Status: Honestly, I just wanna know how well the initial product is. This is by far a rough draft, that I've modded myself, but it will defintely evolve as I receive more quips and feedback. I widely anticipate and appreciate thorough constructive criticism as well as pointers that will help me change and a



Forlorn stitched her face complete, the red besmear on her lips ricocheting off of the mirror's reflection. She is pallid, placid, and glazed in dyes of crimson, left astray as she’s caressed flintily. The delusion of delicate hands fracturing, morphing into thick serpents, snarling at her skin, and straining her hair.
Her pupils dilate, and the enigma comes closer, its unlit face crawling towards her and the mirror. It gropes her complexion, kissing at any surface it can catch; deeper, it gushes, greed and envy collapsing into each other like the way the ocean overlaps and thrusts at itself. Its gloss stifles her, assailing her whole body, now eating into her youthful meat, snatching what it hungers for and giving, in return, atrocity. Skin scrapes from her muscles, and the serpent intensifies, continuing its disfigurement—she can see it peeking at her through the mirror—void less windows dusty, and its scales sagging, distending from its face. Her eesome is long gone now, being swallowed greedily by something that is not her.
The serpent is prospering and feeding with frustration; its elongated golden plaque teeth burrowing deeper until they can grind against the inside of her throat. A grotesque and relishing caress that probes her from the inside out. Taunting in her hysteria, scrunching its ebony voids in insult when she sets free her bewail. Her body sinks into the vanity stool, wood legs screeching against the floor as she begins to convulse, deranged and pathetic mewls rolling out her widened pink and pretty mouth.
The serpent's crude chants peak, releasing its venom directly into her plump lungs, and a deluge forms. Wonderful tides dance as she is dominated. The toxin trickles down through her eyes, her cheeks bloom, and her eyelashes flutter like the wings of a hummingbird, vibrating continually against its torso, building a melody of drums. Her conscience flees, and she feels yonder, discombobulated, and severed from her entire being.

The serpent tilts its skull, ogling her through finished slits, adoring its grandiose, rotten, and ravishing sin. Finally, it has looted its feast, thirst and mania satisfaction flickering through febrile looks. Its meal overflowing with venom, the look of a lacuna foisted upon her eyes, her cavity left hollow and rushing red. Her gasps caught behind her clenched teeth; they are pearl white, extraterrestrial, and beautiful. Ablaze glaucous eyes form cyclones behind an intricate deception.
She is reaching out of her abditory.
She scrutinises her poltroon, an unsightly and foolish thing that serpent; its yellow-stained and undesirable smile constantly secretes the sickly rotten stench of rot.
Woman-Reborn She mocks, sealing her firm bite around the serpent's scaled neck in sharp succession. The nightmare shrilled, its unkind stare blanching as it began to recoil like the worm caught between the strong beak of a hummingbird, its singular muscle curling and contorting for release. She manipulates its body elegantly, clutching at it with vigorous savagery, digging her bite deeper and deeper, listening to the aghast agony-turned melody releasing itself from the poltroon’s body.
She’s the bringer of death itself, encircling her prey and attacking with harsh precision and demand.
The final bloodthirsty barrage is wrecked upon the serpent's body, sprays of red being released from the answering whine as its body flops still reaching its ultimate epiphany, it’s ultimate purpose of life.
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It's definitely shorter than I expected it to turn out, but like I've already stated, it's definitely still in the works.

I'd really appreciate both constructive and even harsh criticism if you're feeling particularly mean. I'd also really enjoy and look forward to different ways I can expand and continue this specific piece of work, as I definitely want to finish it but also make it longer, more in-depth, and more enjoyable.

I definitely aim for this to be a short story, but it'll definitely be part of a collection that I aim to finish by the deadline of next year. I'm taking inspiration from poetry collections, but instead making them short stories (and sometimes even poetry) that all fit a specific theme.

For now, the collection is called 'PLEASURE', as this will most likely be a prominent theme in all of the short stories to come. However, I plan to write it in a way that's ambiguous regarding the theme of pleasure, as that is my specialty while writing. I love a mystery piece that allows interpretation, as I think it really helps readers discuss and debate about a piece of work.

Anyway, enough of my babbling.
I hope you enjoy! (or enjoyed it.)