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A Troll and A Foe

The last couple of days went by. Between classes and catching up on the extra work Professor Weasley had instructed, I barely had any time to hang out with Sebastian and Ominis. The only interaction I had with Sebastian since his invitation to tonight’s Quidditch game was him informing me he accepted my request that he accompany me to Hogsmeade.

I remember he told me when my offer was accepted that we needed to go rather early in the day because he had some things he needed to get done as well. We both agreed that after comparing our class schedules we would leave after Herbology which seemed to be our only class for the day.

I scrambled in my chest at the end of my bed searching for a bag. I was going to need it since the reason for this trip was so I could get the necessities for each of my classes. Once I found the bag, I draped the strap on my right shoulder across my chest. I walked down a flight of stairs into the common room.

Sebastian was standing by one of the large windows. His arms were gently placed behind his back as he rocked back and forth. He seemed very eager for our journey. I snuck up behind him with a playful smile. Just as I was about to tap him on the shoulder he laughed which startled me.

“You’re terrible at being quiet.” he turned around, giving me a smile.

“Impossible! There’s no way you could hear me.” I argued in disbelief.

Sebastian’s eyes trailed down to my bag that seemingly had hooked onto his trousers. I quickly unhooked my bag from his pants feeling the embarrassment overflow my body.

“It’s okay Gryffindor, I know I’m a great catch.” he shot me a wink before heading towards the common room entrance.

We made our way through the halls of Hogwarts leading to the north exit of the castle. There were students dressed in quidditch uniforms practicing on foot. Slytherin and Gryffindor uniforms to be exact. What a good way to start the season. Some students could be seen roughhousing with friends.

It's a beautiful day. The air is not cold or too hot. The light breeze was refreshing against my skin. It was just the perfect weather for this trip. We made our way down a dirt path that Sebastian said led into Hogsmeade moments before.

We walked side by side in silence for a while. Neither of us knew what to say. All I could think about was what Ominis told me about his sister. Either way, this awkward silence was torture. I collected my thoughts before clearing my throat to break the dreaded noiselessness.

“I do appreciate you coming with me today.” I admitted glancing over at him.

“Oh, it’s no biggie, I was quite pleased when Professor Weasley came to me about your proposition.” He smirked as he ran his hand through his hair adjusting the flyaways out of his eyes from being blown out of place from the soft breeze.

“I’m sure you had better things you could have been doing with your time?” I said as he looked at me. I mean really, how inconvenient is it that he be asked to escort me to Hogsmeade when I’m sure he could be studying?

“After our duel, I told myself, I’d be wise to keep an eye out on you.” He looked down into my eyes.

Why does he always know the right things to say? The familiar feeling of nervousness swallowed my body again. Sebastian shook his head with a reassuring smile.

“There’s nothing better I’d rather be doing.”

After he uttered those words his face began to flush. I took a quick look at him hoping to not meet his gaze. However, when I looked up my eyes met his. He grazed his tongue over his bottom lip rubbing both lips together to dampen them. He teasingly nudged my shoulder taking off into the distance.

He ran like a child at play. I couldn’t help but feel enticed to follow. The feeling I was feeling was something I have long forgotten about. Child-like wonder that is. It was a feeling that made you feel free. The worries I felt washed away in a flash. It was refreshing to just not think about a single thing other than in the moment. All that ran through my head was keeping up with Sebastian.

Our walk was scenic. Bright green hills rolled into each other with the most beautiful wildflower meadows. It was like nothing I have ever seen before. I wasn’t used to the country. Back home was more of city life. I enjoyed the fresh greenery that is in Scotland. Back home seemed too gray and muggy.

We came to the section of our walk that passed the Forbidden Forest. The trees in the forest were rather dark and gloomy. The overall feeling of the place left a heavy feeling in your chest. The Forrest was haunting

“Ah, the Forbidden Forest. This is off-limits to all Hogwart students. I think they should give us more credit for our defense abilities.” Sebastian chuckled with a confident demeanor. He stopped in his tracks. He was a good distance ahead of me. I looked at him confused but just as fast as I gave him the look, he quickly grabbed my hand in his pulling me over to the edge of the trail.

There was a wooden railing that I leaned myself on. My hand was still tingling from feeling his soft warm hands in mine. He stood next to me pressing his side up against mine. Sebastian leaned in pointing out into the distance.

“Look! Just over the horizon by the Forbidden Forest.”

Two Hippogriffs flew in the sky. Both are very beautiful, almost reflecting the sunlight off their feathers as they soared. I gasped in amazement. They were so majestic just flying in the open air.

