Billy took his mask off, placing it down on the coffee table in Stu’s basement. He was exhausted, not realizing that Sidney would be that challenging. He wanted to kill her, but it was becoming more of a frustration than he thought it would be. Stu told him he was going to go a different route so they wouldn’t get caught – telling him that he’ll meet him back at his house. Pulling his robe off, Billy grabbed the TV remote off the table once he placed the robe down. He needed something to wind down and something stupid on TV seemed to be the best option.

Ten minutes later, Stu came down the basement stairs. His Ghostface outfit already off him, and Billy assumed it was in his backpack that was on his shoulder. He looked sweaty and tired, and all Billy could think about was cuddling with him until they fell asleep.

“Your parents gone for the night?” Billy asked, watching Stu place his backpack down near the bottom of the stairs.

“Thank fuck, I’ve been waiting all week. They’re going to be gone for the whole weekend. Do you want to stay the whole time? They left me money for pizzas and snacks,” Stu said, silently hoping that Billy would stay for the whole weekend.

“Yeah, I can, although aren’t you having a party on Saturday?” Billy questioned, and Stu looked as if he had to think it over.

“Oh, that’s right,” Stu said, finally remembering that the party was where they were going to kill everyone else. “You’re going to have to be the one who kills Tatum. I can’t do it, man.”

“I’ll do it, don’t worry. Make sure Sidney doesn’t know I’m coming to it.” Billy reminded Stu, knowing that if he would tell Tatum, Tatum would tell Sidney.
Stu sat down on the couch next to Billy, placing his hand on his thigh. Normally Billy was always in the mood, but not tonight. Tonight, he wanted Stu in his arms and nothing more.

“Let’s just cuddle for right now, I’ll put a movie on for us. It’s just tomorrow’s going to be hectic, and we both need our energy. Okay, babe?” Billy said, and Stu took his hand off his thigh.

“If we’re just going to cuddle, let’s go to my room. The TV’s bigger and the bed is a lot more comfortable.” Stu suggested. Usually they were always down in the basement where his parents wouldn’t bug them, and since Stu’s parents weren’t home for the weekend, they could be anywhere in the house they wanted to be. To Billy, it felt nice to be a little more open than usual. Even if it was just for three days and one of the days there was going to be too many people in the house.

Stu led the way up the stairs and into his bedroom, and when Billy sat down on the bed, he wished they could spend their time here instead of in the basement every time. He shook his thoughts away, not wanting to dwell on it too long. He watched as Stu turned the TV on, putting a VHS tape into the VHS player.

“What movie are we watching?” Billy asked, pulling the covers down so it would be easier for Stu to get into the bed.

“Hell Raiser, I haven’t watched it in a while. But I can always turn something else on?” Stu offered, climbing into the bed.

“Nah, I’m good with Hell Raiser.”

Once Stu hit play, Billy laid his head against Stu’s chest, usually it would be the other way around – but he needed this. He needed Stu to hold him. As the movie played, Billy began to grow tired, smiling to himself as Stu began to play with his hair.

“You can go to sleep, it’s okay.” Stu said as if he was reading his mind. Billy nodded as he closed his eyes.

He loved Stu and he couldn’t wait to be with him officially.