Sorrow Swallows My Screams

Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty:

Zacky’s POV:

The afternoon came. I was still in a good mood from mine and Bri’s little meeting, despite the tears that flowed from my eyes at the end. Now, though, as I walked toward my house, my nervousness began to run through my veins like an itch.

It didn’t help, of course, when I ran into someone who was almost as frightening as my dad: Gerard Way. Oh great.

“Zacky! How nice to see you!” he exclaimed with obvious mock cheerfulness. “Bitch.”

He grabbed my shirt collar and tugged on it tightly. He threw me back against the wall of the nearest building. Why do I always run into him in unpopulated areas?

“Get off me!” I said helplessly. He was so much stronger than me. It really wasn’t fair.

“Fuck you,” he growled.

I felt his fist plunge into my stomach. OW. “Fuck,” I whimpered. That really hurt.

“You like that, pretty boy?” Gerard taunted as he hit me again… and again…

My back, pressed firmly against the wall, began to slide down further and further until I felt my ass hit the concrete ground. Anyway, now one to the face… His furious fist collided painfully with my face. An eruption of particles under my flesh broke as blood spilled out of my mouth; he’d hit my jaw. And again, with another punch, this one colliding squarely with the centre of my mouth.

“Fuck,” I moaned as I felt a part of one of my front teeth on my tongue. Bastard chipped my tooth. That son of a bitch chipped my tooth!

Again and again and again… now he was hitting random areas of my body… my stomach, my head, my shin, my-


OW. Why there? That bastard! Ah, jeez, anywhere else! Fuck, OW! I think he may have just ruined my chances of reproduction! Fuck! Ah, not that it matters, I guess, considering my orientation, but, still… FUCK!

So… much… pain…

I mentally readied myself for the infuriatingly painful hits that would come before I slipped into a welcome unconsciousness.