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Club Angel's Kiss

A Miracle!

In that instance, I knew I was dead.

The same sentence repeated through the echoing darkness a dozen times. I found no way to make it stop; it simply played itself over and over.

I honestly had no proof that I was dead. It just felt like it.

My entire body ached and burned and my blood felt like ice as it raced through my veins. Every heart beat caused my chest to scream in agony. I found myself clenching my fists and gritting my teeth through the pain.

I think I was alone. Yes, I was alone. There was no around me. Just the absolute, undeniable and impenetrable darkness.

There was pressure on my arm, the one that wasn’t in a cast.


Where was Zacky? I would do anything to wake up from this dreamless reverie and see his beautiful face staring back at me. Or, even if I was dead, if I could just see he was well and alive--well, as alive as a vampire could be--then I would die in peace.

My lover was my only concern.

Who cared if I was dead? I didn’t. If my death meant saving everyone I loved, I was all for it. Kill me again, even!

Yes, I could die peacefully with that idea.

As long as Brian and Jett, Jimmy and Rev, Johnny, Obsidian were okay…As long as Zacky was unharmed I would leave this earth without a single, tiny argument. I would go to whatever hell I was destined for and burn with a smile on my face.

Just as long…


Suddenly, Zacky stood before me in the pitch black. Except the entire image was wrong. He was haggard and deformed. His clothes were ripped and, much to my horror, he was missing an arm.

My hand shot out to touch him, but I was too far away. We were inches apart, my fingertips so close I could have touched him if I took one step closer.

My legs, however, wouldn’t cooperate. None of my limbs would. I was paralyzed again, except the one arm I had lifted in his direction.

I left a dry sob escape my lips.

“Zacky…Zacky, what happened?” I wailed.

He didn’t answer.

I curled my fingers into a fist. “What the hell happened?”

He lowered his disfigured and scarred face. “They took over our coven and killed everyone in the club. Then they destroyed Angel’s Kiss.”

Fear stabbed deep in my heart.

I knew it! They were all dead. Not to mention they had destroyed my club. But why would they do that? Why…Just why?

I started crying. Tears fell violently down my cheeks; thankfully, it blurred the horrific vision of Zacky from my eyes.

I had no desire to look at him again, at the image that was supposedly the vampire I loved, but was, in fact, the complete opposite.

This was a hideous vision of him…

And it was every inch my fault.


All because I was chosen for this coven. All because my father had to make me get a job because he was too cheap to wait until I could start working with my mother.

I was the death of the most beautiful being in the world.

My eyes snapped open.

The darkness was gone. Zacky was gone.

I was back in my room, staring up at the dull green canopy cascading overhead. I scanned my gaze all around, only to find I was alone. And my good arm was hooked up to some strange IV like thing.

I quickly looked away from the hospital setup. The bag on the IV was filled with…blood. And that blood was dripping into my arm.

I heard the different beeping and puffing of random other equipment, but I didn’t turn back to look.

I sat up.

I was no longer in my clothes from before. Now, I wore nothing but one of Zacky’s larger shirts and my underwear.

The sun’s happy rays were no where to be seen out the balcony windows. Just more darkness….How I hated the dark! I would never complain about the sun ever again after this day.

If I made it out of this day alive.


Was he alive?

“Zacky?” I called.

Suddenly, he would be able to hear me.

No answer came. I didn’t even hear footsteps.

“Zacky?!” I repeated a little louder.

He wouldn’t be able to answer me if he wasn’t alive.

In a complete flurry of emotions, I ripped the IV out of my arm and leapt out of bed. I ripped across the room, nearly knocking down the door as I burst out of it. I immediately tore down the hallway.

I moved quickly down the staircase. The kitchen was empty, so I headed straight for the throne room.

I grabbed the heavy wooden doors and pushed them open.

The throne room was empty as well.

The club!

And if they weren’t down there, I would check every other inch of the club. I would have to find one of my coven members, even if it killed me.

I snorted.

Oh, how literal that saying had become.

I had no idea if Cassariah and her crones were still in the club, or if they were even still alive. Who knows what my coven did if they found out she had been the one to push me off a cliff and almost end my life.

The staff door came into view at the foot of the stairs. I grabbed the knob and yanked it open as fast as I could.

And I saw my beautiful club standing before me, nothing different about it at all. Some of my favorite vampires were even there!

Brian, Jett, and Rave all sat on the bar, glasses in their hands. Jimmy and Johnny sat on the floor in front of the bar, watching the ground. Inez was by the front door. A few others sat at the tables and Obsidian was closest to me. He was talking quietly to a girl.

I think her name was Chalice.

Hm. Maybe I wasn’t such a bad queen.

I swallowed hard, the reason for my desperation flooding back into my head.

Where was Zacky, dammit?

I clutched my hand to my chest and dropped to my knees.



He was dead.

I felt many eyes flash toward me. They were each like hot drill bits boring their way into my skull, but I did not care. Nothing mattered anymore.

“Amber!” I heard Rave cry. “You’re…you’re alive!”

Yeah, but not for long.

“It’s a miracle!” This time it was Jett.

I raised my head to look at all of them. My eyes met every single face, and not one of them was Zacky’s. Yet everyone looked so happy! How could they be joyous when Zacky was gone?

Jimmy was across the room in a split second and standing in front of me. He gripped my arms and lifted my gently from the ground.

“Amber, are you okay?”

“NO!” I shook my head rapidly. “No! Wh-where’s Z-Z-Zacky?”

Jimmy took on a confused expression. “What do you mean?”

“Zacky!” I stomped my foot on the ground. “He’s dead, isn’t he? He’s dead, it’s my fault, and I don’t know how I’m going to live without him!”

