Sorrow Swallows My Screams

Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten:

Zacky’s POV:
“Bri, I was just thinking…” I trailed off. That was all I was really planning on saying, anyway.

“It’s okay, Zacky. I shouldn’t have kissed you…” he said.

“What!?” I realised my voice had just been very loud, and made an effort to lower it for my next sentence. “No, Brian, it wasn’t that, it was just…” Wow, what a great way to end a sentence.
“Just…?” Brian said, looking for an answer. He must have noticed that I looked uncomfortable, and added, “I’m sorry. You don’t have to tell me.” I nodded. “It would be nice…”

I looked up at him, his dark orbs connecting with my own. I was going to tell him. He just had this… quality, or something about him that made me feel like I couldn’t hold anything from him. Like he had to know every little detail about me, not matter how great the significance. No, I wasn’t planning on being a really clingy friend… or whatever. I just couldn’t keep secrets from him? That good enough? Yeah.

“Mikey… I was just thinking about Mikey, that’s all,” I said. I had enough self control and sense to not explain to Brian what Mikey and I were doing in that memory.

“That’s okay, Zacky. I’m sorry. You look so sad.”

“I am.”

“Can I make you feel better at all? We can go downstairs, get some breakfast? How about it?”

“Okay.” We got up and walked down the stairs. It was when I caught my first glimpse of Brian’s dad that I remembered why I didn’t want to go downstairs before, why I’d even run away in the first place.

You’re so stupid. If you never cut your fucking wrists you wouldn’t have had to run away. And you wouldn’t have had to get beaten up. And you probably wouldn’t have got to kiss Brian. Shut up, I’m boss here. Fuck you.

I tried to stand up as tall as I could. I also tried to block out the event of that morning, well, except for the time in Brian’s room. That was pretty damn good.

We were in the kitchen now, and I stood awkwardly up the opposite end of the kitchen to Brian’s dad. And no, I still didn’t know his first name! But I intended to ask Brian soon. It was kind of annoying having to always just call him ‘Brian’s dad’ in my head.

Brian pulled out a box of cereal. He instructed me to get out two bowls, and I agreed. My mood was lightening already.

“Yes, Sergeant Food-mizer!” I said, saluting him.

Brian laughed, as did his dad, who was sitting at the breakfast bar eating his breakfast, which looked to be cereal, too.

I gave Brian one of the bowls, putting the other on my head, like a hat. I held it there with one hand, as not to drop it. Brian filled the one bowl with the cereal and tried to grab the other one off my head. He reached for it, but I dodged him, moving backwards. This continued until he had me in a corner. I tried to hold it up high above my head, but that didn’t work, because Brian is taller than me. He grabbed the bowl off me, smirking.

“That’s not fair…” I said in a small voice.

“Aw, you sound so cute. But I have the bowl now, and there’s no way you’re gonna get it back,” he said, holding the bowl behind his back.

“Oh yeah?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Well what about if I do this!” I tried to be cool and dart around him and snatch the bowl away, but I instead tripped and fell flat on my face. Brian and his dad burst out in laughter.

“Hey, it’s not funny. It-ow,” I said, feeling a sharp wave of pain in my head. “Ow…” I touched a hand to it, but it didn’t seem to do anything at all.

“Oh, god, are you okay?” Brian asked through laughter.

“No, that really hurt!”

“Okay, let me have a look at it then.”

He motioned for me to jump up onto the kitchen counter and I did so. Brian sifted through my hair, looking for the place of pain. His eyes were fixed on my hair. I was scanning his body, up and down. He is pretty hot.

“Ow,” I said.

Although my head was hurting, this was where I wanted to stay… forever…