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Club Angel's Kiss

Killing The Queen.

“Cassariah!” Jett shouted, stomping her foot. “I thought she was fucking gone!”

“Well, I don’t know for sure that it’s her,” I argued. “But something tells me that it’s her. Call it my woman’s intuition or some special talent that I have gotten while spending time with vampires.”

Rave glanced around the kitchen quickly. “I don’t sense her,” she whispered, apparently shocked. “Maybe she left after she deposited the picture to Obsidian.”

Obsidian look confused. “You mean Cassariah? The bad bitch?”

Jett nodded. “Yes, the bad bitch.”

“Why the hell would she come back here?!” Obsidian screeched. “Didn’t she learn that we wanted nothing to do with her after she killed…”

Rave patted his back. “Just don’t think about it, Sid. We’ll handle it.”

Obsidian nodded slowly, looking pained. I felt so terrible for him. He had obviously loved this girl, and now he had to relive the nightmares that followed her death.

I glanced at the other girls. “What should we do?”

“Well, we could start by talking to Matt,” Rave suggested.

Oh, I dreaded that one! Matt and I had avoided each other for the entire week. We passed each other in the halls, or going to the throne room or the club and we didn’t speak to each other, we didn’t look at each other. We were pretending the other didn’t exist.

Now I had to go talk to him on purpose.

I cringed. “I’ll only talk to him if I have Zacky with me.”

“And Jimmy!” Rave agreed. “He’s the only that can keep the peace.”

Though I’m sure she wanted him there for her own enjoyment.

I looked at Obsidian. He stood perfectly still, staring at the ground.

Maybe there was more to him than I gave him credit for. Maybe there was actually a reason as to why he acted like such a jerk.

I frowned grimly. “Okay, then. Let’s go talk to Matt. Sid, would you like to come?”

“Of course, my Queen.”

I held up my hand quickly. “No. Call me Amber.”

Obsidian grinned. “You got it, Amber!”

I laughed and linked arms with him.

Rave and Jett followed behind us as we skipped down the hallway to the throne room. It was very silent when we rounded the corner. I almost gave second thought to Matt being in there, but Obsidian opened the door and I saw that he was in fact sitting there.

Obsidian led me over to the throne. Jett and Rave were completely silent behind us.

Matt barely turned his head to look at us when we drew near.

“Hello, Amber,” he muttered.

“Hello,” I responded.

“What are you doing here?”

I didn’t like his vicious tone, but I said nothing of it.

“We are here because we think Cassariah is causing trouble again,” I answered, crossing my arms over my chest.

Matt looked up in surprise. “What are you talking about? Cassariah is gone.”

Obsidian shook his head.

“We don’t think so,” I said. “Someone left a picture of the previous queen in Obsidian’s room. I don’t know about you, but I find it evil and vicious. The only person around here evil enough to do that is Cassariah.”

“But she’s not here anymore.”

Oh dear God, was he ignorant?!

“We’re saying that we think she could be here again,” Jett piped up. “Who else would want to do that to the members of the coven?”

Matt sighed deeply. “What do you want me to do about your issues?”

Rave glanced at me. I shrugged.

I didn’t know what he could do.

“Just keep an eye out, I guess,” I whispered.

Matt stood up. “I’ll do that. You guys stay on alert too.” He stalked out of the room.

I rolled my eyes. “He’s the biggest jerk in this coven.”

Obsidian patted my shoulder. Rave and Jett laughed.

“It’s okay,” Jett sighed. “He’ll understand once Cassariah comes and kills him when he’s least expecting it.”

Obsidian cackled. “That would definitely make him believe.”

I smiled brightly.

If it wasn’t for Matt, my life in the coven would be a dream come true.


I ran my hands over the sleek arms of my throne.

I loved the throne room, don’t get me wrong. There was just something about being alone in it that was much too creepy for me to handle.

Zacky was supposed to be coming down to meet me, but he still wasn’t here.

I was about to leave if he didn’t hurry.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the back of the throne.

Silence surrounded me on all sides. I felt the knots in my stomach increase drastically, all because of the terrible quiet I had to endure in my time away from Zacky.

If only he would hurry up…

I opened my eyes and scanned around the room.

I was still alone.

I slapped my hands on my knees and tapped my fingers impatiently.

Zacky never took this long. He was usually always right by my side when I wanted him to meet me somewhere in the club.

It was so out of character for him.

The door to my right crashed open, causing me to bolt from my throne. I twisted around to face the other side of the room as Zacky came streaking inside.

“Amber!” he cried, throwing his arms around me.

I slid my arms around his torso in return. “Zee, are you alright?”

Zacky pulled away. He shook his head frantically, panic shining in his eyes. I immediately felt dread growing in my stomach.

“What’s wrong?” I whispered, touching his cheek gingerly.

He glanced over his shoulder. “Amber, we have to get out of here.”

“Why?” I looked to where he was looking, at the door he had nearly broken.

