A Story About a Man

Chapter Five: After The Night Comes The Morning

I don’t know what happened to me after that. We just laid there making out… I was satisfied with this… I was able to one last time feel like her boyfriend, or if I was I would be able to get her back. They say alcohol is emotion enhancing so maybe this were her true feelings towards me. I felt hopeful again… Like I finally saw the light at the end of this black tunnel… Suddenly she pulled away from me and sat up with a leg on each side of me. I smiled up at her, I was happy, happy like never before, but my smile was returned by a smirk as she slowly pulled off her shirt revealing her bra. I couldn’t believe it, the girlfriend I had had throughout a very long time, had never let me touch her wile we were going out, but a few moths after she had dumped me she stripped on top of me? I mean it’s not like I’m gonna complain about it, or that any guy at all would complain about this situation. I kind of froze when she did it… I wasn’t expecting her to do that, but she just kept on smirking down at me like she was expecting me to go on or something. Slowly I let my hand trail her sides… Her skin… It was so… Soft. It was still unbelievable, to have my ex girlfriend sitting on top of me in a bra and a short skirt. A skirt? I hadn’t realized it before now and I blushed a bit as I could feel myself get an erection… This was not good… She was sitting on my crouch and I was sure she would slap me now and leave. But she just giggled, teasing me by saying “So you like me that much still?”
I felt so embarrassed. I was the lowest of scum… She wasn’t my girlfriend… Why did I allow this to happen? I was going to say we probably should stop this but before I got to do so, she had bent down and pressed her lips against mine again. I could feel that she was sitting on her knees lifting herself above me. I couldn’t get myself to stop this, it was just too wonderful. I was kind of happy that she had lifted herself away from my crotch and hoped that it would settle down soon, but it never got the chance to, cause before I got to react I could feel her fingers rub on my pants just on it. I pulled myself out of the kiss and looked up at her shocked. She couldn’t be serious about this but I soon felt her gently bite my ear. She seemed serious about it and as I felt her lick my neck and lift up in my shirt I knew she was. I slowly lifted my shirt of and saw her smirk get bigger. It was weird… why now…? Why not when we were still together? I didn’t get to think too much about it before I felt her kiss my chest and caress my stomach. I couldn’t control myself anymore as I slowly sat back up making her sit on top of me again. I kissed her neck, and slowly moved down in over her collarbone. My hands gently caressed her butt as I began to kiss her chest. She actually moaned slightly as I unhooked her bra and removed it from her. I blushed darkly when I saw her naked breast and I looked into her eyes. This time she weren’t smirking… She was just smiling. She seemed so innocent as she sat there smiling. I gently grabbed her breasts and massaged them… She seemed to like it and her breathing really told me that she liked it. I could feel her move a bit away from me and looked at her. She was smirking again and she slowly trailed her nails down my chest and over my stomach. I had never imagined my first time should be like this. I shivered a bit but it wasn’t over. I could feel her fumble with the button to my jeans and I soon heard the zipper go down and then felt her hand grab it. This was the start of it… We made love all night and most of the morning

… And when I woke up she was gone…