Status: Honestly, I just wanna know how well the initial product is. This is by far a rough draft, that I've modded myself, but it will defintely evolve as I receive more quips and feedback. I widely anticipate and appreciate thorough constructive criticism as well as pointers that will help me change and a


A drabble about a girl, woman, or female—her age and stage in life—is intentionally ambiguous as it allows the reader the freedom to make the short story more malicious and morally dubious depending on which decision is made; e.g., a young girl would change the feel and atmosphere of the story, while an older woman might make it more tame. I've intentionally made the story clouded, as it allows creative freedom for the reader as well as room for interpretation. Every reader's perspective and imagination are different.

Even when writing this, I've changed my initial narrative about 10 times, but a basic analysis would be a girl, woman, or female being essentially devoured and desecrated by this amalgamation of human and serpent. You can either choose to read this as a literal representation of a person who's part serpent or as the serpent being a metaphor for said person. Or the whole being as a metaphor for something that isn't exactly a living thing, e.g. a personification of sin, anger, evil, immorality, etc.

The story itself isn't yet complete; I'm just at a place where my creativity isn't exactly flowing freely and coherently through my mind, which makes my imagination kind of grainy and incoherent. There's no set destination for this story, so it can freely change it's course as I'm slowly writing and adding to it. This is why I'd appreciate not only criticisms of my writing but also ideas to expand on certain parts and segments of the story, as well as progressing the story further.
    The first "chapter" (?) of a kind of mix between a story and poetry.