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Club Angel's Kiss


Pain shot through my body, paralyzing me instantly. My mouth opened to scream. Nothing came out, at all. It was silent.

I saw the woman lingering above my motionless body. Her face was all I could see, though it was slightly blurry.

“You should probably listen when I speak, dear,” she said. She leaned further over me and grinned. Her teeth were shockingly bright white; that’s the only thing I could focus perfectly on.

She grabbed my shirt in her hands and started dragging. My skin scraped against the rough pavement. I could feel the familiar sting as cuts started to form and blood began spilling over the surface.

I could not talk; I could not move my limbs. I could no longer feel myself breathing. But I could focus on my own thoughts, and I knew that the blow to my head was going to cause me hell later on.

We got to the alley in a matter of seconds.

“December, what are you doing?!” the brunette cried.

His voice sounded far off, distant.

My head swam sickeningly. I wanted to throw up.

“She ran from me.” The woman shrugged like it was nothing serious.

If I could have moved any part of my body, I would have punched her in the side of the face. She stood right there, in front of everyone, and just shrugged her shoulders like she hadn’t just given me brain damage.

“Y-you…” The words came out in a whisper and my tone cracked multiple times in the single, small syllable.

All eyes flashed to me. The brunette’s eyes looked pleading. The other two…not so much. They just looked at me like I was something for lunch.

As I weren’t sick enough, my very core rumbled with nausea.

“She’s sick! Can’t you see it?”

The raven-haired man barely flicked his wrist. I only saw a flash of white and thought it was nothing, but the brunette stumbled backwards and hit the ground. He didn’t make an attempt to get back up.

I was hopeless.

The woman crouched beside me and took a fistful of my hair. She looked at the man. “She is bleeding, Drakkar. Do you smell it?”

“Yes,” he answered. “I smell it. It’s so sweet, so fragrant. My mouth is simply watering.”

“She’s a special one,” she hissed. Both of their words came out so quickly that I could barely keep up, but I somehow managed to decipher it in my dizzy head.

The man crouched on my other side. His hand went to my throat, where his fingers massaged the area of my jugular.

“Ah, the pulse in her veins. It’s been so long since we’ve had a human.”

I was panic-stricken. They were seriously going to eat me? What person in their right mind would eat someone, another human? I couldn’t believe my ears.

Maybe I was dreaming…

No, the pain in my head was much too real for this to be all a dream.

“Don’t,” I heard the brunette whisper. “December, Drakkar.”

The two ignored him completely.

December, the woman, dipped her head down and licked my cheek.

Did they know I was still alive and understood—sort of—what was going on?

Drakkar, the black haired male, stroked my throat.

With as much strength as I could, I jumped up, fought my dizziness, and took a long stride toward the opening of the alley.

I should have known it wouldn’t work, but at that point, I was in denial. I simply wanted to get out alive.

The next few things happened increasingly fast.

I felt a slight pressure on my back before I was completely flung backwards. My head connected with the wooden fence first, followed by my back and legs. I heard a distant crack, only to realize seconds later that it was the fence buckling under my weight.

I hit the ground among the other splintered pieces of wood, my body twisted into an odd shape.

The pain was immense. I felt terrible.

A warm puddle slowly spread across my head and slid down my neck. It felt thick and icky.

I let out a cry of pure agony as a pain shot through my arm. It was my right arm and as I attempted to move it, I understood what was wrong. My frail arm had somehow ended up underneath me and received the full weight of my fall. It was broken, snapped. I could feel the bone poking at the skin.

“Oh my God!” I cried, tears slipping down my cheeks.

“You don’t run from us!” December shouted.

I looked up at them. Drakkar and December were standing a little away from me. Draegan, the brunette, now stood farther behind them. He stared at me just like before.

“Just leave me alone,” I groaned.

Draegan shook his head and turned around. He completely disappeared from my sight.

December rolled her eyes. “He is such a moron.”

“Shut up.” Drakkar stepped toward me rather speedily. “You should probably go, too.”

“I will not! I am in on this and you will not just take it away from me, you bastard.”

I groaned again. “Stop talking about me like I’m just some object,” I coughed. “I’m a freaking human. Do you psychotic people understand that?”

Their vicious eyes flashed to me again. I regretted saying anything…again.

December slipped toward me. She took my shirt in her hands and hoisted me to her eye level. “You are one of the most ignorant humans I have ever laid eyes on,” she sneered.

My arm hurt even more as it dangled at my side, bumping against my waist. Tears increased as they streamed from my eyes.

“Stupid human.” She tossed me to the side—for the third time, I might add—and went back to screaming at Drakkar.

I simply laid on the ground, hoping they would forget about me and leave me to die.

I could feel the unconsciousness setting in. My head became even dizzier than before. I turned my head over on the concrete and gagged repeatedly, feeling everything I had for breakfast churn in my stomach.

I began shaking all over. I felt cold, freezing even, to the point where a cold sweat broke out on my entire body. My chest ached with my irregular breathing. My eyes wouldn’t focus.

Shit, I’m dying. I just know it. Even my own thoughts sounded hazy and distant.

Slowly, everything became so blurry that it gave me a headache, so I closed my eyes.

“What are you doing around here?”

I wanted to sit up and look at him, just to see if I was imagining it.

“We…Dammit.” I heard a footstep, and then felt the atmosphere completely change.

Soon I heard a soft voice whispering, “Are you alright? You’re bleeding. Ah, those bastards.”

I thought I was going insane; it sounded like King! I let one eye open.

King was in fact crouching beside me, a strong hand on my stomach.

“Are you alright, Amber? Can you hear me?”

I nodded slowly.

“Okay, I’m going to pick you up, is that okay? I will try my best to be careful.”

I nodded again and closed my eyes. Before I knew it, he had hoisted me up in his two strong arms and started walking…striding. I don’t know, but he walked so smoothly that I barely even felt his footfalls.

“Wha…” I stopped talking. It made me feel so sick.

“Yes?” he whispered.

“What’s your name?” I mumbled with a slight cough, which shot pain throughout me.

I felt him glance down at me. “Matt,” he answered.

The last thing I remember was smiling and repeating his name twice, then I fell into shock.
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