Just a Freak

The End.

"...it's something I think might really help you, Riley," Connie said, pushing a black-and-white journal to me.

"Taking notes?" I eyed her skeptically. No way in hell was I taking notes; I took enough notes in my classes. Then again, it's more doodles than anything else.

"No, writing. Getting your feelings down instead of bottling them up. A lot of people do it."

I stared at her blankly. Did I even have the time for it that?

"You promise to do it, Riley?"

"Yeah, sure."


The bell rang. I shoved the journal in my bag, in the very back. Like hell was I going to put together a goddamn diary.

Things have been crazy lately. Very crazy. Connie contacted Mr. Donner, who has no idea where Dirk is.

So they're all out looking for him.

Stupid bastard.

"Hi, Ri."

I turned and grinned, "That rhymed."

Caleb smiled back. Did I ever mention he's got these cute little dimples? "It was unintentional," he told me, touching his hat and pulling it down over his ears.

"The best kind." I stared at his dimples, suddenly loving the fact that we were friends.

Caleb. Wow.

Then, standing there in the hallway, I got this really, really weird feeling.

Caleb kept walking because he saw Brian a few lockers away, but I stayed.


This all happened pretty fast.

It feels like only a day weeks since I became friends with Caleb. Since he met Brian. Since I went to that wedding. Since I fell in love with Mr. Geiger. Since Dirk.

Since Mr. Ben, since Joyce, since Debbie the egg...

God, my life is crazy. Really, freaking crazy. And when I made my way to my math class, and saw Mr. Geiger sitting there like always, I realized that maybe having a crazy life wasn't so bad. Maybe it really isn't. Because most of the crazy is kind of over, now.

So maybe my life can get back on track.

We had a little time before class started; I got there early.

I pulled that journal back out of my bag, flipped it open, and stared at the fresh, blank lined paper. Where should I start?

I could've kicked myself for actually doing this, but I got this weird surge to suddenly start. Like, this kind of influence, you know?

I tapped my pen against the desk hastily, thinking as my eyes wandering about the room.
The window...the board...the hall.

I stared out into the hallway and realized I hadn't moshed for such a long time. And at that moment, I made a vow to mosh in the hallway, once the bell rang. I swear, I will.

But first;

I like to dance in the halls.

I like to completely mosh. Like I'm in a fucking moshpit, you know?

It's great. I get the weirdest looks....
♠ ♠ ♠
Don't kill me, please.

Anyway, thanks for reading Just a Freak through all these months. I'm glad to have had such great fans. Thanks for the comments, the subscriptions, and all the other kooky fan stuff. =)

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