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Club Angel's Kiss

You're Not Ready.

Three days in a hospital is much more terrible than one might think. Especially with a beautiful stranger hovering above you, asking you many questions, tending to your every need.

I wasn’t used to it, but took the love gladly. Matt didn’t seem to mind taking care of me either. He still had yet to leave my side in seventy two hours. And I was absolutely thrilled…

Except at the immediate moment.

“Amber, wake up. Are you awake? No, you’re not. Amber.”

I fought it. I didn’t want to open my eyes. Resting felt too good.

“Amber, please wake up.”

“Five more minutes, I beg of you,” I pleaded desperately. “I’m so tired.”

“Uh…You can just take her out of here in the wheel chair. If she’s that fatigued, we shouldn’t bother her that much.” I didn’t recognize this voice.

My eyes remained closed, but I knew the hand that was on my shoulder was Matt’s. I recognized the feel of his grip by now.

I opened one eye and peeked up at him; he hovered above me just like I expected. “Are you honestly that tired or are you laying it on a little thick?” he asked.

I smiled sheepishly. “Laying it on a little thick?” I guessed.

He nodded. “That’s what I thought.”

“But I really am fucking tired,” I murmured. My eyes closed again and my head fell backwards on the back of the wheel chair.

I heard him laugh.

The wheel chair lurched forward, nearly tossing me out.

“Watch it!” I cried. Pain flared back up in almost every part of my injured body.

Matt hissed a quick sorry before pushing me a little easier out the sliding glass doors of the White Cloud Hospital, the one that my father didn’t work at.

I was so happy to feel the cool, windy air of Chicago once more. Being stuffed in one place for a very long time was just not my style.

And I had let that opinion be known for the passed three days with my constant whining.

I reveled in the beautiful feeling of my cheeks being cooled. I could smell the not-so fresh air and hear the blazing cars going up and down the road around us.

“Ah, finally. Freedom,” I sighed.

“I’m happy that you are finally able to rest in peace without bitching,” he muttered.

“Excuse me?”


I shook my head and cast my eyes upward to the blue sky above. From this angle, I could see him standing behind me, pushing me along in the wheel chair.

He smiled down at me.

“You feel okay? Do you need anything?”

I shook my head, but didn’t look away from him. I still wanted to know something.

“Where are we going?” I murmured.

“You’ll see,” he answered. “Do you recognize where we are?”

“We’re downtown.” I straightened out my white sweater as my gaze swept the street around us. We were close to Hawthorne Groceries’ street.

“That’s right.” He bent slightly and pressed his lips to the top of my sore head. His touch was very gentle for he knew about every scratch, injury, and bruise that was on my entire body.

“We’re close to where I work,” I added.

“Yes. We’re also close to where I live and work.” He slowly turned himself and me down the road.

“You live really close to Hawthorne Groceries,” I whispered.

“Closer than you might think. I own and live in the club down the street from your grocery store.”

I flashed my gaze up to him. “Are you serious? You live and work in Club Angel’s Kiss?”

“Mhm. That’s my club.”

“That’s where you want me to go with you? To your club? That’s all you wanted?”

“Um…” He hesitated. His posture went rigid slightly, and I raised an eyebrow at him.

“What?” I demanded.

“There’s a little more to it than that, Amber.” He stopped talking; I knew the conversation was over. I let it go and stopped talking.

The silence between us didn’t bother me. I let myself be taken in by the wind that always seemed to be blowing in this city. I let my mind wander, thinking over the last three days. It was so strange how I managed to become so close to Matt. I didn’t even know how it happened.

It was almost like I had been taken under a spell. I had no control of anything anymore…Anything at all.

“If we leave our friends then we can be together. We can leave this town if only for the weather. I could drive and you could sleep. While the radio collides to the sound of our heartbeats.”

I jumped at the sound of my ring tone blaring up from Matt’s pocket.

“Give me!” I demanded.

Matt handed me the small device after a second of fighting with his pocket. I flipped it open.


