A Story About a Man

Chapter Four: The Fateful Night

I cried… I cried for a very long time… First when Sam got home I hid my tears away… But her I couldn’t fool… She instantly asked me what was wrong, yeah you can’t hide anything for that little thing. I instantly began to cry again telling her everything. She smiled understandingly and gave a hug and then walked back to the door telling me she would let me have some time for myself to get over it… Since that day I knew, that she would be a fine girlfriend for someone one day.
When she had closed the door I began to cry again, but this time without a sound. I just couldn’t take it… I laid down on my bed, plugged my Ipod into my ears and turned on H.I.M with the song Right here in my arms… That song has been my favorite when it comes to music since that day. It is such a sad song but it still made me so calm… I fell asleep with the music still going and when I woke up it was morning and my mother was shaking me telling me to get up. I felt sick, really sick, and the first thing I did when I got up was to rush into the bathroom and throw up.
I got to stay home that day, and to tell you the truth, I stayed home for about 3 weeks. I kept feeling sick even though I got back to school and I stopped talking to anyone even though they talked to me. My grades fell from A’s to D’s and below. I felt like I had nothing to live for… Nothing to do… I just wanted to be alone. I ended up getting sick again for a couple of weeks. But it was different this time it was different… No one stayed home, not that I minded it anyways, and I were alone all day just lying in my bed. After a couple of weeks I started to feel better again, and then one day when everyone had left, and school had started, I heard a knock on the door. I dragged myself downstairs to open the door and who stood outside? Heather… She was actually there. She said she had been worried about me since I hadn’t been coming to school lately, and this made me happy… She did actually still care about me, even just a little. She came inside and we talked until late night. Why hadn’t my family returned yet? As soon as this thought crossed my mind, my cell rang. It were my parents telling me that they all would be out late and they probably wouldn’t get here before tomorrow afternoon as they were at some friends. This was perfect, to be home alone for the night, and with Heather here. I could have cried of joy. I know we were very much underage back then, but we had been drinking for months already and I got a bottle of vodka I had been hiding in my room underneath my bed. We ended up getting drunk… Very drunk, and she had to stay at my place for the night.
When we finally went to sleep I had taken a couple of blankets into my room and laid there while she was on my bed. I don’t know what happened but I know I placed the blankets in the other end of the room… I simply couldn’t stand sleeping closer to her than this. I fell asleep rather quickly with the whole room twirling around me. I think it had been a couple of hours when I was awakened by her. She was sitting bend over me and shaking me lightly. She had been blushing lightly making her face light up in the dark room. She had had a nightmare and asked if I couldn’t come into the bed with her… I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the piece of my heart that still loved her but I agreed and slowly dragged myself up besides her. I was still kind of drowsy and didn’t realize how close we were laying to each other, but I would find out very soon. I don’t know how it happened but after a while she pressed her back up against my stomach… I was startled and didn’t know what to do. I laid without moving for a while, unable to go to sleep, as she pushed harder and harder up against me. I couldn’t resist but to wrap my arm around her waist and hold her tightly into me. But I was quickly to take my arm back as I heard her giggle… She was awake? I got that confirmed when she looked up at me with a smirk and winked at me saying she knew I couldn’t resist forever. I blushed a bit I could feel as my cheeks got warmer. I couldn’t stand it… If she resisted or not I would kiss her one last time. But she didn’t refuse… No she actually turned around leaning into the kiss, like when we were still together. Was she really that drunk… or did she still have feelings for me? I only knew one way to find out about this, and I slowly moved my hand upwards to her breast… She had never let me touch her before when she was sober and I knew she wouldn’t let me this time either. As I touched it gently she just shivered a bit and pushed me onto my back putting herself on top of me.

…She really was That Drunk…