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Club Angel's Kiss

Preparing For War.

“We have to be prepared for anything.”

“Amber has to be watched at all times.”

“She can never be alone!”

I pulled at the hem of my turtleneck sweater, my eyes cast down at the shining floor. All the voices of those I loved mixed together in my mind as they discussed their next plan of action…And also how to protect me.

Honestly, it made me feel self conscious.

“When do you think they’ll attack?”

“How will they attack?”

“Will they attack all of us, or just Amber?”

I kicked my dangling legs back and forth off the side of the stage. Random multicolored lights were lit up above my head, basking me in pink, yellow, and blue.

No one was close to me. The rest of the coven stood by the bar, surrounding Matt, waiting for him to give an order. They would be waiting for a very long time.

I knew there was no order to give. We couldn’t do anything until the enemies made the first move, until December or Drakker came and hurt one of us or attempted to kill me.

I bit my lip.

This was all so stupid. I had become such a burden to all the undead people I loved so much. Yes, I may repeat the saying “damn vampires” a lot, but only because they get rather annoying.

But it’s nothing against the vampires! If they were humans, I would just say, “Damn men!” or “Damn whores!”

I really loved my vampires…

“Wait, wait, wait!

All eyes, including mine, turned to where Inez stood, leaning with her hip against the side of the bar. I could feel the tension flooding into the air.


I couldn’t decipher who said it, but I completely agreed with them. What on earth could Inez want in a situation with such seriousness?

“How do we know that any of this is true?” Inez asked, smiling smugly. She apparently loved having all the attention on her.

Anger bubbled up inside my stomach. I knew exactly what she meant. She was sitting there, in front of every coven member, accusing me of being a liar!

“Yes. Okay, Inez.” The words were coming from my mouth before I could stop them. “I often lie about enemy vampires climbing in through my bedroom window to warn me of my impending death.”

I actually snarled the last word.

Inez stared me, shock written across her face. Matt threw his head back and laughed loudly. Several others joined in on his guffawing, but I simply stared across the room at Inez, my anger no doubt showing in my expression.

I couldn’t help it! She was so fucking annoying sometimes.

“I’m not saying that you’re lying,” Inez finally said, kicking off from the bar and taking several steps toward the stage where I resided. “What if this vampire is lying? He knew we would all jump to protect you, leaving us vulnerable, so they could do something else without us catching on.”

No. I believed Draegan. He was not a bad person; he actually cared about innocent people and whether they died or not. He wouldn’t lie to me about something like that.

Shit. What the hell did I know? Draegan was a complete stranger to me. I had only met him once, and just because he was nice that one time didn’t mean he remained that way!

Inez could actually be right.

I sighed and dropped my head in my hand.

“Amber, what’s wrong?”

I peeked through my fingers at Zacky. He was walking toward me, a grim look on his face, his hands stuffed in his pockets.

I dropped my hand to my lap. “Where should I start?” I whispered, watching him stop in front of me. “I could possibly be murdered today, my head is throbbing, my stomach hurts, I have a bruise on my thigh the size of Texas, and this stupid cast is itching.”

I smacked the palm of my hand onto the plaster covering my arm angrily.

Zacky laughed. “Is that all?”

I groaned and laid my head on top of his.

He was at eyelevel with my knees now, because the stage was so tall.

Zacky slid his hands onto my thighs. “My Queen,” he whispered. He stroked my inner thighs with his thumbs. “I’m very sorry about the bruise.”

“Not your fault,” I murmured, threading my fingers through his hair. “Besides, it doesn’t even hurt.”

“I still did it to you,” he argued quietly.

I wanted to smack him for arguing! I knew he bruised me, but I did not care. The way I had received the bruise was…perfect.

He had grabbed my thigh a little too tightly the previous night. It hurt at the time, yes, but I hadn’t said a word about it. All I did was moan and tell him to go faster, because I knew if I mentioned it, he would stop.

And that had been the last thing I wanted.

“Shut up,” I muttered, pulling my head and hand away from him. “Now, everyone, please get back to what you were talking about.”

I waved my hand in the direction of everyone else.

Matt waved his hand around in the air. “What do you think, Amber? Do you believe that boy?”

“Yes.” There was no second thought about it. I knew my answer.

I hopped down off the stage, landing agilely on my feet, and strode over to everyone else. Matt laid his hands on my shoulders.

I sighed.

“I believe everything Draegan said,” I whispered.

“It‘s settled then.” Matt kissed the top of my head.

I saw Zacky tense out of the corner of my eye. I outstretched my hand in his direction, and he took it, pulling me out of the king’s way.

He wrapped one arm around my waist and pressed me against his chest.

“Well.” Matt cleared his throat. “That settles it, then. We just have to protect Amber and prepare for anything.”

Zacky brushed his lips against my ear.

I wrenched myself away from him and cruised over to Matt. I clapped my hand on his shoulder with an audible smack.

“Thank you for going through measures to protect me,” I whispered, smiling. “I have been such a burden to all of you.”

“Nonsense!” Jimmy exclaimed. “You are not a burden in the least.”

I shook my head.

These vampires….These…Beautiful people really thought that I was such a perfect person. They had taken me in as a family member, they loved me.

I loved them.

I never wanted to leave them.
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I really am not happy with this chapter.
It's really just a big filler.
And I feel like it is poorly written.
But I blame that on the fact that I've had a viral infection for the passed week that feels like the freaking flu.
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