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Grimes' Love

The Beginning- Part II

January 30th, 1993

“Alexa, would you hurry already? We’re getting late!”

She sighs and finishes getting ready. As she told Rick, her parents don’t remember it’s her birthday. Not one Happy Birthday, not one gift was given to her. Not that she cares for the gifts, but a Happy Birthday would be nice.

Right as she’s about to walk out of her bedroom, her phone beeps. She takes it out of her clutch and sees a text message. She opens it and smiles.

Happy Birthday, Lexie. Remember to call me when you’re bored. Kisses. Rick

She bites her lip to stop a squeal from coming out. Taking a deep breath, she answers the text and then goes to her parents, who are impatiently waiting for her. She rolls her eyes when they turn their backs. Happy Birthday, dear daughter! Oh, thank you, my dear parents! Yeah, right.


Like all of the other parties she’s ever been to, this one is boring as hell, and she’s soon calling Rick to come pick her up.

Faking being ill, she’s able to convince her parents to leave the party early, and as she’s coming out of the doors, she sees Rick leaning against his car. She smiles and runs to him, who greets her with open arms.

“Hi, Rick.”

“Hey. Happy Birthday.”

"Thank you. Let's get out of here before someone sees us."

They enter his car and he drives away. They first go by her house, so that she can change clothes. Rick looks around the place with wide eyes.

“Your house is… huge.”

“Yeah… well, I’ll be right back. You’re free to roam.”

As much as he would like to go around the house, he was afraid he would get lost. So, he just sits and waits for Alexa. She doesn’t take much time to come back.


“Yep. Let’s get out of here.”

“Weren’t you cold in that dress?”

“You have no idea. But we have to look nice. So I kinda have no choice.”

“Wow. Well, good thing I booked us a pretty warm place for us to have lunch.”

She chuckles and they get in his car again. He starts it up and starts driving. They don’t talk much, but the bits of silence aren’t awkward. He holds her hand as he drives, and she hasn’t felt more safe.

They soon arrive at the restaurant Rick booked and Alexa gasps.

“Bones? Rick, this place is not cheap. Not that I think you can’t afford it, but I’m good with just a burger.”

"Nope. It's your birthday. You deserve a nice lunch. And don't worry, the owner is the cousin of one of my mates. I got us a nice discount."

“You’re crazy.”

“Yeah. Now come on.”

He opens the car door for her and they walk inside the restaurant. The owner is the one to sit them and make sure they have a nice time.

Lunch goes by fast, but he still has a surprise for her. She asked, but he didn’t tell her where they were going. But she soon recognizes one of her closest friends, Willow, house.

“What are we doing here?”

"Shane got one of your friend's number, and I made some calls."

“Rick… that’s the sweetest thing anyone ever did for me.”

“Let’s go inside.”

They walk to the house and the door is already open. Inside, she sees her friends, along with Ricks, a birthday cake, and a bunch of presents. She tears up and hugs Rick tight. He hugs her back, and plants a kiss on her head. She then goes to her friends and hugs them.

The party starts, and even though some of them still aren't of drinking age, Willow brings one of her father's bottles of alcohol.

Sometime later, and feeling a bit lightheaded, Alexa walks out to the garden and to a small cabin. It works as kind of a guest house. She sits outside on the porch, feeling both happy and sad. Happy to have found someone like Rick, who made this birthday the best she ever had. And her friends, of course. But sad, because, by now her parents have to have been home, and they didn't even care to check on her.

“Alexa?”- She turns and sees Rick, a worried look on his face.- “Are you alright?”

She smiles and pats the spot next to her.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”- A moment of silence passes before she speaks again.- “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For everything you did for me today. This was the best birthday ever.”

"You don't have to thank me. The more time I spent with you today, the more it made me certain that you are a great girl, and that you deserve everything good this world has to give you. And it made me even more attracted to you."

They look in each other's eyes and she bites her lip. He leans in and she doesn't stop him. The kiss is long and slow, and it soon leads to something more.

After, they walk back to the house, hand in hand. Their friends realize what happened, mainly because Rick's shirt is not buttoned right, even though he tried, and Alexa's still disheveled hair. Blame the dirty mirror.

After the party is over, Rick drives her home and kisses her goodnight. They promise to call each other every day and to meet whenever he has time off. Alexa waves him goodbye and goes inside the house. The lights are off, and her parents already sleeping. She still hoped they would remember her birthday, and that, maybe, they had left a present in her bedroom. Nothing. But that doesn't make her sad anymore. Nothing can ruin her mood. All thanks to the boy she’s slowly, but surely, falling for.