“Amber!” It was Mom.

“Hi, what’s up?”

”Are you still at your friend’s house?” Did I mention we kind of lied to my parents? Well, we did.


”When are you coming home?”

“Later today, probably.”

”Okay. How's your arm? Oh, yeah. To get around telling her the truth about what happened to my arm, I told Mom that I fell and landed on my arm at my friend's house. Smooth, huh?

"It's fine," I answered.

"Alright. I love you!"

“I love you, too.”

I closed it and looked up at Matt. “By the way, thank you for saving my cell phone.”

Matt shrugged. “I figured you would want to call your parents. I don’t want them alerting the police that you have been kidnapped by some freak,” he laughed.

“You’re not a freak!” I cried.

“You have no idea.” He ruffled my hair lovingly, and I didn’t question his odd comment.

Club Angel’s Kiss was even creepier up close. The stone walls were cracked and obviously nearing the age of ancient. Two big double doors provided the entrance, and it automatically put me in mind of a dungeon, just like the windows. A small stone sign read CLUB A.K. above the entrance.

I blinked rapidly.

“I can’t believe you own this place,” I whispered, amazed.

“I do. I have for a few years now.” He pulled a set of old, rusting keys from his pocket and opened the door.

The inside was surprisingly welcoming. It appeared as just another club with bright lights that were turned off, tables scattered around, a bar with pretty glasses and bottles of drinks set atop of the shelves. A stage was at the farthest end with DJ equipment spread out on it.

It was deserted.

“Where is everyone? Shouldn’t the club be open by now?”

Matt shook his head. “Nothing goes on this place unless I’m home,” he answered matter-of-factly. “I’m sure everyone is still in bed upstairs.”

“What? All of your employees live here?” That was definitely strange to consider.

“Yes. It’s not so strange once you get used to it, living with so many people.”

“How many employees work here?”

Matt was pushing me toward the bar now.

“Well, wow. I’m not sure.” He fell silent. I guessed he was trying to count things up in his head. The answer was not a surprise. “A few.”

“Ah. Can I meet them?” I grinned.

Matt pulled the wheel chair to a stop. “I’m not sure if you’re ready,” he whispered, hopping over the counter to get behind it.

I clamped my hands in my lap. So, apparently he thought I wasn’t ready to meet his friends and employees. I considered that strange and awkward.

“I’m not ready? I don’t understand.”

He grabbed a glass from a shelf behind him. “What do you want to drink?” Quickly, however, he rephrased himself. “Nothing alcoholic. You’re in no condition.”

I silently agreed. “Is water okay?”

“Yes.” He took the glass to a tap at the end of the bar.

I watched him fill it to the brim and stick a few ice cubes in it. He wasn’t going to answer my question.

“You didn’t answer me,” I reminded him as he handed me the glass. I tipped it to my lips.

Matt leaned against the counter, his arms over his chest, staring intensely at me. I drank the water, ignoring his strange gaze.

I simply looked around to the rest of the room and not in his direction, though I could still feel his hot glare burning its way through my skull.

I got to the bottom of the glass in no time and with a whine, I handed it back to Matt.

“Can I have more, please?”

“Your wish is my command, Queen.”

I let out a loud laugh. I was so far from being any kind of queen that it was funny. I appreciated the flattery, however.

But, briefly, my mind flashed back to when Inez called him King. It was probably just a strange coincidence.

My mind decided otherwise, but I pushed it from my thoughts for the time being.

“You still didn’t answer me, Matt.”

He stared at me again, as he put the glass under the water tap again. “Answer what?” he asked.

“Why am I not ready to meet your employees?” I questioned.

Matt finished filling my glass and moved back over to me. I took the cup again.

“Listen,” he began.

I started drinking as I listened.

“Come to the club tonight at about eight, okay? I’ll introduce you to all the employees and all that,” he said. “What do you say? Does that sound great?”

I put the glass on the counter and grinned. “As long as you’re my date,” I answered.

“You got it, cutie.”
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