A Story About a Man

Chapter Two: The Story Of a Broken Man Begins

I don’t know where it all went wrong, it all happened so fast to me. One day I had it all the next day it all disappeared into nothingness like a fart light on fire. The flames of sorrow just swallowed my whole world in an instant and spat me out into this… This place. I think I have to explain this a bit more in detail for you.
It all started back at high school where I met the love of my life: Heather. She was my everything. I breathed only to worship the ground her beautiful feet touched. We were happy together, or at least so I thought. Where ever we went she always gave me that wonderful smile. What I wouldn’t do to watch her smile again. Her smile always filled me with hope… Hope that this world would turn out to be something better, hope that she would always be there with me, hope that our life where perfect. But it weren’t… Far from. I don’t like to talk about it but to understand me you need to know. I was obsessed with her, I’m not afraid to admit that. My whole world crumbled when she said the words. Such painful words. Words have never hurt me so much before. I tried to kill myself several times. Life just weren’t the same as when she was there, but even how miserable I felt I couldn't make the cut or I couldn’t trip the chair making the knot tighten. I was a chicken, a coward, no the king of cowards… I wanted to die but even that I didn’t dare to do, what was up with me?
I barricaded myself in my room for months and I didn’t talk to anyone at school even if my friends spoke to me. My grades made a sudden and fatal drop and I almost flunked out. If it hadn’t been for Sam, I don’t know where I would be today. Sam is my sister, she’s 15 and I’m 20 but even though there is a big age range between us she often seems to be the oldest of us. I’ve felt depressed since Heather left me, and Sam has always been there for me, trying to cheer me up and comforting me when I felt down. She is mainly the reason I am able to talk to my friends again and go to the town meeting other girls… Sam and I have our share of moments together as well. She is going to grow up to be a beautiful girl, I know that, I knew that since long ago. Long story short she is probably the only reason I’m here today.
The words above are basically the words of the broken man I am without the details and all the juicy stuff. I bet you want to know everything about it: How did she break up with me? What was my immediate reaction? Why is my sister the only reason I live?

… Everything has its own time and place to be told…