Sequel: Purple Hearts

Cherry Lips And Tattoos

This is the sequel to His Little Drummer Girl. Its about Tre and his teenage daughter Franky who has had a crush on Billie Joe since she was 12. The story is basically about Tre living without his beloved wife Sammi who died three years ago. Will he ever find love again? It is also about Franky growing up without her mother. Does Franky ever find love? If so, who with? Franky's ambition is to form a band and the story is also about her getting together with friends to make a band and the fun they have on the way doing it.

There are a few love triangles also running through this story. One of Franky's friends has a crush on Tre and Joey has a secret admirer. Joey has a crush on someone else meanwhile and there is also a nasty bitch of a woman called Pam who is bribing Adrienne over something. What could it be? Read on and find out. Hope you enjoy my story.
  1. Home again
    Tre and the guys are back from their latest tour. Its been a long one. Things have changed though, Adrienne is keeping something from Billie Joe and Franky has grown into a woman. Joey has a crush on someone.
  2. Its Tre Cool. He's my dad.
    We meet Hannah but is she what she seems to be. Franky and Hannah want to form a band. Adrienne is definately keeping something from Billie
  3. Billie, Franky and the Tattoos
    Billie offers to take Franky to have her long awaited tattoo done. Joey loves Franky, Hannah loves Tre. Does Adrienne love Billie?
  4. Plastic Pam is a bitch
    Tre takes an interest in someone. Franky and Billie share a tattoo moment. Hannah comes clean to Franky that she likes Tre. Pam is bribing Adrienne
  5. Do you have the hots for Billie Joe by any chance?
    Tre gets chatting to a lady, the guys get together to form a band. They play for billie Joe who thinks they are awesome. Ed from the band likes Hannah
  6. I love him
    Hannah and Franky admit they love Tre and Billie but will it go anywhere? James asks Franky out and Joey wants Franky to take him somewhere
  7. Something from the past
    Tre gives Franky a special gift but she finds something else that she didnt bargain for. Franky takes Joey somewhere and Adi is now involving Tre with Plastic Pam's scheming
  8. Tre has a date
    Jen & Mike think Adi is hiding something. Hannah's sister is after Joey. Tre asks someone out but goes out with someone else. Franky dates James but he has a secret. Pam tricks Tre
  9. Tre has "Needs"
    Franky finds Tre in a compromising position. They have a heart to heart about his needs. Pam threatens Franky. Franky steals something of from Pam
  10. The photograph
    What does Franky see in the photograph that she found? Billie joe makes an unexpected call and they discuss green hair. Why? Pam is still bitching around
  11. Green Pubes!
    Franky and Hannah shop for a Grammy outfit and Billie tells Franky a secret
  12. Bribing Tre
    Tre goes on a date but someone's also bribing him.
  13. Tres Date
    Tre takes someone out on a date but it leaves him feeling confused.
  14. The Grammys
    What happens at the grammys? Do Green Day win an award? Someone takes a shine to Franky
  15. The After Party
    Who is Franky's secret admirer?
  16. The day after the night before
    Does Franky get her date?
  17. Adi finally admits
    What does Adrienne admit?
  18. Double Trouble
    Its double trouble for Tre when he is seeing Hannah and Susan at the same time
  19. Its what she dreamed of
    Franky's dream comes true
  20. The aftermath
    What happens after Franky's dream came true
  21. Adrienne and Billie's moment
    Adrienne and Billie have a heart to heart
  22. Height doesnt matter when you're lying down
    What happens when Gerard returns?
  23. Happy 18th Birthday Franky
    Its Franky's 18th birthday and she has a small party. Lets see who is there...
  24. Sammi's Letter
    Tre gives Franky a letter from her mother
  25. With Charlie again
    Franky is with Charlie again but is she going to tell him all her news? Things are going on back in California...
  26. Some new friends and a shock
    Who are these new friends and what is it that shocks Franky
  27. So you slept with him?
    Charlie finds out who she slept with. How does he take it?