a few little gifts for you! Let me see if I can find them,” he chuckled as she jumped up and down while clapping her hands as well. “The first gift is a snow globe from the Big Apple in New York,” he pulled out a beautiful snow globe that made her giggle.

“Wait, there’s still more things?” Emerson seemed surprised that her father brought home so many presents for her.

“Well, it’s not much or anything like that… I didn’t have too much time to pick up the really good stuff for you,” Patrick rubbed the back of his head and bit his lip, even though she never seemed too picky over the things he brought her.

“How did your trip go by the way?” Emerson asked him when he couldn’t help smiling happily at her. “I mean, did you actually get to travel a lot farther?” she prompted him with her usually curious questions.

Patrick told her about going to Arizona for the first time, which seemed to intrigue her even more as she never went there before. This caused him to pull out an small yet beautiful porcelain Indian doll. She loved this little doll so much because her clothes where also of her favorite color, which ended up being purple as well.

“She’s beautiful,” Emerson squealed again, even as she wrung her wrist at her side.

“I had a feeling you would like her, and I know how much you love purple,” he laughed until finally hugging her father. “So, how did your experiences go?” he asked with a curious expression showing across his face now.

“I guess it was alright. Nothing too exciting happened, and it was just the same old usual routine and all that typical stuff,” she shrugged when he chuckled again, hoping things went alright for her.

“Well, I know you don’t get along to well with mom… so I hope she didn’t give you too much of a hard time either. She must be working today,” he blinked as Emerson nodded at him.

“Yeah, but Dodger should be around. You know how much he loves his games,” she said with a rather soft pout now. “Are you going to be home for a while?” she blinked at him until seeing him nod, which made her squeal happily again.

“Is there anything you’re doing today?” Patrick asked his daughter until she shrugged and rubbed her arm now.

“Not really… I mean with Ainsley at work today, there’s not a lot to do,” she sighed until he decided on thinking of something. “Why, what are you thinking?” she asked him with a curious tilt of her head.

“Well, I thought maybe you and I might be able to go out for something to eat… you know, like maybe for lunch perhaps?” Patrick suggested to her, seeing how both of them were so close and such. “I want to catch up with you, and I’m sure you want to know about all my lecturing and all that,” he laughed when she couldn’t help nodding at him.

“That would be quite fun,” she giggled as she wrung her wrists, seeing how they hadn’t had a father/daughter moment in so long. “I love having opportunities to spend time with my most favorite man,” she couldn’t help laughing when he beamed at her.

Patrick took care of his things first before taking her out for lunch, then he drove her to their favorite place to eat right now. This ended up being a local cafe they both enjoyed being at with one another. Nothing in the world felt more rewarding than spending time with her father at this very moment.

“So, were you able to visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona?” Emerson asked him once they were able to sit down in their usual spot. “I mean, I’ve heard it’s absolutely stunning and very mysterious,” she swooned a bit over the beauty of it from pictures.

“I wish, but I didn’t even have a lot of time to explore. It would have been nice to have a quick visit there though. I would have really enjoyed seeing it,” Patrick nodded at her as she just chuckled.

“Honestly, I’m really just glad you are home. I wasn’t sure how much more abuse I could take from Mom anymore,” she sighed as she rubbed her arm and frowned. “She can be so ignorant and judgmental about things, and you know she doesn’t even try to understand what I go through,” she bit her lip while looking away from her dad.

“Yeah. I know. I really wish she would try harder, but she’s just so busy with her work that there are times she doesn’t bother,” Patrick shrugged at her, somewhat agreeing with everything she said.

The two of them talked back and forth to each other, even after ordering their lunches and what not. It felt so nice to have her father be back him for once, especially since it seemed like forever to her that he’d been gone. Nothing in the world felt more rewarding than having him back in her life again.