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Club Angel's Kiss

Hospital Visit.

My dreams were haunted. I was plagued by a never ending reverie in which I was being chased by a strange, unseen force. I just remember running and running, having a constant feel that I needed to get as far from this force as I could.

I awoke in a bright room with disgusting wallpaper and white tiled floors. I could hear beeping, a hushed conversation, and a strange puffing sound. The pillows below me were incredibly uncomfortable.

Speak of uncomfortable, why did my hand feel so strange?

I glanced down at my left hand and made a face. An IV stuck out of the top of the skin.

I quickly dropped it right back to where it was before. My gaze swept the room for the second time.

So I was in a hospital. How did that happen?

I distinctly remembered the strange people that had attacked me. Their names…I struggled with remembering anything after my head smacked into the concrete the first time.

My eyes fluttered close from the pain that came with focusing so hard.

The door at the bottom of my bed creaked open. I squeezed my eyes shut tighter, not knowing who would be walking in.

“Is she still asleep?” a woman’s voice asked.

“I’m guessing so,” a man answered.

I opened my eyes.

Standing at the bleak dull blue door was a nurse and—

“Matt,” I whispered. My voice was hoarse. I jumped slightly at the sound of it.

He immediately turned my way and smiled.

“You’re awake,” he said softly.

The nurse bid us goodbye and exited the room. Matt strode to the side of my bed. He plopped down in the stiff-looking chair beside me.

“Are you feeling alright?” he questioned.

“Yes, but one question.” I looked him directly in his brilliant brown eyes. “Why did you save me? You don’t even know who I am.”

He looked a little taken aback. His face hardened slightly. “I know who you are. You’re Amber. The girl that I’ve somehow managed to fall in love with. And I saved you because I didn’t want you to die.”

I laughed quietly, trying my best not to cause myself pain. “What do you mean? You’ve met me once in my entire twenty years of being alive. And that was last night.”

“I’ve been watching you,” he whispered. He put his hand on my arm, which I just noticed was in a cast.

“Watching me how?” I wanted to back away, to flee, but I couldn’t. And I’m not sure if I really would have anyway. This man was so breathtaking, interesting.

“I…You’re different, Amber. You captivate me and I want you to come with me.” He lowered his head as he spoke.

“Come with you where?”

“I can’t tell you right now. I would have to show you privately.”

I stared at him. If he had to show me privately, it couldn’t be that good. Or maybe it was. I pondered in silence for a while. He simply sat by my side, perfectly still.

Finally, I asked, “Where are my parents and my brother?”

“I checked you in under a false name. They know nothing of your accident.”

My mouth dropped open. “What?!” I cried. “Isn’t that illegal? Have you lost your mind?”

“I like to think I never had one,” Matt grinned.

I groaned loudly. “I can’t believe this,” I whispered more to myself than Matt.

“Me neither.” He laced his fingers together and placed them in his lap, shifting around in his chair as he did so. “That damned covent caused this—“ He looked me up and down. “Just because I’m infatuated with you.”

I snorted. “Those people attacked me because you like me? What the hell is going on? Please, fill me in because you lost me at ‘you’re awake.’”

He chuckled.

“I’ll show you soon.”

“Oh my god, what has happened to my life?” I put my IV hand to my forehead and closed my eyes.

“Something amazing has happened to your life, Amber. You’ll find out soon enough.” Matt leaned over my body and planted his cold lips to the top of my head. He slid my hand carefully back to my side.

“Go back to sleep,” he whispered.

I sighed deeply as he strode across the room to the door.

“Where are you going?” I questioned.

“I am going to find your nurse and ask when you can be checked out of this hellhole,” he answered and slid out into the hallway. The door closed with an audible click.

I hated myself, officially. So many thoughts swam in my head, but I knew there was no avoiding it, and I knew exactly why. I had never felt so infuriated in my entire life. Matt would be the end of me.

Well, even if that went deeper than I meant it to.

My hand shakily swiped my dark bangs across my forehead. I did not want to think about that. Adam was right. Matt did sound dangerous; that’s because he was dangerous, and he wanted me.

But I was quite alright with the whole situation. It’s not like he had been the one to try and kill me. In fact, it was the exact opposite. He saved me. He admitted me into the hospital because he didn’t want me to die.

That definitely was not what I considered to be evil, dangerous, or bad.

I loved this stranger.

I knew that one fact for sure.
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This is kind of short, I think. And I'm not sure if this is getting anywhere or making any sense at all.
I was really irritated while writing this chapter, so sorry if it's terrible.