We both stood for a moment taking in the view. Then it dawned on me that Sebastian hadn’t moved in the slightest. My heart was pounding. I turned to him meeting his charming look that seemed to encapsulate me inside it. It was as though he was holding me hostage knowing I wouldn’t put up a fight.

The problem was I didn’t want to move. I wanted to stay there in that moment with him forever but a piece of me knew that was impossible.

The trail seemed to go on forever, never-ending. There was a little graveyard that was tucked away in the corner. A carriage drove by being pulled by thestrals. They were beautiful creatures. They resembled a horse but looked to be very famished. You could see every bone they had in their body. Their wings were tucked to both sides of their body for this carriage was being pulled by ground.

“They are such magnificent creatures.” I let out watching as they passed by. Sebastian looked back with a distasteful look in his eyes.

“I always thought thestrals pulling a carriage to be grim.” he looked away almost like my comment hit a nerve.

“You can see them?” I questioned. He looked down at his hands letting out a rigid breath.

“Unfortunately.” his tone was low and shaky. “Both my parents are gone.” his eyes now seemed to be glossed over.

Regret washed over me. How could I have been so idiotic?

“I'm sorry, I didn’t mean to press.” I said allowing him a bit of space.

I felt heartbroken knowing he’s been dealing with all of this on his own. Yes he had Ominis who I’m sure has helped him quite a bit, but losing someone is a type of emptiness that’s irreplaceable. The hollowness of knowing that you’ll never come to hear their voice becomes void that sucks you into an endless pit of sorrow. If I knew he held all of this on his shoulders I wouldn’t have said anything.

He stood leaning on the bit of railing close to the entrance of Hogsmeade taking in deep breaths. I could tell the subject was still fresh. I walked over wrapping my arms around his waist and placing my head on his chest. He was taken aback by my gesture but was quickly accepted by placing his hands on my around my shoulders pulling me closer to his body.


Hogsmeade was a quaint village. The walkways were all stone along with every building like they have been here for ages. Tons of shops lined every corner, from Honeydukes to the Three Broom Sticks. It was every witch or wizard’s dream.

Students would come here and get ingredients for potions or textbooks for class. It’s a place of hospitality. The townspeople welcomed us with open arms. Hogsmeade allowed students to have a great time with friends and decompress from their studies.

Sebastian led the way to my first stop which was Ollivander’s to retrieve my own wand. We passed a few shops on the way after here I needed to stop at. Sebastian came to a stop at Ollivander’s storefront. Its large bay window showcased a lot of cobwebs that not even the faintest light trickled through.

“I have to grab a few things for my sister. I’ll meet you in the town square.” he began his way to his destination.

Inside Ollivander’s, your eyes didn’t know where to stop. All the walls from top to bottom were lined with shelves with all sorts of boxes. I walked up to the desk tip-toeing to see if anyone was back behind the counter. No one was in sight.

“How may I be of assistance young wizard!”

I quickly turned to find an older man walking down a ladder. He walked over to the desk giving me a smile. He wore glasses that the lenses made his eyes almost bug-eyed.

“I ended up losing my wand and need to get a new one.” I told the gentleman who became very serious.

He walks over to one of the box-filled walls inspecting every shelf. He comes across a shelf where he pulls out a box and blows the dust off the top of it handing me a quite long wand.

“Give this beaut a try.” he insisted.

I took in a deep breath and flicked the want in a circular motion. Suddenly all the lights started to flicker and the wand shot right out of my hand. I looked at Ollivander startled by what happened.

“I don’t think that's the one.” I told him and he nodded his head in agreement.

He walked back over to the shelf placing the box back. Then he chose another box from a different shelf. He seemed to be very interested in this box. He pulled out a white wand that was smooth all the way around it. The base of the wand showcased an emerald at the bottom wrapped around it was a metal serpent. Ollivander placed the wand in my hand and a vibration ran through my body.

The wand began to glow in the blue traces of ancient magic. A white light appeared at the end of it and within seconds I was swallowed by brilliant blue clouds.

“How extraordinary!” Ollivander let out rubbing his chin.

“Hornbeam wood, phoenix feather core, 12 ½ inches, and supple flexibility.” he quickly walked over to his desk ringing it up on his register.

Once I was done with Ollivander and the rest of my shopping which didn't take too long, I made my way to the town square. Sebastian sat on a bench with a box that he was eating out of. Once he saw me he stood up and walked towards me as we met in the middle.

