A Story About a Man

Chapter Six: The Note and The 20th Birthday

I couldn’t believe it… After what we had just done together she just left without a word. I felt both mad and sad at the same time… How could she do this to me? I had been looking all over the house for her but she was nowhere to be found. I figured I was going to call her to hear if she was okay but as I returned to my room I saw a note on the door with Heathers handwriting. The words were even simpler than last time… The note said

Happy birthday tiger… I’m not telling anyone and I trust you not to do that either
I still love you but I can’t be together with you

This letter hurt even more than the one she had left when she broke up with me. She said she still loved me… But why wasn’t she here then? Why couldn’t she be together with me? This time I wasn’t crying but just depressed. I felt like killing myself… But the memories of that moment we shared kept me alive. But I was more down than ever before and eventually I got expelled from school because I didn’t show up for the lessons. As soon as I turned 18 my parents threw me out and I’ve lived in a small apartment ever since. I can barely make the rent because I always get fired from the jobs I have. My parents don’t want to help me with the rent or anything… They completely pushed me out of their lives. The only family I have left now is Sam… She’s 15 now and she really became beautiful just as I predicted. I have heard every boy at her school is looking weird at her… It makes me kind of uneasy, but then again I remember how I was when I was that age. Time passed on and I started to get really depressed… I hardly got out of bed some days and I couldn’t afford to go to a shrink or anything. I only just had enough money for the rent and the food I needed… Not too much of it though. It was nearing my 20th birthday and of cause I didn’t invite anyone and didn’t expect anyone to show up... It wasn't the memory of Heather that made me feel down anymore, but just depression that brought me deeper into depression. It was an evil
I was still in bed that day and I hadn't heard from Sam in a while so I didn't expect her to come but when it, about 20 minutes past 12, knocked on my door I knew it could be no one but her. And yeah... When I opened the door she quickly ran under my arm and into the living room, where she sat on the couch with that usual innocent smile of hers.

... But she had changed...