Sequel: Hope

Purple Hearts

This is the third in the trilogy starting with His Little Drummer Girl then Cherry Lips and Tattoos. It follows Franky, Tre Cool's daughter and also Tre.

Franky and her band 'The Xtras' are starting out. At the start of the story Franky is keeping a secret that she is pregnant and doesnt know who the father of her child is. She doesnt know herself, it could be one of three people. There are more twists and turns and love triangles and who were the two guys at the beginning of the story that had the purple heart tattooed onto them?
  1. Back Home
    Franky arrives back home and pregnant, not knowing who the father is but something is being kept from her
  2. Adi's Secret
    Adi has fallen for someone, but who?
  3. Everyone has got something to tell Franky
    Who needs to tell what to Franky
  4. Everything will be alright. Wouldnt it?
    Franky gets together with the band again but someone lets them down at the last minute and she has some news from Uncle Mike and Aunt Jen
  5. The Purple Album
    Franky finds a purple photograph album and Tre hears a voice from the past
  6. Its Cool To Check
    Franky visits Adrienne and she has quite a lot to tell her
  7. Its Over Isnt It?
    Franky has a heart to heart with Tre and someone turns up out of the blue
  8. Answers
    Ramona gives Franky an answer, is Franky ready to give Gerard HIS answer?
  9. Not Yet
    Franky gives Gerard his answer, Adrienne and her confront Joey and she has a heart to heart with Tre.
  10. The Rumours Are True
    Its two weeks later. Has Franky told anyone about her growing baby? She has a heart to heart with Ramona. Tre is keeping a secret and not revealing the truth about who he speaks to on the phone
  11. The White Trunk
    Tre has something to show Franky and it sets of a father and daughter conversation
  12. Surprise
    Franky decides its time she visited the doctor then someone surprises her as she's writing more songs.
  13. Billie's Back
    Franky and Billie talk
  14. He Looked Good
    Billie just wants one thing for Franky, Gerard is hiding something and the guy next door is up to something.
  15. Secrets and Regrets
    Tre and Adie share a meal, Franky meets up with Gerard but she senses he is not his usual self
  16. Explanations
    Billie needs an answer and Franky decides its time to tell someone about her predicament
  17. Two Visitors
    Julia and Emily arrive, Franky finds out what Billie did to Tre and she has a speech to make
  18. I Still Love Hiim
    Someone else finds out about Franky's baby. She realises she still loves someone.
  19. Where Is She?
    Everyone wonders where Franky could be.
  20. Gerard Makes A Huge Mistake
    What discovery do Billie and Charlie make about Gerard? Billie confesses to Charlie.
  21. I Love Her
    Billie has a heart to heart with Mike. He shows him something that nobody has seen before.
  22. Let's Go Get Her
    Billie, Mike and Tre come to a decision. Ramona and Emily make a discovery.
  23. Green Day To The Rescue
    Do they manage to get Franky out safely?
  24. Safe
    Franky is back home and Tre, how is he?
  25. Telling Tre
    Franky finally tells Tre that she's pregnant
  26. A Hidden Love
    Who takes Franky for her baby scan?
  27. You Look Beautiful
    Franky talks with Julia and Charlie finds out who Adrienne really likes
  28. Why The Hurry?
    Things aren't quite going to plan for Franky and everyone seems concerned as to why she's rushing into marrying Gerard
  29. Rescue Me
    Franky finds herself in a situation she doesnt want to be in.
  30. Time To Think
    Franky takes time to think about recent events and she thinks she's come to an important decision
  31. Decisions
    Franky has decided what she wants to do but then she's stunned by some news she wasnt expecting. Julia gets ready to leave for home
  32. Too Late
    A day of mixed emotions for Franky. What has she left too late?
  33. New Beginnings