“Got everything you needed I hope.” he pleaded giving me a smirk while stuffing his face once more.

“Yes I did and I’m in dire need of a much-deserved butterbeer.” we both smiled.

Before we could make our way to the Three Broom Sticks a massive Troll made its way into Hogsmeade. The troll stood to be at least ten feet tall and it glowed in the same red cloud as the dragon. I started to hyperventilate at the sight of the troll that seemed to be on a mission to obliterate me and everything in its way. Sebastian gave me a concerned look realizing I haven’t moved. He ran behind me grabbing my biceps and pushing me in motion.

“Alice you need to move.” He insisted knowing that I for some reason was paralyzed. He drew his wand casting spells to keep the Troll at bay with the other townspeople.

“I’m sorry, it’s just-” I tried to finish my sentence but my rapid breathing wouldn’t let me.

I don’t know why I was reacting this way. I was less scared of the dragon that attacked the carriage. This was just a troll. My chest was getting tight to the point not a single breath was making it to my lungs. Sebastian shifted his attention to me. He ran over grabbing my face in his hands.

“No need to explain. I understand. I got your back.” he whispered searching into my eyes and giving me an encouraging smile.

I needed to be strong. I can’t let this troll destroy the village or worse hurt someone. Sebastian looked up from eyes just over my head realizing we couldn’t waste any more time. I nodded at him pulling out my wand to help him.

Townspeople were doing everything they could to keep the troll from destroying any more of the village. The troll started to hit nearby buildings destroying them. Sebastian ran to get a lead on the troll casting stupify to stun. This gave me enough time to make a move.

“Levioso!” I shouted.

With the troll in the air, Sebastian was able to hit the troll with confringo causing the troll to be engulfed in flames. Once the troll caught its bearings, it laid eyes on Sebastian charging towards him. Sebastian kept hitting the Troll with the basic cast but this only enraged the troll more. The troll swung his mallet back to hit Sebastian.

“Sebastian!” I screamed as the mallet made contact with Sebastian sending him into a wall.

Sebastian screamed in pain holding onto his right side. I shifted my focus on him for slip second. He struggled to move himself up against the wall for support. With every move he made he groaned.

I needed to get to him to make sure he’s alright but I know the Troll won’t allow me. I thought for a quick second and saw barrels around me. I readied my wand as it illuminated the brilliant blue again. Blue clouds surrounded 3 barrels as they started to levitate. Once, in the air, I sent each barrel one by one into the troll causing the troll to fall to its knees. As the Troll was stunned, I flicked my wand casting confringo killing it once and for all.

I ran as fast as I could to Sebastian. He had managed to prop himself up against the wall partially laying on the ground. He was whimpering in pain holding onto his side flinching at any movement he made. I knelt down meeting his gaze that couldn’t stay open for too long because of the pain he was in.

“How bad are you hurt?” I moved his hand only slightly touching his ribs causing him to scream in pain.

“Alice please, it hurts.” He pleads holding my hand to prevent me from touching the tender area.

“I have wiggenweld potion.” I rustled through my bag grabbing the small vile of the green liquid. Sebastian still whimpering in pain shook his head letting out a small chuckle.

“Wiggenweld potion only heals cuts and bruises. That won’t heal my broken ribs.”

I thought for a long moment. My mother back home is an amazing healer. I remember her teaching me about magical healing plants that if put in potions they made great healing agents. She also taught me about a few spells. Then it dawned on me, Brackium Emendo. That could work. However, the spell was tricky though because if casted improperly his ribs could vanish.

I steadied my wand pointing it at his injury. Sebastian looked at me confused as I casted the spell.

“Brackium Emendo.” as soon as I was done casting the spell Sebastian moved without letting a groan escape his lips.

“How do you know that spell?” he asked shockingly.

I gave him a smile removing my hand from his. Sebastian sat up giving me a smirk. He moved his fingers gently touching the top of my hand tracing where my bones are. I held my breath for a moment allowing his fingers to wrap themselves around my hand.

“My mother is a healer. She taught me a lot including this spell.”

“Well, your mother did a fantastic job.” he looked up from our hands giving a small shy smile before taking in his bottom lip between his teeth.

“I think we both deserve a well-needed butterbeer after almost being pulverized by a troll.” he said jokingly releasing my hand from his standing up from the ground and giving me a wink.