My devastation was cut short by a loud burst of laughter. It startled me, because it was somewhere close by, yet no one in my line of vision was doing it. And, frankly, it pissed me off that someone found my pain amusing!

I snapped my head toward the stage.


I pulled my arms from Jimmy’s strong hands and pushed passed him.

The front door beside Inez had been opened, revealing yet more darkness. Cars and bright lights were outside, as well as pedestrians walking by.

But I could only see one thing.

There he stood, in the doorway, arms crossed over his chest. He was the one laughing, but now all the anger and sadness left my entire being.

Zacky still had all of his body. He wasn’t dead. I wasn’t my fault.

Something inside me snapped.

I found my legs carrying me as fast as they could across the cold black flooring, my arms outstretched toward him.

I wanted to hold him. I wanted to be embraced by his cold arms.

“Zacky!” I screamed. “You’re alive.”

He laughed again and flickered across the room. He gathered me up in his arms, right in the middle of my run halfway to the door.

He slid his arms around my waist, slowly pulling my body against his.

I collapsed into his grip and sobbed. My fit was less than attractive, to say the least. I heaved and gagged and spat, sputtered, ad wailed. All the while, I clutched onto Zacky as if I might lose him if I did let go.

Everyone else was content with watching us in silence. No one uttered a single hushed whisper until Zacky held me out at arms length.

“Are you okay?” he whispered, looking me up and down quickly, worriedly almost. “God, I thought you would never wake up. I thought you were dead.”

I tilted my head. “What? How long have I been asleep?”

Brian appeared at our side. “About two and a half weeks.”

My jaw dropped in horror.

Two and a half fucking weeks?! How the hell did that manage to happen?

“How…What? You have got to be kidding me!” I switched my gaze from Brian to Zacky and back again, still shocked beyond belief.

Zacky ran his hand down my cheek. I leaned into his touch.

“You were almost killed,” he breathed. “You needed the sleep.”

“That reminds me.” I turned the full brunt of my dark eyes toward him. “What happened on that day? Where did you go, who pushed me off the fucking cliff?”

Zacky sighed deeply.

Okay, so he didn’t want to talk about it.

Ha. Watch me not care! I needed to know.

I put my hand on his chest and leaned closer to him. “Please tell me. I’m begging you, Zee.”

“I…I…Amber, come here.” Zacky took my hand from his chest and led me over to the bar. We sat down on the stools. “They took me by surprise. I didn’t know they were that close, but when I looked around, that goddamned woman and her mate were there.”

He cast his eyes down to my lap, circling his thumb over the top of my hand. It felt nice, soothing.

He continued. “Her mate attacked me. Like I said, he took me by surprise and chucked me into the trees by the cliff. I tried to fight him off, but by the time that I did, Cassariah had already…thrown you.”

I flinched. I didn’t want to relive the whole experience of falling many, many feet and then having that hideous pain shoot through my body.


It really was a miracle that I was alive.

I took Zacky’s face in my hands and slowly kissed his lips. He didn’t fight it, didn’t move in my grip. His lips remained motionless, as well as the rest of his body.

It didn’t take me long to notice that he wasn’t breathing.

I pulled mouth away and poked him in the cheek. “Breathe. It freaks me out when you don’t.”

“Sorry.” He took a long, deep breath, moving again. “I just thought it was better if I didn’t breathe around you.”

“Wha--” That’s when it struck me. “You haven’t been drinking, have you?!”

Zacky smiled sheepishly. I could see it now. His cold hard skin had a freaky purple coloring beneath that said he hadn’t taken in a single drop of blood in several days.

I shook my head. “You need to eat, Zack. I’ll be fine. Just…please go eat something.”

Zacky leaned forward. He held his face extremely close to my neck. A little too close for comfort, I might add.

I heard him inhale. I held my breath and stopped myself from moving a single inch.

This was not a very good situation.

Here I was, smelling yummy and delicious to a very hungry vampire.

A wave of blind panic and fear washed over me, forcing my heart to beat rapidly and my stomach to lurch against my rib cage.

Suddenly, he pulled away quickly and made a disgusted face.

“You stink,” he muttered, pinching his nose with his thumb and forefinger. “You smell like someone else, because of the blood transfusion.”

I let out a sigh of relief.

Thank you, stranger whom lent me their blood. I love you.

“What? Not all humans smell good to you?” I asked, sliding off the stool.

My head was spinning uncontrollably.

I pressed my palm to my temple.

“Not all humans,” Zacky answered to my earlier question. “Most of them smell good, but some of them don’t. You smell the best out of every human though.”

“But not right now?”


I swept my gaze over the other vampires. They were all staring at us. The Loyals and the other Guardians all had an edge to their stance, as if they had been expecting Zacky to eat me just as much as I did.

I pursed my lips and gave a wave of my hand.

They all settled down and relaxed.

I really, really love my queen powers.

“Um…By the way.” I played with the hem of my shirt. “How did I survive that fall? I mean, it was really high and I landed with full impact on the ground.” I smacked my hands together to further emphasize my words.

Zacky laid his hand on my lower back and pulled me against him again. “You really don’t want to know.”

And I believed him.

So I didn’t further press the issue.

Instead, I touched my stomach just as it grumbled and growled loudly from hunger.

Zacky laughed, as well as many of the other vampires.

My face flushed.

“Would you like me to prepare you a midnight snack, Amber?” Jett questioned, grinning from where she stood beside Brian.

I smiled. “Yes, please! But only if Zacky eats with me.”

I shot my gaze at him sternly.

He kissed my cheek and nodded.

“You got it, my love.”
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