Zacky put his hands on my shoulders. He stared at my face wordlessly, the panic in his eyes increasing ever so slightly.

I didn’t like where this was going at all. Why on earth would he be this panic stricken, this frantic? I hated everything about it.

He very suddenly closed the gap between us and pressed his lips to mine. The urgency in the simple kiss frightened me.

What was he so afraid of?

I loved the feeling of his mouth on mine, but I had to know what was going on. I put my hands on his chest and pushed him backward.

“What is wrong, Zacky?” I asked desperately. “Please. I want to know what has you so scared. Please tell me.”

Zacky looked to the door again. “They’re here,” he whispered, turning back to me. “Amber, we have to get out of here.”

He turned me around and shoved me off the platform and directly to the door that led down to the club.

I opened the door up, just as the sound of another door crashing open echoed through the throne room.

“Fuck!” Zacky yanked me up into his arms.

“They’re going down to the club!” someone called.

And I knew exactly who it was.


I would never forget that voice and now it was back.

We had been right! Jett, Rave, and I knew it was Cassariah behind the strange appearance of that picture. She was in the club now.

It finally hit me.

I knew why they were in the club, why Zacky was so frantic in getting me out, why they had strategically placed the picture of the previous queen.

Drakkar, Draegan, and December were here to kill me, just like the other queen.

I gasped and glanced up at Zacky’s face. He was now bounding his way down the stairs to the club and he held me tightly against his body as if I were a child.

He didn’t return my gaze, but I saw a muscle in his jaw clench. He knew that I knew.

Zacky kicked in the door at the bottom of the stairs and launched us into the club. I could hear faint sounds from the others. They were trailing behind us; I could feel their evil, if that was even possible.

“There’s no use in running, Zacky,” Cassariah called, her voice shrill.

Zacky made a sound that resembled a growl.

He dashed passed the stage, then the bar, still holding me.

I squeezed my eyes shut. I didn’t want to know what was about to happen, what was to come. I was going to die. They failed last time, but this time they wouldn’t. I just knew it. I knew it! I could feel it in my bones.

I silently hoped that Zacky got away before they hurt him. He didn’t deserve to be killed just because the other vampires had a spite against me.

“Amber,” Zacky whispered.

I opened my eyes quickly. “What?”

Zacky shook his head. “Just wanted to make sure that you were still okay.”

I glanced around. I was surprised to see that we were now outside, going in the complete opposite direction of the club.

“Are they still following us?” I asked.

“I have no idea,” Zacky muttered. “It doesn’t feel like they are, but I could be wrong.”

I knew they were still following us, but I didn’t argue when he came to a slow stop and put me on the ground.

I glanced around, worried. “Why are they after me?”

“Because you’re the queen,” he whispered, stroking the side of my face.

I sighed. Of course. This queen position sucked so far.

I was only still around because of Zacky and the best friends I had somehow acquired. I would be so far gone if they didn’t have such a strong hold over my heart.

I pressed my palm to my forehead.

Zacky muttered something under his breath, something that was too fast for me to hear. I scrunched my nose up.

“What?” I whispered, looking over at him.

“Nothing.” He continued to talk to himself in vampire speak. He sounded worried, or maybe he was planning his next move in this strange battle against enemy vampires.

I walked a little bit ahead of him. We were on some kind of hill. It was grassy and I could see the edge from where I stood. I ventured closer and peered over the edge. We were far from the center of town, I realized, where the club was located.

I glanced back at Zacky. He was still fussing at himself.

I sighed and crossed my arms over my chest.

“Hello, Amber.”

I froze.

The voice…in my head…was back again. But now I was able to recognize that voice as December.

I whipped around. “ZACKY!”

But he wasn’t there. I was alone on the hill, one lone human that would never be able to fight against vampires.

Where was Zacky?

“Zee! Zacky! Where are you?!”

Of course, I got no answer.

I ran my hands through my hair, struggling for air.

“I’m going to die,” I whimpered.

“Yes, you are.”

Before I had time to react or even look to whom had said it, I felt a strange pressure smack against my chest.

The rest happened in slow motion, it seemed.

The impact took a few moments, but it was just enough to send me plummeting off the edge of the hill.

The hill went straight down, so there was no hope of my rolling down it. I was flying through the air…to my death.

So many things passed through my mind as wind whizzed past my head and my hair flew in all directions.

But the main focus of my last thoughts was the other I was leaving behind.

No, not Matt.


I saw his smiling face. I saw us kissing and dancing and whooping with laughter. I didn’t want to leave him, but this way I knew he would be okay.

He probably ran the second he realized the enemies were coming to the hill. That’s why he was gone when I turned around.

This way was better…Yes, better.

He wouldn’t be hurt.

He could fall in love with someone better.

The five second fall to the ground went slower than it should have, but I soon felt my back smack against the concrete below and my head bounced up from the hard ground.

In that instance, I knew I was dead.
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