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Club Angel's Kiss

Call of Duty.

The living room sat empty.

A loud sigh of frustration passed my lips. I pushed my damp hair away from my face with my free hand and stared at the deserted room around Daniel and myself.

Every room in the entire house held not a single soul. I had searched all possible places upstairs, but remained unsuccessful. My vampires were simply gone, disappeared, vamoose.

Daniel squeezed my hand.

“Mama, where are they?” he whispered.

“Sweetie, I have no idea.” I gently pulled him toward the kitchen.

Again, empty.

I glanced at the back door.

On the stoop sat Rave with her back to me. She was bent slightly, resting her arms on her legs, and watching something attentively.

I let go of Daniel’s hand and traveled over to the glass entrance. I peeked at the scene in the yard.

All the male vampires stood in a wide circle around Draegan, who was talking animatedly with his hands. Zacky was placed beside him, watching like everyone else.

The girls sat around the back stoop like Rave. Their eyes were glued to the boys.

Daniel came to my side.


Zacky’s head turned toward the house. He spotted us and mouthed, “Come outside.”

I pushed the door open. Daniel bolted outside and scrambled across the yard to Zacky, who scooped him up in his arms gracefully. Daniel leaned his head on his father’s shoulder.

I stepped out onto the stoop.

“What are you doing?” I asked, closing the door behind me.

“Preparing for war!” Draegan yelled. “We’re going off to fight tomorrow, remember? I have to show your coven how my coven fights, so that we will be safe and prepared. No more fallen soldiers, right?”

Since when was this considered a war? And why were we suddenly using war lingo to describe the vampire vs. vampire fight?

It made me feel rather uncomfortable.

“Right.” I shakily sat down beside Rave. “Go on, then. Don’t let me stop you from basic training…or whatever this should be called.”

Zacky stepped away from the center of the circle, closer to the stoop with the girls. He gestured to Draegan.

Draegan started talking again, but I wasn’t listening. My brain was purely incapable of listening at the moment, not that I even wanted to.

I dropped my head into the palms of my hands and stared at the grass surrounding my bare feet.



“Are you alright?” Zacky crouched down beside me.

“No,” I muttered. “Just the thought of you going out to fight them…I feel sick! What if something happens?”

Zacky laid his free hand on my back. “Nothing bad is going to happen.”

“Likely story.”

“Amber, sweetheart, don’t do this. There is no need to be worried about us. We can hold our own, and Draegan is helping us further. We’ll know what to expect when the fight starts.” He sighed heavily.

I shook my head.

I wanted to believe him. I wanted to agree with him and trust the coven and their abilities at protecting the ones they loved. But I didn’t. I doubted I ever would.

“I love you,” he offered.

“I love you, too.”

“I forgot about that, Amber!”

I raised my head.

Draegan was looking at me.

“Forgot about what?” I asked dully.

“When Cassariah and Drakkar attacked you in the alleyway!” Draegan answered. “You’ve seen how they fight, somewhat. Would you like to help me?”

I glanced at Zacky. He nodded his head toward the group.

Reluctantly, I stood up and walked over to Draegan. He draped his arm around my shoulders.

“Now, where were we?” He thought for a second. “Oh. Okay. Cassariah fights dirty. She is not afraid to do anything by any means, as long as the job gets done. Watch out for her.”

For a moment, I thought back to Cassariah chasing me down the sidewalk and throwing me to the ground, then throwing me through the fence, then throwing me off a cliff. Yes, fighting “dirty” would definitely be the word I would use.

That, or a reckless bitch.

“She doesn’t have any specific type of fighting. There’s not a specific style set in stone that she uses. I wish I could tell you exactly how she fights, but I can’t. Just remember, she kicks a lot.” His top lip curled slightly. “And she doesn’t care a bit about who gets hurt in the process of taking one of you down.”

“She also has a knack for throwing,” I piped up. “On several occasions, she has thrown me on the ground, through things, or off of things. So watch out for that. That could get dangerous.”

I saw Obsidian crack a smile.

I looked at the ground.

Draegan pulled me close. “Perfect advice, my Queen”

I pursed my lips.

“Now, onto Drakkar.” Draegan clicked his tongue. “He fights purely on rage. Hand-on-hand combat most of the time, but he will occasionally grab some sort of weapon. Stay out of his way at that point.”

“He will kill you,” I continued for him. “That’s what happened to Matt.”

That seemed to get the point through. Everyone’s faces changed to a knowing, understanding expression.

They knew if Matt couldn’t survive against Drakkar, then he really was dangerous with a weapon of any type. And a weapon could be any possible object in the hands of an angry vampire.

“But, there is a huge difference between Cassariah and Drakkar.” Draegan glanced down at me. “Drakkar will not attack girls, even if they’re attacking him. He might be an evil murderer, but he still has some sort of a soul.”

I hadn’t noticed that before. But now that Draegan mentioned it, Drakkar never tried to hurt me. He tried to eat me, but never hurt me like Cassariah.