After he helped me up from the ground we made our way toward The Three Broom Sticks which wasn’t too far from where we were. Sebastian walked close to me. I would catch him every so often looking at me which made me melt inside. The way he looked at me was in a way that made my heart beat faster. He grabbed my forearm in his hands pulling me over to the side of a building. He motioned me to be quiet with his pointer finger over his lips.

Down a small ally was a man in a top hat and a goblin in all armor. The goblin was the same goblin on the Daily Prophet Ostric had shown me and Professor Fig before meeting his terrible fate. What was the goblin’s name again? Oh, yeah Ranrok.

“You told me you would get the child when they got to Hogsmeade,” Ranrok said giving the top hat man a nasty stare. “That all you needed was a distraction Rookwood.”

“Well, that child took down your distraction!” Rookwood argued as Ranrok sneered at the comment.

Sebastian looked at me giving me a confused look. I shrugged in response. Turning my attention back to what was happening between Ranrok and Rookwood.

“Who is this girl and why is she so special to you?”

“All you need to know is if you can’t get me the child then you are no value to me!” Ranrok jeered shifting passed Rookwood and making eye contact with us.

“Comon we got to get to The Three Broom Sticks.” Sebastian urged grabbing my hand as we ran.

“Did they see us?” I asked catching my breath.

“I think so. What was Victor Rookwood doing with Ranrok?” Sebastian looked at me with concern in his eyes. That is a question I would like to know.

We walked into The Three Broom Sticks. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. There was a fireplace at the very back of the pub with tables and chairs in front of it. At the bar area were stools that lined all the way down. Sebastian and I took our seats at the bar both of us letting out a relieving sigh. Sebastian glanced over at me giving me a reassuring smile. I looked away knowing I was blushing and didn’t want him to notice which probably didn’t work.

A kind woman behind the bar looked at us giving us a welcoming cheer.

“I haven’t seen you around here. I’m Sirona.” the kind lady introduced herself as she handed out butter beers to us.

“Hello, I’m Alice. It’s my first time visiting.” I told her as she motioned her wand placing two more glasses to fill.

“Oh well, then butter beers on me.” Sirona grabbed the two filled glasses walking them over to other customers.

“I’m so glad you guys made out okay with the troll attack. Trolls in Hogsmeade? That's never happened before. How strange.” She stood behind the counter worried trying to wrap her mind around the oddity.

Two men walked in the door very abruptly. Sirona rolled her eyes in annoyance walking over to see what the commotion was about. Both men stood staring in my direction. Sebastian quickly stood up eyeing them down almost to say to not dare come my way.

“Your customers coming in and out of this place aren’t want they used to be. Am I right Sirona?” Rookwood laughed insultingly as Sirona brushed it off laughing with Rookwood.

“Once you two are out of here, clientele will pick up trust and believe.”

Her comment wasn’t taken too lightly. The guy standing next to Rookwood reached behind his back pulling a wand out and pointing it at Sirona. Everyone in The Three Broom Sticks stood up grabbing their wands also all pointing them at Rookwood and his accomplice, Including myself and Sebastian.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you Theophilus.” Sirona said vigorously keeping her hand to her side which her wand was placed in a pocket.

“There’s no need for threats Sirona.-” Rookwood pleaded hitting Theophilus in the arm.

“I’m only here for the girl anyway.” Rookwood pointed at me.

I could feel my chest begin to tighten again. What did he need me for? Better yet, why was Ranrok on the search for me? Sebastian pulled me behind him pointing his wand threateningly at Rookwood who couldn’t keep eyeing me down.

“I’m sorry, my friend is terribly busy enjoying a butterbeer and finishing up on some studies. Perhaps another time?”

Rookwood completely disregarded the statement Sirona told him. He tried walking over to me, sebastian glanced behind him making sure I hadn’t moved. Sirona quickly pulled her wand out and pressed it to Rookwood’s throat. Rookwood stopped in his tracks. You could see he was uncomfortable in the position he was put in. He swallowed hard. Sirona released his throat from her wand.

“Let’s go Theophilus. The Three Broom Sticks is nothing but a run-down old shack anyway. We can spend our galleons elsewhere.” Rookwood gave me a wicked stare before storming out the doors.

Sebastian turned around giving me an unfamiliar stare. The look on his face was maddened. This wasn’t the look I was used to. He normally gave me a look that he was delighted to see me. No, this one was obviously the opposite. I sat down looking down at my mug which was nearly full. I rubbed some of the concentration off trying to avoid any conversation possible with Sebastian. Sirona from the back of the counter looked at me almost with distaste.

“It looks like you made an unfortunate enemy.”