Well! That was comforting to know.

“Cassariah, however, fights anything with a pulse that gets in her way.”

I bit my lip.

The talk of fights and death and danger had me even more worried than before. I didn’t like it. Not at all.

My coven couldn’t die.

No one else could die.

I could not let it happen.

“That’s all the information I have to tell you. Meeting dismissed.” Draegan saluted the rest of the coven and turned away.

/ - / - / - /

The sound was quite obviously someone crying. I couldn’t pinpoint who it was, but considering there were only five humans in the household, there was a good chance it was one of them.

Quietly, I stepped off the last stair to the second floor.

The sobbing became louder and more defined.

I turned the corner into the hallway.

“Daniel?” I called out, laying my hand on the wall. “Sweetie, are you crying?”

It had to be Daniel.

Joel and Lavender were too young to be hiding out in an undisclosed area and crying.

“Daniel?” I repeated.

I began walking very slowly through the hall. My ears were perked, listening carefully as the crying grew closer with each step I took.

Finally, I stopped in front of the only bathroom on this floor. I knocked three times.

“Daniel, are you okay?”


I grabbed the doorknob and pushed it open.

Daniel was sitting beside the bathtub, his knees pulled to his chest, his arms wrapped around his legs.

He appeared to have been crying for a while.

“Daniel, honey, what’s the matter?” I moved to sit beside him. I pulled him into my arms. “Tell Mama why you’re crying.”

“I’m scared,” he sobbed into my shoulder.

“About what?”

“Papa and the others have to go fight the bad guys! What if they die?!” His little body shook with the force of his sobs and tears.

I shook my head.

At the current moment, I didn’t have an answer for what would happen if Zacky or the others died. I didn’t know what would happen to myself, Daniel, Joel, or Lavender.

More than likely, we would be Cassariah and Drakkar’s next targets. We would never make it without the vampires protecting and defending us every second of the day.

I scrunched up my nose.

“We have to hope nothing bad happens to them,” I said simply. “Maybe if we hope hard enough, they’ll be safe.”

Daniel said nothing.

I hoped I could at least convince him everything would be alright, even when I couldn’t convince myself.

“Come on. Let’s go lay down in Mama’s bed.” I adjusted him onto my hip and hoisted us up.

I walked out of the bathroom and into the hallway. I made my way up the stairs to the third floor and pushed the door to my room open with my hip.

By the time I got to the bed, Daniel had stopped sobbing.

I sat him down on the mattress.

He nestled himself under the blankets and turned on his side. I sat beside him.

“Are you okay?” I whispered.

He nodded. “Yes, Mama. Can I go to sleep?”

“Of course.” I petted his arm. “Try and not worry for Mommy, okay? The fight doesn’t need to bother you.”


I leaned my head against the headboard and closed my eyes.

It was a soothing feeling that I was not the only one concerned about the deaths of all the ones I loved.

I could fully believe that I was not paranoid.

Two knocks sounded on a hard surface.

I raised my head, opening my eyes toward the bedroom door where Zacky now stood, smiling beautifully.

“Hey. Are you feeling better?”

I nodded. “I’m fine…Just anxious and…worried.”

Zacky crossed the room quickly. He settled down on the bed in front of me and took my face in his hands.

“You shouldn’t be.”

Okay, this was getting old. I knew that I should trust my coven. I understood all the good shit that people kept pummeling into me to calm my nerves.

News flash!

It wasn’t working. And it wouldn’t work, not even on Daniel.

“I know I shouldn’t be, but that doesn’t make me any less worried that you’ll die!” I cried, yanking away from his grip.

Daniel twitched.

“I don’t know what I’ll do if you don’t come back tomorrow night,” I said, my voice lower. “I--I’ll die, Zack, and so will Daniel. Do you want to know what he said earlier? Before he went to sleep?”


“He asked me what would happen if everyone dies,” I replied. “I didn’t have an answer for him.”

Zacky stole a peek at our son. He watched him; I saw his eyes soften with love and adoration.

I rubbed my temple.

“I won’t die tomorrow.” He looked back at me. “I will not leave you and Daniel alone. I love you two way too much.”

“Good, because I’ll beat your ass if you don’t make it home.” I laughed, yet my insides were screaming for mercy. For someone to make the war end without having my troops go out to battle.

Zacky gently kissed my forehead.

I slid my arms around his neck, keeping him close to me.

This could be one of the last times I could hug him. That could have been my last kiss on the forehead.

I placed my head on his shoulder. I took a long, deep breath through my nose, inhaling his perfect scent.

If something did happen to him, I wanted to remember him like this. His arms around my waist, my head on his shoulder, our son sleeping soundly by our side.

If something did happen, I wanted him to know that I loved him with every inch of my heart and more. He was my everything, my mate, and I would never love another.

Daniel would never have another father.

And no one would ever hold me the way he did.
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